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During a recent psychiatric conference held in Birmingham, attention was drawn to an organisation called the "Citizen's Commission on Human Rights" (CCHR) which is continuously campaigning against U.K. "psychiatric brutality".

Whilst there appear to be numerous "human rights" organisations covering rape, homosexuality, religion, women's rights, disabled people, children's rights and LGBT, etc., etc., this CCHR campaign for Human Rights Covers The Field Of Mental Health - as supposedly delivered by Psychiatrists in this country and many others.

One might well ask "why" there is a need for Human Rights in regard to Psychiatry, until - like CCHR - you look into the historical background of Psychiatry's technical development AND what Psychiatrists regularly do to our human U.K. population TODAY - here and now in 2018.

For example, although mainly hidden from public knowledge, every working day of the year someone in the British Isles is subjected to E.C.T. (Electro Convulsive so-called "Therapy"). During this process, over a few days, high voltage, severe and continuous electric shocks are repeatedly passed through a patient's head, in the mistaken belief that the brain IS the person and that these shocks will somehow change that person's "disordered" mental condition.

And of course the shocks do make changes. But, for those who survive, it is never in the direction of improved control, freedom and enjoyment of their life. It is instead in the direction of compliance, docility and a fawning desire to please, rather than a desire to set and achieve their own personal goals.

Other brain orientated psychiatric theories lead to leucotomy "procedures" and pre-frontal lobotomy invasive brain operations, involving drilling holes in the skull, removing parts of the brain and even cutting one part of the brain away from the rest.

Whilst these brutalities continue to be carried out on practically all age groups, they are actually only a small part of the pain, discomfort and involuntary addiction inflicted on millions of N.H.S. patients as a result of psychiatrically directed diagnosing of so-called "Mental Disorders" and the daily prescribing of addictive drugs for various excuses.

Addictive drugs which need no further marketing or selling once the irresistible patient demand they generate for the next dose is established very simply - by consumption of the first few doses.

The "patient" then becomes the "victim" of uncomfortable "side-effects", and when they try to stop using their "medical" drugs, they then also become victims of extremely painful and distressing "cold turkey" withdrawal symptoms powerful enough to inflict ACTUAL BODILY HARM on the individual which can only be relieved by another dose of the same addictive drug.

But unfortunately that "relieving" dose, then becomes the cause of the next bouts of side-effects and "cold turkey" withdrawal bodily harms and terrors - which continue the addiction ad infinitum.


The tobacco industry have long made smoking their (addictive) products an everyday part of life for millions. For centuries, the brewers, vintners and distillers have made daily (addictive) alcohol consumption a "normal" part of socialising and life for a majority of the adult population.

NOW, the psycho-pharms want to make prescribed (addictive) drug-taking for every age group, just as commonplace as breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and coffee - and have even already arranged for their drugs to be supplied to everybody and paid for - by the Government !

And making these hugely profitable irresistibly addictive marketing strategies possible, is the absurd psychiatric view of Mankind that Human Beings are no more than a flesh and blood animal who luckily happens to be possessed of a brain which is supposedly superior to the brains possessed by the so-called "rest of the animal kingdom".

But when did Psychiatry start to get these ridiculous ideas ?

150 years ago - starting with Wilhelm Wundt, born in 1832, and considered as the "father of psychiatry", and continued by Pavlov, 1849, Freud 1856, Adler 1870, Jung 1875 and Ellis and others, all of whom have contributed to the assorted and often opposing views and practices of clinical psychology, psycho-therapy and psychiatry as we know them today.

And how and from where did these early "psychs" get their ideas ?

Nearly exclusively from earlier and current research and experiments on millions of mice, rats, Pavlov's dogs, other laboratory animals, half-dead Nazi concentration camp prisoners and already insane asylum inmates.

i.e. Mainly from animalistic experimental research subjects they could only "observe", but seldom if ever communicate with in any normal manner, about their lives, thoughts, behaviour, experiences, goals, successes and failures, etc., etc.

But modern non-psychiatric scientific investigation of mental health phenomena has been done - not on animals - but with the cooperation of thousands of sentient human beings of all sexual persuasions, skin colours, ethnic origins and religious beliefs, etc.

