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How To Convert Low Quality Bull-Shit Into Good Multi-Purpose Whitewash:



To continually succeed, across many decades, IN CONVINCING VARIOUS U.K. GOVERNMENTS that the prescribing of the licensed psycho-pharmaceutical system of strong and deadly poisonous ADDICTIVE DRUGS (known as O.S.T.) can cure addictions resulting from illegal ADDICTIVE DRUGS consumption, HAS TO BE AN ACT OF GENIUS.

But NOT in the field of lasting recovery to abstinence from drug addiction.


His genius lies in his ability to bamboozle Prime Ministers, Health Ministers, other Ministers, senior politicians, Officials, other physicians and even the Royal family, and to sell them the downright LIE: “that drug addiction is incurable”, so that the Government can be persuaded to go on “managing” addiction instead of curing it.

And now, he is at it again, as once more Chairman of the Working Group of so-called “Independent Members” assembled to give weight to his current revision of the 2007 CLINICAL GUIDELINES on Drug Misuse and Dependency, which have for years been stopping the U.K. Government from effectively handling its increasingly major drug addiction problems OF ALL TYPES.

His objective (for the 318 page draft new set of Clinical Guidelines he is preparing for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E) to release later this year), is to ensure that those “Guidelines” continue to promote addictive and / or hypnotic drug production, prescribing and consumption, as a result of “Habit Management” treatment practices rather than delivering addiction cures.

To lend weight to this revised document, Strang is circulating it to a range of like-minded “Healthcare Professionals and Partner Clinicians”, calling for them to make consultative comments within the strict regime of an accompanying “proforma”, which tightly restricts the nature of any “consultative” responses, and strictly rules out the submission or even the mention of any other provably successful addiction recovery programmes leading to abstinence.

Programmes which DO NOT prescribe pharmaceutical drugs !

Addictive pharmaceutical drugs prescribed within the psycho-pharm Opioid Substitution Therapy system of “addiction management”, were reported by the National Treatment Agency (now Public Health England) to deliver recovery to lasting abstinence in less than 3% of cases, and only after long tolerance building usage.  Hardly a viable programme of recovery to lasting relaxed abstinence.

The 12 Steps system of Narcotics Anonymous, used around the world for many years and still very widely extant, gets no mention whatsoever from Strang, even though it has a reported success rate of 20 to 30%, as confirmed by notable figures such as Lord Benjamin Mancroft, one of our country's few genuine authorities on rehabilitation, a former Chairman of the Addiction Recovery Foundation and now a leading representative of Mentor.

Professor Strang, and his Working Group of so-called “Independent Experts”, also make no mention of Narconon® the self-help addiction recovery group of nearly one hundred charity based training centres (including prison units) in 49 countries, which has been expanding for 50 years on the basis of a success rate of 55 to 69+% achievement of lasting relaxed abstinence by its Students.

There are of course two reasons why Strang would never mention Narconon:
a) Narconon does NOT use any pharmaceutical drugs or psychiatric procedures in its training programme, and,
b) Narconon “kills golden goose” customers for pharmaceutical O.S.T. drug products by regularly curing them of addiction, and thus reduces the size and profitability of the psycho-pharms'Habit Management” O.S.T. marketplace.

As a result, whilst 12 Steps is basically ignored by Strang and his gang, Narconon is - around the world - actively attacked, disparaged, criticised, ridiculed, marginalised, side-lined and subjected to black propaganda by psycho-pharms - especially in political circles and amongst government decision makers and Officials.

Nevertheless, Narconon goes on expanding year after year in an increasing number of countries, where it delivers not only lasting relaxed recovery to individual addicts, but also training to other rehabilitation groups in how to train individual addicts in self-help addiction recovery training, delivering relaxed abstinent recovery.

The much vaunted “independence” of Strang's “Expert Working Group” is belied by the composition of that group.

He himself is the Head of Department of the King's College London Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, and also from time to time works with or for various Pharmaceutical companies.

But with 16 members (over 59%) of his Working Group either Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Pharmacologists or Mental Health Nurses, how can they possibly ever be regarded as “independent”.  Even the Service Users, Carers, Doctors, Nurses and other members benefit in some way from association with the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries.

Even if he balanced that current membership with a similar sized group of 12 Steps and Narconon qualified members, his insistence on the usage of prescribed addictive pharmaceutical drugs as part of any so-called “treatment”, would totally eliminate any chance of any addict ever achieving recovery to relaxed abstinence.


Our goal is for dependent drug users to overcome addiction and achieve abstinence”.

