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It is only when you begin to examine the structure, the component parts and the vast quantity of deliberately false data circulating in the substance addiction sector, that you can start to comprehend WHY our country is Europe's leading drug disaster area.

As most of us are aware, there are four main groups of people dedicated to the profitable supply of addictive substances. 1) The alcoholic drinks industry, 2) the criminal and / or terrorist “recreational” drug smuggling cartels, 3) the pharmaceutical chemical industry, and of course 4) their “partners” in the drug prescribing fraternity (comprised mainly of misguided palliatively trained general practitioners, similarly trained medical staff and - psychiatric pseudo scientific market manipulators).

Other “interested parties” are our Civil Service officials plus their elected Ministers and MPs and, of course, the public in general – who are the main mass marketplace for addictive and hypnotic substances and which dangerously also includes most of all of the various types of suppliers.

Obviously the so-called “Drug Barons” foster the production and supply of drugs in order to line their pockets and for personal aggrandisement.

But so also do the alcoholic drinks producers and the pharmaceutical chemical companies, whilst ALL OF THEM, in one way or another, also take the fullest possible advantage of the addictive and hypnotic powers of their products in order to physically and mentally capture increasing numbers of inescapably loyal and profitably addicted customers.

The main difference between the Drug Barons and the other addictive drug suppliers is that “the others” usually pay their taxes and so are responsible for a major proportion of government income.

As a result, whilst governments continuously “make war” on Drug Barons, those same governments seem prepared to reach damaging accommodations with the alcohol trade and the pharmaceutical industry, based on clearly irrational advice from the psychiatric self-preserving drug pushers.

In view of the nature and the vast profit goals of the above main players in the addiction -v- abstinence game, it is hardly surprising to find that the main commodity circulating at each and every level in the addiction sector is MIS-INFORMATION in the form of advertising, innuendo, unproven statements, sound bites, guesses, opinions, propaganda, theories, beliefs, rumours, hopes, sales patter, speculation on research results and downright lies, etc.

This is gross deliberate mis-information upon which governments make policy decisions, plus often unintentionally repeated mis-information upon which individuals are led to decide to try or to use addictive substances.

The main gross lie fed to policy makers by the psycho-pharm fraternity is that - most forms of substance addiction are basically incurable !

Nothing could be further from the truth, but this lie arises for two main reasons: 1) the psycho-pharm fraternity cannot cure drug addiction by any form of prescribing, and, 2) they don't want to cure addiction, because curing addicts loses profitable consumers of pharmaceutical drugs and misleading psychiatric diagnostic services paid for by taxpayers.

Other lies are that individuals become addicted because they have “addictive personalities”, or because they “abuse” alcohol or “misuse” drugs. But the truth is that most drugs are addictive, so that, MOST IMPORTANTLY, you can never ever become addicted to a drug which you never take – because it is THE TAKING of the drugs WHICH CREATES ADDICTION !

So THE TRUE CREATORS OF ADDICTION ARE: The producers and distributors of alcohol, criminal recreational drugs, and prescription drugs, AND the lies they employ to persuade individuals to agree to start using drugs, PLUS the manipulated Ministers who naively encourage this.

But why do individual U.K. citizens decide or agree to ingest a substance they likely know is toxic and / or addictive ?

Because i) they are searching for a solution to what they consider is a chronic problem of MAJOR personal significance, and, ii) the biased professional and criminal marketing information, on which they are basing their decision or agreement to use or not use, is so often mis-leadingly slanted in favour of having them decide TO USE that supplier's drug to solve their problem.

Taking drugs is always agreed to in the HOPE of solving some problem.

The drug pusher at the school gates knows full well that if he gives a few free samples to a curious teenager, those samples will automatically convert that boy or girl into a willing and increasingly addicted paying daily customer, who might well soon be committing regular crimes to pay for his or her habit.

The busy General Practitioner hastily scribbling a prescription for Valium for a grieving patient may not have the same intentions as the school gate pusher, but that doctor's 7 to 10 day 3 times a day prescription does exactly the same job of creating an addict – this time paid for by our taxpayers.

The main instigators of all this are the psychiatrists working for and with the pharmaceutical companies. The psycho-pharm fraternity are not just merely aware that many of their products and prescriptions are addictive and also in some cases hypnotic – they deliberately exploit those damaging attributes to build their “captured clients list”, and to maximise their daily sales to those so called patients.

There are nearly 2.4 million INVOLUNTARILY ADDICTED PERSONS who are NHS “patients” in the U.K. But if they are “patients” - WHAT IS THE MEDICAL CONDITION FOR WHICH THEY ARE STILL BEING TREATED ? When they started three months, one year or ten years ago, their problem might then have been worry, grief, anxiety, depression, stomach-ache, toothache, headache or pain from a healing injury, etc., etc.