As a result, it has been recognised beyond doubt that Man, although like animals also equipped with a flesh and blood body and a brain, is in fact an entirely different species of "being". A species equipped with and controlled by an immortal soul recognised by 90+% of all world religions, plus an ability not possessed by animals - i.e. the ability to compute on an analytical basis which renders Man (often with a smaller, weaker and slower physical body than most beasts) superior to and in command of, the "animal kingdom".

However, by studying and experimenting only on animals plus already nearly defunct human beings, psychiatry has arrived at the totally false belief that Man IS an animal and that - like animals - Man has no "soul" and no "mind", and thus, like animals, is possessed only of a set of stimulus-response mechanisms which govern his living and which have to be regularly re-enforced in respect of his "behaviour" with the help of "treatments" - mainly in the form of addictive daily prescription drug dosages.

This is confirmed in the book: “A DICTIONARY OF THE MIND, BRAIN AND BEHAVIOUR” (ISBN 0 09 918070 7), by well known international lecturer and broadcasting Doctor of Psychology Chris Evans (who has over 100 scientific and technical papers to his name) and who provides us with what he terms “a basic introduction to the terms and ideas central to psychology” and psychiatry, and “a clear, invaluable source of reference for students”.

Whilst standard Oxford and Cambridge English dictionaries tell us that “mental” means “appertaining to the mind”, and that “mental health” defines the working condition of a person’s mind, it is clear that neither psychiatry nor psychology can provide a working definition of what “the mind” itself is.

Evans’ authoritative psych dictionary says:

At one time the mind was equated with soul or spirit and assumed to be the conscious “control mechanism” for the body and qualitatively different from it.  Freud’s ideas complicated this picture by introducing the disturbing notion of the power of the ‘unconscious’, which downgraded the status of the mind’s conscious component.   Pavlov and the Behaviourist School further eroded its significance by eliminating the concept of mind from all experimental and theoretical considerations, and criticising anyone who dared use the word (“mind”) for being ‘mystical’ or ‘unscientific’.

Today, whilst few psychologists think of mind as a spiritual entity separable from the brain and body, most now accept that the richness and reality of mental life cannot be denied and that a place must be found for the word “MIND” in comprehensive theories of human behaviour”.   (Please note well: only for the "word" and not for the existence of this human feature.) (Comment and BOLD and underline emphasis added)

In other words, psychiatric mental health procedures have no definition or agreed upon concept of the human feature called “MIND” – which nevertheless they claim to be practising on as our self-proclaimed ‘experts’ on “MENTAL HEALTH”, but in which the vast majority in fact accept only the body part called "brain", and do not at all recognise the existence of the spiritual Human Mind or Soul !

Would you employ a mechanic who could not tell you the difference between a car and a scooter, go to a dentist who did not know the difference between a tongue and a tooth, or use a computer ‘expert’ who didn’t know there exists both hardware AND software ?

So why go for help with a mental problem to a psychiatrist or psychologist who doesn’t know the difference between a piece of meat called “brain” and a vital survival mechanism called “mind” ?

It is hardly surprising that in 1950, with Wundt then dead for nearly 90 years, when Hubbard published his revolutionary work on “DIANETICS®”, he entitled 
it “The Modern Science of Mental Health”.

Dianetics” means “through the mind”, thus immediately underlining the difference between Hubbard’s work and today’s psychiatric view of mankind controlled by a lump of edible fleshy brain tissue.

So Hubbard's book is intended to help us understand and recognise the truth about “mental health”, what it is, how it can sometimes be “below par” and how it can be brought back into good and reliable working condition by helping each person to work with his or her own mind, not just with their electronic switchboard message transmitting brain.

If we are to find “better mental health” (i.e. healthier minds), we had better start by deciding what we mean by that phrase.   “Mental” means: “concerned with the mind”.   But what does “mind” itself actually mean ?

Hubbard defines the human mind as existing in two parts: the Analytical Mind function and the Reactive Mind function.

