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You Cannot Become Addicted To A Drug Which You Never Use






Not misuse, abuse or a psychiatrically invented so-called

“addictive personality”.    Just straightforward USE !

The Home Office is likely the busiest, hard-working and most wide ranging U.K. government Department, covering, as it does, a majority of our home affairs and the protection of all our citizens against a variety of every day threats.

(Which incidentally is why many observers consider that the Home Office experienced Theresa May may well emerge as one of the best Prime Ministers we have ever had).

As a consequence, in order to cover policing, fire prevention, probation, prisons, addictive drug distribution and usage, border control, immigration, terrorism, alcohol strategy, crime reduction and prevention, etc., Home Office staff work with 28 different agencies and public bodies which are expected to be independent, expert, sometimes executive and occasionally advisory.

Into the latter category falls the ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs), which carefully and cleverly fails to address more than one-third of the country's addiction issues, and thus avoids blaming Council members or their industry colleagues for their part in the acceleration and growth of addiction in this country.

Unfortunately, whilst it is clearly great on “advice”, the ACMD is neither independent nor expert, and in its published “Work Programme”, basically misses the point in respect of WHAT THE COUNTRY REALLY NEEDS. Which is:

1) to actually REDUCE and AVOID the increasing devastating scourge of addictive drug usage of every sort, and consequent debilitating addiction, which attacks the economy, the life of the community and that of the individual and his or her family, and,

2) to RECOVER victims of substance addiction to the natural state of relaxed abstinence into which 99% of them were born, thus also salvaging the economy.

Even the very title: “Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs” tells us that the Council is not expected to actually achieve very much, and is not truly independent.

This is because psychiatric & pharmacological professionals, in order to avoid any blaming of the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity's practices & products, have for decades been successfully accusing drug USERS (rather than the drugs) for causing their own addiction by so-called “misuse” and “abuse”. So the ACMD membership is in no way independent of their employers.

Significantly, over half the membership of the ACMD is comprised of pharmacologists and psychiatrists, the very professionals responsible for researching, inventing and MANUFACTURING ADDICTIVE DRUGS AND PRESCRIBING THEM.


The ACMD carefully advises ONLY on illicit drugs, because it is their professions which are responsible for the 2.4 MILLION involuntary LEGAL drug addicts they have already created in the U.K., and which they have no wish to cure (or even advise on or discuss) because it is those sales – via the N.H.S. and paid for by the U.K. taxpayer – which are their profitable addiction produced daily bread and butter.

And those 2.4 Million addicted patients are in addition to the millions of other N.H.S. patients who also gratefully receive doses of useful and non-addictive pharmaceutically produced and G.P. prescribed medicines, which are daily and helpfully dispensed to U.K. patients.

In other words, EVERY DAY, an additional SEVEN MILLION OR MORE PER DAY of ADDICTIVE pharmaceutically produced drug doses also go down the throats of N.H.S. psychiatrically labelled and prescribed “mental health” patients living at home or in care.

But if the involuntarily addicted are “patients”, for what condition are they being treated?  And the only honest answer is: “They are having their involuntary addiction “managed”  (i.e. the addiction which mis-prescribing inflicted upon them in the first place).”

And here we have the real MISUSE of drugs, because addictive drugs were never intended to be used as a means of ensuring basically automatic daily sales of well over seven million profitable doses each and every day for the rest of those patients lives – just to ensure a continuing market for profitable psychiatrically prescribed pharmaceutical products – usefully (from the suppliers' viewpoint) paid for in bulk by U.K. taxpayers, not by the individual patients.

Neither the Department of Health nor the N.H.S. are capable of curing drug addiction, a fact which is proven by their dedication to the commissioning of “providers” to “rehabilitate” (not cure) addicts, or just to “manage” their addiction.

Which activities seldom result in the production of lasting relaxed abstinence.

Yet the ACMD continues to lure the Home Office into the false belief that illicit drug usage is the WHOLE addiction problem, and that LEGAL MEDICAL drug usage should be ignored, because "that" is Department of Health business !