But in 99 out of a hundred cases those conditions will have cleared up in a few weeks and what they are now suffering from is not an illness or disorder, but merely “cold turkey” addiction withdrawal symptoms if they go too long without their continuously addicting daily or three times a day prescribed benzodiazepine or opioid based pain-killing drugs, etc.

In fact, iatrogenically (medically) caused involuntary addiction to pharmaceutical drugs is probably the single biggest health problem being daily “treated” or “managed” by the NHS today.

i.e a condition caused by doctors unnecessarily prescribing &/or over prescribing addictive drugs, with little regard for their habit and dependency forming powers, or the fact that the pharmaceutical industry offers little or no cure for the addictions they cause. This is mainly because, although a small dose step-down withdrawal procedure and cure is totally possible for millions of patients, they quietly avoid producing or supplying the necessary small doses because they want that highly profitable daily business to continue !

Disease and sickness “management”, habit “management” & behaviour “management” are all medical prescription procedures which pour multi-millions of pills, capsules, tablets, liquid doses, inhaled doses and injections into millions of patients every single day in an endeavour to palliatively control “symptoms” with drugs as an alternative to other possible procedures.

Such palliative so-called “patient management by prescription” is the pharmaceutical promoting set of procedures originated by Rockefeller and the Carnegie Institute a century ago via their Carnegie Foundation.

By showering hundreds of millions of dollars on U.S. medical schools, universities and teaching hospitals, in the form of research grants, across 160 such teaching institutions, the Foundation sought to dictate not what SHOULD BE taught, but what SHOULD NOT be taught.

Natural healing concepts were criticised and disparaged and started to disappear from study curricula, along with learning the role of allergies; studying what nutritional shortages and excesses could do; and students were told why one should be careful of using herbs, spices and other plants when carefully and hygienically produced pharmaceutical prescription medicines are “so much purer and reliable”, etc.

As a result, by 1927, the number of U.S. medical schools, colleges, universities and teaching hospitals had been halved, those which would not co-operate with the Rockefeller / Carnegie combine having been starved of grant support. (For a full description of what Rockefeller and the Carnegie Foundation did to U.S. and world medical practices read: “Censored HEALTH” by Gabor Lenkei, M.D.)

Since then, pharmaceutical companies in every developed country have adopted the same promotional concepts, squeezing out of medical training institutions any healing concepts and procedures which in any way invalidate or offer alternatives to the prescribing of pharmaceutical preparations.

As a result, our modern junior, and even many not so junior, doctors, G.Ps and Consultants are too often not even remotely aware that they and their technology are products of a rigid selection process geared to hidden commercial objectives. 

This long term manipulation of the whole of medical training towards nearly automatic prescription writing, today underlies all the problems apparent in the NHS as it mainly 'manages' symptoms instead of seeking causes & cures.

Furthermore, because we have a democratic political system which permits recently elected M.Ps (often without health experience or with professional qualifications in unrelated subjects) to govern our country, when it comes to medical matters they far too often have to learn from the doctors with manipulated training backgrounds or from government psychiatrists or from the commercially biased pharmaceutical representatives, whose American predecessors were responsible for manipulating doctors' training and whose board directors and marketing departments now TODAY knowingly use addiction as the world's ultimate and most effective sales tool.

As an automatic consequence, politicians and officials are broadly, although indirectly, under the controlling influence of the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity who are thus allowed to go on merrily addicting and maintaining in an addicted state at least 2.4 million U.K. NHS patients at taxpayer expense.

When it comes to addictive usage by individuals trying to solve a personal or relationship problem (on the basis of bum “advice” from criminal pushers or from their peer group) we find a much smaller group, in descending order of number of users, of Cannabis (inc Skunk), Cocaine, MDMA, Amphetamine, Heroin or Methadone or Buprenorphine and NPS addicted users.

For the three well known reasons, 25 to 30% of these are essentially incurable, but the other 70 to 75% having daily tried to quit hundreds of times, and having just as regularly failed, are still desperate to quit.

So their problem is not willingness to quit. It is simply that they just don't know HOW and, when they are trained in self-help recovery techniques, the big majority of them will take themselves off their addiction and remain off for life - as has been proved at at least a hundred centres (including prison units) in 49 countries in the 50 years since 1966.

The main reason that the local police do not have sufficient resources to successfully handle local drug pushers is because our Government spends far too much money on fighting the so-called “War on Drugs” outside of Great Britain.

Why commit scarce resources to expensively taking actions in Colombia, Afghanistan, Mexico and numerous other distant foreign locations, when the pipeline of supplies which stretches from those countries to our own pubs,school gates and clubs, etc., can be more easily, effectively and inexpensively CUT by taking zero tolerance action much closer to the users being supplied by that pipeline.

By initially more or less ignoring the supply pipeline up to the local pusher or dealer, millions of £pounds plus millions of police, customs & excise hours can be saved and concentrated on the last link in the supply chain. i.e. THE PUSHER or DEALER who has to reveal him or her self in order to do business with the addicted user (who is most sensibly and usefully regarded as the addiction victim who should be rescued rather than criminalised).