Both consist of recorded “pictures” of experiences plotted against time and preserved in energy and mass in the vicinity of the being and which when given the attention of the individual are re-created and available for viewing.    Like cinema film, in full colour, moving, and also in 3D and complete with records of sound, touch, taste and smell, such records are created at some 24 pictures (or frames) per second.

In addition to being able to ‘remember’ and to ‘forget’ recorded mental image pictures of actual experience, the individual can also use his mental abilities to create new not earlier experienced pictures in his or her imagination.

You can easily check these statements for yourself:  Close your eyes and get a picture of an orange.   When you have done that, make it into a purple orange.  When you have done that, let go of that picture, and now get a picture of a banana.  Note that you ‘remembered’ an orange, that you ‘imagined’ a purple orange, and that you were able to ‘forget’ the orange when you put your attention on bananas.

Try also picturing a moving object like a car or horse, and note you can see and hear it move.   Then try remembering the last hot meal you enjoyed.  Note that you can also recall the taste, the texture or touch of the food, and its smell.

The Analytical Mind Ability - provably possessed only by Man - when conscious, is aware, observes data, remembers it and resolves problems.   To do this it uses "identification", "comparison" and "differentiation".  You are using it as you read this.  It is normally alert and aware, and it analyses and uses its recorded experiences to plot a CHOSEN personal goals path through life.

But, the Reactive Mind possessed by all flesh and blood bodies solely TO PROTECT THE BODY, is comprised of those mental image pictures recorded during periods of pain, unconsciousness, loss, failure and damage to physical survival. i.e.   ALL threats to the body - plus - the fact that, and the means by which, the body survived.

It is provably only capable of "identification" or "recognition" and is the only "mind" possessed by animals.

Whilst analytical actions, estimations, calculations, computations, comparisons, differentiations and records are used by the individual to progress towards his or her OWN chosen goals, reactive records are robotically used to protect the body from physical injury, etc., on the basis of what was successful body survival at an earlier similar time.

As a result. bodily survival “solutions” and actions are enforced upon the individual by by-passing the Analytical Mind's control of the body and substituting control by the Reactive Mind - based on the strictly material consideration that - "IF THE BODY IS LOST" so also are the Soul and the Analytical function - which of course is just not true.

Not true, because - if and when permitted to do so - the Analytical Mind with its vastly superior computing ability can do a far far better job of saving the body than the Reactive function.

If we are looking for “better” mental health, what do we mean by “better”?   The dictionarys says: “improved”, “more fit for purpose”, “more effective”.

So better mental health would mean a condition in which we are able to survive more efficiently and effectively as a self-motivating individual with chosen goals and purposes, in control of a human brain and body in good healthy working condition.

Good mental health would allow us to choose to survive physically and mentally for self, family, groups, mankind, other life forms, the physical universe, the spiritual universe and for a Supreme Being.

Although Psychiatry is still a huge world-wide industry, its reputation as a professional science has never been lower.  Jokes about “shrinks” and “how many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb ?”, etc., have never been more in vogue than they are today, and apart from the failures of their so-called “treatments”, there are every day reports of unethical conduct, fraud and serious physical, sexual and financial abuse of patients.

In fact it is now clear that psychiatry’s main role today is as the U.K’s ‘pusher’ of addictive pharmaceutical prescription drugs, driven by the insatiable demand for more and more profit and for more population control.


Described in its own training literature as: “The branch of medicine which deals with mental disorders, their origins, diagnosis, treatment and prevention”, modern psychiatry is revealed in that same literature as being comprised of a wide range of disagreements between various schools, factions or ‘authorities’ arising from “a long and controversial history”.

It is therefore not surprising that Dr Chris Evans’ authoritative description and definition of psychiatry concludes with the following very revealing and honest paragraph:

The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind but also the disturbed mind.  Even a definition of ‘mental illness’ is not easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that TO THIS DATE PSYCHIATRIC METHODS HAVE INEVITABLY BEEN OF A HIT OR MISS VARIETY”!  (BOLD emphasis added)

Which brings us to "WHY" Psychiatry is so bad for human "Mental Health", and to why worldwide organisations like CCHR are essential to the preservation of Man's superiority over the animal kingdom and over more and more of the physical universe.

