Thursday, 4 August 2016

Editors and Programme Producers, the Guardians of Britain's Morale:





Media bosses definitely know their readers and audiences, and to capture as many of them as customers as possible, tend to make the news as exciting as possible for as many as possible – because that sells TV licences, newspapers and magazines, etc.

Normal, boring, conservative and only mildly interesting statements don't grab a viewer's, reader's or listener's attention as much as fearful, argumentative, sexual and controversial items do, as a result of which they introduce as much fear and controversy as possible into their news output, their “tweets” and their blog “posts”, in the hope of claiming the largest headlines and thus the largest audiences and sales.

This is neither wrong, exaggerated nor difficult when they are reporting the activities of some politicians, terrorists, gangsters or other criminals,

But when it comes to the pros and cons of getting Britain out of the European Union as cleanly and healthily as possible, it is clear that too many commentators find it easier to make the Brexit situation more exciting and mysteriously controversial because of its uncertainties, than the mundane ”business as usual” considerations of those who voted to “remain” in the E.U.

Mrs May rightly said that “Brexit” means “Brexit”, and the factor which is going to make Britain's exit from the Union into the best result for Britain, is the morale of our nation's population.

People at every level within our society are wondering what is going to happen, when it should be obvious to everybody that what is going to happen is what we MAKE happen. And that what we think now and do or fail to do now, are the factors which create the high level of morale which is needed as we move through the various steps of exiting from the European Union.

Reporters, editors, producers and other political and economic observers in truth have no more idea of what is going to happen than the bosses, the employees, the man in the street and the housewife in her home. And it is those professional observers' own uncertainties which make them attribute similar uncertainty to the bosses, the employees and everybody else.

As a result of which we more and more get the possibility of a self-fulfilling prophesy being generated out of media purveyors' own spectator-like unknowingness and uncertainties.

Coupled with attacks from government opposition parties, these personal doubts and uncertainties from media-makers will inevitably start to affect the morale of decision-makers around the nation and – yes, we will have a self-fulfilling prophesy about how doubtful and uncertain is Britain's position and how we must be increasingly cautious, careful and resistant to any form of risk taking or long term planning or decision-making until “we can be sure about what is going to happen”.

Which brings us back to square one, because the one thing we can be certain of is that: what we MAKE happen is going to be what happens !

During the last world war, it was the positive morale generated by the British Press and radio which kept us going through some of the darkest hours. And today we need a similar Churchillian attitude to any doubt and uncertainty which might arise about our future over the next two or three years.

A successful Brexit is infinitely more important than any Party differences, even for those who voted to remain. Because it is a “brexited” nation that the government which will be elected in 2020 is going to have to make work well – no matter that government's colour or creed.

And a Brexit which works well is very much in the hands of our Press and other media workers, who can help us all by avoiding pessimistic, worrying, doubtful and uncertain comments and speculations, when optimistic certainty and enthusiasm is what triumphs most in life.

No matter who or what you are, ALL personal views of the future cannot possibly be more than pure speculation. So – lovely and responsible opinion-leading editors, producers and journalists – please lead us towards an optimistic Brexited future full of hope for a Britain which remains part of Europe, but which stands successfully outside the European Union.

Especially as protesting or criticising Brexit is not going to stop it happening, but will only make things worse for all of us – including you.

S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed In 1975.


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