And he gets away with this lie because he treats politicians and officials contemptuously enough to expect them to believe that they can go on paying to feed daily doses of viciously addictive O.S.T. drugs - such as methadone - to dependent drug users, and EXPECT THOSE ADDICTS TO THUS BECOME ABSTINENT ! How ridiculously absurd.

In fact, it is because this lie is so absurd that politicians and officials - who are too often in awe of medical profession secrets - just cannot believe that physicians and chemists would ever attempt to mislead them.

But THEY DO to the extent of at least £12 BILLION POUNDS every year. YES, ONE BILLION £POUNDS A MONTH: £33 MILLION POUNDS A DAY ! EVERY DAY.

That is what it costs the U.K. Taxpayer, via the N.H.S., to maintain 2.4 Million involuntarily addicted patients on various addictive medical drugs such as the benzodiazepines, plus 200,000 former illicit heroin users being “habit managed” on O.S.T. addictive drugs such as methadone or buprenorphine, etc.

To be clear – this is a total of 2,600,000 U.K. citizens, all daily addicted to viciously addictive and / or hypnotic medical drugs. Addiction victims which U.K. taxpayers are keeping supplied with one to three drug doses a day for no other reason than to keep them using those daily doses solely to earn fees for the prescribing physicians, fees for the dispensers and profits for the pharmaceutical producers and suppliers.

NOT TO CURE THOSE SO-CALLED “PATIENTS” OF ANYTHING AT ALL. Just to hold at bay the “cold turkey” effects they would suffer if they make any attempt to withdraw from their addiction (i.e. to stop being a customer) which can normally be expected to continue for the rest of their lives.

This whole drugs marketing set-up is mean, miserable, heartless, callous, life spoiling, life threatening and even criminal, but as a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a retired Member of the Chartered Marketing Institute, I have to say it is truly brilliant, and cleverly deceitful as well as unscrupulously Machiavellian in its concept and application.

TO STOP IT, we have to stop addiction, and to do that we have to start by no longer allowing our Government to abortively pay for the supplying of addictive and / or hypnotic drugs to anyone – out of our taxes.

At the same time, we have to avoid suffering for our 2.6 million pharmaceutical addicts by putting them on a small-dose step-down withdrawal programme to wean them off their addiction over a three to nine month period, at the end of which they will have recovered to a natural state of relaxed abstinence.

UNFORTUNATELY, although the pharmaceutical industry recommends small-dose step-down withdrawal, by failing to manufacture and make broadly available the necessary small doses, it does not actually permit that vital withdrawal to occur.

Simply, because every comfortably withdrawn patient is no longer a lifelong addicted consumer reassuringly funded by the British Government.   THEY ARE INSTEAD A LOST PROFITABLE PHARMACEUTICAL CUSTOMER.   And what self respecting chemical salesman or M.D. wants that ?

Much of this whole addictive drugs marketing structure is the work of U.K. psychiatry, led on numerous occasions and in so many ways by Professor John Strang. (Basically, the pharmaceutical industry's top Whitehall based sales director.)

Pharmaceutical drug pushing is the only actually productive job which most psychiatrists do, because psychiatry itself has no real progress whatsoever to demonstrate in the field of Mental Health.

In fact, with 200 to 250 thousand prescribed O.S.T. addicts per year, and between 5 and 12 deaths per thousand over the last 5 years – all as a result of prescribed methadone consumption - that's AN AVERAGE OF 2,000 BRITISH DEATHS PER YEAR DURING N.H.S. O.S.T. HABIT MANAGEMENT TREATMENT.

In some American States, professionals who regularly and deliberately supply killer poisons to customers or patients, are starting to be regarded as possible murder suspects, with the prescribing psychiatrists being named as: “Doctors of Death”.

Certainly it reveals psychiatric Professor Sir John Strang and his gang of prescribing fellow psychiatrists in a new and more sinister light, which MUST be handled.

But, how we start to dismantle this edifice of greed, profit and damaging practices is a matter for another S.A.F.E. blog-post.

Right now it is sufficient to recognise John Strang's influence over the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, and the resultant tunnel-visioning of Politicians and Officials in regard to treatment of addiction with addictive drugs, instead of residential self-help addiction recovery training, which returns an addict to the natural state of relaxed abstinence into which 99% of the population are born.

At a ONCE ONLY cost to the Exchequer of 62% of what it currently costs the Exchequer EVERY YEAR for the rest of a methadone prescribed addict's lifetime.

It's the sort of abstinent recovery bargain which John Strang and most other psychiatrists want NO drug addict ever to have, because that former addict would soon no longer be using their profitable drug prescriptions.

And for Prof John, that really would be quite a disaster !

S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed In 1975.


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