Applying animal based psychiatric research results to Man, is like adding diesel fuel to the tank of a petrol engined motor car.

You can always expect to fail to get more than a few miles down the road, and likewise, treating a Human Being as an animal with no Soul and no Mind soon results in no further progress of that individual through a sane, knowledgable and responsible lifetime.

Because the aspirations and activities of Mankind - as flesh and blood bodies directed by immortal Souls with Analytical Computing Abilities - do not match the behaviour patterns of animals - who have no Souls or Analytical Abilities - over the years it has become clear to psychiatric theorists that what they have learned from animal behaviour must be "bent", adjusted or reframed to fit Humans - IF Psychiatry is to continue as the world authority on "Mental Health" WHICH IT PRETENDS TO BE, and for which it has procured Royal approval and patronage via a tissue of really fantastic lies.

Bearing in mind that psychiatry’s main role today is as the U.K’s ‘pusher’ of addictive pharmaceutical prescription drugs, driven by the psycho-pharm fraternity's insatiable demand for more and more profit and for more population control, in addition to bending their animal researched theories to fit people, they have resorted to inventing "new" mental disorders, often by merely "re-labelling" individual aspects of normal human behaviour as "a mental disorder".

This is particularly prevalent in relation to elderly people and to those youngsters yet to reach the age of maturity, wherein many of the aspects of "growing old" and "growing up" have been labelled as "mental disorders" in order to justify the prescription of profitable addictive drug "treatments" or "therapies".

The 1952 first issue of a book - published by the A.P.A. (the American Psychiatric Association) and entitled "The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" - listed around 50 such disorders. Subsequent issues at regular intervals has seen the list of so-called "Mental Disorders" grow 8 times in number to nearly 400.

Not because the population is any more insane today than it was 66 years ago, but because the A.P.A. wants to make "Mental Health Issues" a much broader field hidden behind "psycho-babble" and affecting the health of billions more people who can then be profitably "prescription treated" by their country's National Health Service at government expense (i.e. paid for by the Taxpayer).

"PRESCRIPTION ADDICTION" is the vehicle selected 70 years ago by the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity to create the totally irresistible demand for pharmaceutical products which has provenly made BILLIONS OF £POUNDS of salaries, profits, dividends and bonuses for what is now the largest and one of the most dangerous commercial enterprises in the world.

Whilst some of this expansion has been funnelled through "Physical Health" "treatments", by far the major expansion has been via bogus "Mental Health" treatments because . . . . WHO AMONGST US CAN SUCCESSFULLY ARGUE WITH GOVERNMENT PSYCHIATRISTS about subjects which even our politicians find mysterious, frightening and over-whelming ?

Politicians and Officials who themselves are increasingly becoming part of the addictive drug culture, and supportive of Government paid involuntary prescription addiction BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN CLEVERLY AND BLATANTLY LIED TO for well over half a century about addiction being "incurable" !

The reason the 313 page Department of Health "Orange Book" (authored by the Government's Chief Psychiatrist and the National Addiction Centre) has been written, is to make the LIE about addiction being "incurable" as formal and as official as possible.

But this blog author's 44 active years in the addiction recovery training sector along with 8 earlier years of study in the field, proves conclusively that, whilst 25 to 30% of addictive substance addicts (alcohol and drugs) are Resistive Cases (who - for a variety of reasons have no personal desire to quit), there are another 70 to 75% of addicts (both illicit and legal) who would give their right arm to be able to return to the natural state of lasting relaxed abstinence into which they were born.

Their only problem is not that they are incurable, or don't want to quit. Their problem is very simply that THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY QUIT !

Furthermore, whilst the knowledge they need for quitting has been available for 52 years, instead of the Government providing highly successful Addiction Recovery Training for addicts, psycho-pharm profit interests have spent the last half century convincing Government to suppress cures and instead spend money on "managing" what they say is "incurable addiction" by daily supplying highly addictive and profitable prescription drugs such as methadone, buprenorphine, the benzodiazepines, the "C" drugs and the "Z" drugs etc., - all paid for by U.K. Taxpayers.