As a result we have a massive hole in our addiction policy.  Note that.  In our ADDICTION policy – not DRUG policy.  Because it is not medication which is the problem.  It is ADDICTIVE AND HYPNOTIC DRUG PRODUCING AND PRESCRIBING which is the problem, and whilst the producers know a lot about making drugs, they know absolutely nothing about addiction and how to cure it.

Expecting the manufacturers of drugs to know how to cure addiction, is like expecting the manufacturers of razor-sharp scalpels to be the best surgeons, or the manufacturers of bullets to be the best marksmen !

Drug addiction, and the damaging conditions it inflicts on the society, the economy and on individuals is a bigger problem than terrorism, because terrorism actually depends on addictive drug usage for much of the development and control of its “warriors”.

Committing a hapless individual to a life of addiction is a vile crime, when the pusher is a criminal looking for a quick buck.

But, persuading an individual that he can “solve his problem” with an addictive drug is the same crime, even when the pusher is a professional adviser, and especially when that psychiatrist or other physician knows full well that it is the usage of that drug over only a very short period which is, in the vast majority of cases, going to make that patient into a drug dependent addict for life.


However, they are not regarded as part of the massive addiction problem on which the Home Office SHOULD be taking genuinely independent advice in an effort to reduce the threat to the U.K's population posed by addictive behaviour.

Far too many politicians and civil servants, and especially the Home Office, still seem to be blind-folded and ear-plugged on this subject, so that more and more policy-makers need to recognise the direction in which addiction is inevitably taking our families and communities, and become aware that:

* Addicts cause the most accidents at work.
* Addicts mug and rob old people.
* Addicts and drunks cause most road accidents.
* Addicts sell drugs to children (and others).
* Addicts increase the numbers of prostitutes and
toy-boys’ in our towns,
* Addicts disrupt our schools, the education of our
children and the life of our communities,
* Addicts bankrupt businesses and destroy jobs.
* Addicts break into and burgle peoples' homes.
* Addicts spread HIV, AIDS and hepatitis.
* Addicts waste our tax money and other resources.
* Addicts and drunks commit the most crimes,
* Addicts (even if involuntarily addicted) cause a bigger
                                  drain on the N.H.S, than any other set of patients,

And addicts are undoubtedly the real current threat to our lives and to everybody’s future. (And that includes addicts on illicit, legal, licensed and prescribed drugs.)

This is because their addiction controls them, and THIS AFFECTS EVERYBODY,


It therefore follows that in a country like the U.K., its Home Office, which claims responsibility for protection of the population and its future wellbeing, should be the Department which enforces on all other Departments those policies that:

1) reduce the number of individuals starting on drug usage, by providing effective addiction prevention and usage avoidance training, and,

2) those policies which provide effective cures for existing drug addicts, including recovery to the natural state of relaxed abstinence into which 99% of the population is born.

Without these policies being widely and effectively implemented the Government will inevitably continue to create a nation where the majority of its citizens will eventually become addicts, and thus all eventually be bio-chemically controlled zombies.

Even if there were no existing cure for drug addiction, the above indicated current government attitude towards addictive drug production and prescribing would NOT be of any use to a society which needs and wants to be addiction free - unless factions within our Government covertly seeks population control by drugging ??

But there has been a sure cure for drug addiction for over 50 years which, via black propaganda, covert attacks, criticism and ridicule, etc., international psychiatry and pharmaceutical interests have been determinedly trying to have shut-down and made unbelievable and unapproachable for 66 years.

Nevertheless one residential self-help addiction recovery TRAINING programme has been expanding across the world since 1966, and today has nearly a hundred centres (including prison units) in 49 countries.  But the ACMD doesn't want representatives of that programme advising the Home Office, because the harsh light of truth they would shine on the U.K. addiction problem, “would not be good for the business of psycho-pharm interests.”

Unsurprisingly, one professional acquaintance, whose application to join the ACMD was refused, said that, in his experience and opinion, the initials more accurately stood for All Completely Misleading Delegates !

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