The police target should be anyone who is found in possession of MORE THAN one dose or MORE THAN a single personal supply of one or more drugs.

Possession of one dose usually equals an addicted user who needs rescuing rather than criminalising.

Two doses and especially more, carried by the individual, or found in his/her car or at home, etc., usually equals “pusher” - the last link in the supply line – and he or she should be hit with every punishment available to the police, the prosecutors and the courts on a Zero Tolerance basis.

It doesn't matter if the supply line is one hundred, one thousand or one million miles long, the last link is to be found in every U.K. city, town or village close to the user AND CLOSE TO A LOCAL BRITISH BOBBY.

Furthermore, that last link can be identified by the user (the pusher's client), and if that user knows the police are not after him or her, it is not going to be all that difficult to get the users' co-operation, especially, if instead of being criminalised, the user is offered anonymity and effective treatment for their addiction – which 70 to 75% want desperately to quit.

Even pushers / dealers can be offered an opportunity to be cured if it is clear that he or she is selling drugs solely to support their own habit.

Particularly if they are prepared to give up their own immediate criminal supplier.

Working back down the supply line from the user towards the initial supplier works effectively only when the user is protected and rescued, and when government resources are diverted away from overseas spending and concentrated on local U.K. situations.

However, again this “rescue” plan is mainly defeated by mis-information.

Government decision makers are falsely convinced (by their own psychiatrists and a pharmaceutical industry which contributes so many lovely taxes) that addiction is incurable, and thus persuaded that addiction has to be “managed” by Opioid Substitution Therapy, etc., etc.

As a result, these mis-informed government policy makers are reluctant to attempt the curing of our millions of addicts – both voluntary and involuntary, and so will not listen to those non-psychiatric and non-prescribing organisations which can and do cure addiction and have done for half a century in numerous countries.

The spending of millions of Pounds, Dollars and Euros (which have each year been invested by the international psycho-pharm fraternity into propaganda since 1950 - to blacken, marginalise, disparage, ridicule, criticise, condemn and render unbelievable and ineffective those organisations which can regularly and effectively train addicts in self-help recovery from their addiction) has been extremely effective.

Effective in convincing Civil Servants and their elected governors in both Houses of Parliament that they should not meet or listen to those who claim and who can prove that they can in fact bring substance addicts to lasting relaxed abstinence.

Notwithstanding the easily provable fact that those who can bring a majority of drug addicts to lasting relaxed abstinence today have the largest and most successful addiction recovery training organisation in the world !

Today's deteriorating addiction situation in the United Kingdom is total proof of what uncaring profit and power mad booze producers, chemists and psychiatrists can do with addictive and hypnotic substances plus massive MIS-information, to create vast fortunes by letting equally unconcerned government have a share of their profits - in the form of tax revenue.


The vast majority of alcohol and drug addicts using every sort of addictive substance, badly want to quit their addiction for ever AND can be trained and helped to do so.

And because effectively recovering & rehabilitating addicts is a once only cost, that cost spending delivers massive government savings in what would have been the even more costly 40 addictive years which would have followed.

But not if MPs, Ministers & Officials continue to allow themselves to be bamboozled by booze producers, international pharmaceutical drug companies and pseudo-scientific psychiatrists !

All that those Ministers - whose Departments are effected by addiction - need to do to fully handle the U.K's drug and alcohol problems, is to speak with and listen to those organisations they have been persuaded by psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies NOT to speak with and NOT to listen to !

The way in which the addiction problem spreads across several different Departments is of course part of the problem, as it permits Officials to easily pass the buck from their Department to another, which they all do.

Departments obviously the effect of the addiction scourge include: the Prime Minister's Office, the Cabinet Office, the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Law Officers and the Department for Work and Pensions, all of which will nevertheless blithely tell you that addiction is solely a Department of Health matter !

But on investigation one finds that all the Health Department's NHS does is to dole out free doses of addictive and hypnotic pharmaceutical drugs paid for by the taxpayers. (OST Methadone, Subutex, Disulfiram & benzos, etc.)

The NHS in no way attempts a cure of addiction, because they don't have a clue about how to procure lasting relaxed abstinence.

Nevertheless, the Government have placed NHS “local health consortia” in charge of commissioning local rehabilitation Providers, a majority of which struggle to deliver a 20% lasting recovery rate.

At the same time, they fail to commission those organisations which CAN DELIVER lasting relaxed abstinence in most cases, simply because of the effectiveness of psycho-pharm black propaganda in controlling opinion.

Wake up - Right Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen – and don't be embarrassed, because you are being manipulated by the world's experts !

For further information and the truth about how U.K. addiction can start to be handled before the end of this Parliament, you may wish to phone (01342) 810151 between 11.00am & 9.00pm any day, or e-mail

S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed In 1975.


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