Do you want to know why DIANETICS "The Modern Science of Mental Health" and "NARCONON" "The World's Most Effective Addiction Recovery Training Programme", have both been viciously attacked for the last 52 to 68 years, along with the man who researched and founded the Church of Scientology ?

It is because the genius level works of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard not only cure individuals of Mental Health problems, but also cure illicit and prescription drug addicts, and thus "rob" both Psychiatrists and Pharmaceutical companies of extremely lucrative and easy-to- sell-to addicted dependent MILLIONS of victims - whose supplies the psycho-pharms have convinced "lied-to-and-mislead" Politicians and Officials to pay from Taxpayer funds.

And it is only because L. Ron Hubbard's Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Training programmes actually do work to deliver the very best results available in these fields, that - against all the odds and all the attacks - Dianetics, Narconon and Scientology continue to expand across the world at the fastest rate ever witnessed in Man's history for any such humanitarian movement !

Which raises the question of "why" the psycho-pharmaceutically run "Society for the Study of Addiction" has for 134 years published their monthly 300 page "ADDICTION" magazine without ever presenting a single EFFECTIVE cure for addiction.

It equally raises the question of "why" the psycho-pharmaceutically dominated "Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs" - charged with advising the Home Office on drugs and addiction, in the whole 47 years since its formation, has also never once presented an EFFECTIVE cure for addiction to the Cabinet.

Both these psycho-pharm run "authoritative" organisations will protest that they have always advised that the "Small-Dose Step-Down Addiction Withdrawal Management System", as published in the medico-pharmaceutical "bible", the "British National Formulary", has always been available and recommended for decades.

HOWEVER, they will fail to mention that none of the Members of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) produce the "SMALL-Doses" of their addictive prescription drugs ESSENTIAL to the implementation of their definitely viable but slow "Small-Dose Step-Down Addiction Withdrawal Management System".

Which essentially confirms that, after spending time, money and effort on addicting patients in order to make easy sales and profits, big pharma is not going to cut its profits by providing the means for G.Ps to prescribe the "Small-Doses" which will cure the country's current four to five MILLION involuntarily addicted patients - whose supply of addictive drugs is every day being paid for by the U.K. National Health Service - or more accurately - by our Taxpayers, and which currently costs them £13.5 MILLION £pounds EVERY DAY !


There is no such thing as "accidental or unfortunate addiction". ADDICTION IS A DELIBERATE MARKETING STRATEGY, whether the supply comes from a Drug Baron or from a Pharmaceutical Company.

And bear in mind that the addicts created by the Drug Barons - instead of being cured - are all quite cleverly eventually taken over by the psycho-pharm fraternity and converted to none cure profitable and addictive prescription drugs - for life !

UNFORTUNATELY, in order to handle this most vicious of all the problems gnawing away at our health, our health service, our productivity, the success of our Brexit and the factors which made Britain Great - we need POLITICAL BRAVERY AND ACTION in the form of new legislation urgently and strongly applied.

Instead however, we are getting Party Politics, plus what are essentlally blackmail payments to the Pharmaceutical Industry and the sort of re-arranging of the deck chairs as pioneered aboard the sinking Titanic.

Witness Theresa May's and Jeremy Hunt's recent gift of another £20 BILLION £pounds of Taxpayers hard earned money to the ABPI, in response to the blackmail threats which the big pharma President made in the last week of April 2017. (See "THE TIMES" of 27/4/2017.)

Jeremy Hunt says that his injection of this EXTRA £20 BILLION A YEAR (£55 MILLION A DAY) is "FOR THE N.H.S.".

But you can bet that the President of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry already has it ear-marked for the supply of even more quantities of addictive drugs, plus the reaching of the ABPI's over-arching goal, which is:  "NORMAL LIFE EVERY DAY GOVERNMENT SUPPLYING OF ADDICTIVE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS TO THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE UNITED KINGDOM POPULATION, VIA THE N.H.S.".

Progressing this is Jeremy Hunt's ongoing new legislation for "TRANSFORMING CHILDREN'S AND YOUNG PEOPLE'S MENTAL HEALTH PROVISION", involving the prescribed addicting of 18 MILLION pupils and students between 5 and 25 years of age in education at Primary Schools to High Schools to Colleges and to Universities - each with its own diagnosing and prescribing "Mental Health Lead" - another term for psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse.

And interestingly at a cost to Taxpayers of £54 MILLION A DAY - nearly the whole £20 BILLION A YEAR just handed to the N.H.S !

As Adolf Hitler once privately claimed about his carefully planned slaughter of millions: "The more unbelievable and incredible the goals you set - the more people will fail to believe them, and thus naively facilitate their accomplishment."

This Article Researched and Published

by S.A.F.E. - the U.K.

Society for an Addiction Free Existence

A not-for-profit community support group founded in 1974

To know more about handling these problems,
e-mail or phone (01342) 811099.

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Medical doctors who have become addicted to alcohol or drugs soon run into the disconcerting and undeniable fact that doctors, psychiatrists and pharmacologists have no prescription cure for their dependent condition.

Amongst other evidence, a recent - this month - April 2018 Danish University report reveals that fear of dismissal or of loosing their licence keeps G.Ps and other physicians trapped in their addicted condition, because instead of seeking help they attempt self-treatment based mainly on self-prescribing.

To handle Pharmaceutical Medical Drug Addiction, whilst such substance dependent doctors have the possibility of applying the British National Formulary "Small-Dose Step-Down Withdrawal Management Procedure", like everybody else they are frustrated by the deliberate lack of production and easy availability of the necessary range of "small drug doses" VITAL to that procedure.

Confronted with doctors' consequent inability to obey the bidding: "Physician - heal thyself", statisticians from around the world report the startling fact that doctors are more likely to commit suicide than other professionals, and that amongst them, psychiatrists are the most likely to die by their own hand.

Not surprising, when psychiatrists themselves tell us that frustration, despair, hopelessness and fear of failure are likely the main causes of suicides.

Control of one's life, and any activities within it, depends entirely on having the necessary Knowledge, and then on taking Responsibility to apply that data.

Lack of the range of small doses needed to implement Small-Dose Step-Down Addiction Withdrawal, leaves the medical profession with NO OTHER KNOWLEDGE of how to proceed to abstinence, as a result of which, we have seen the expansion over the last 83 years of the 12 Steps system of withdrawal from alcohol and addictive drugs.

More recently - a 52 year old programme of Addiction Recovery Self-Help Training developed in the Arizona State Penitentiary System has been very successfully providing both the Knowledge and the Responsibility factors needed for Control and for the "healing of oneself".

Unfortunately, an excessively authoritative N.H.S. medical system, controlled as it is by powerful psycho-pharmaceutical commercial interests, fights Self-Help Training, and 12 Steps and other residential rehabilitation in order to keep highly profitable Opioid Substitution Prescribing at the forefront of government addiction policies.

But by definition, the U.K. Department of Health's Substitution Prescribing, as laid down in Professor Sir John Strang's National Addiction Centre 313 page "Orange Book", merely substitutes a profitable legal taxpayer paid prescription addiction for an illicit Drug Baron sponsored or otherwise acquired illicit addiction.


And here is the reason for both the doctors' unsuccessful search for a personal cure, AND, the ever expanding creation of more and more addicts in communities throughout our United Kingdom.

To handle this appalling state of affairs, psychiatry's U.K. National Addiction Centre, which deliberately promotes legal prescription addiction, must GO, and be replaced with a National ANTI-Addiction Centre dedicated to the eradication of addiction, and it is quite clear that - to succeed - the Government must introduce legislation to ban the production of pharmaceutical manufacturers' "recommended" addictive drug dose sizes, without parallel production and easy availability of a corresponding small-dose range to facilitate Step-Down Withdrawal Management Procedures.

At the same time (because, on a world basis, Residential Addiction Recovery Self-Help Training Centres are provably ten times more effective than 12 Steps Rehab Centres when it comes to the early procurement of lasting relaxed abstinence) the Government should consider supporting the enrolment for Self-Help Training of U.K. addicts at an increasing number of U.K. locations, in order to speed up Britain's escape from addiction, of the current 10+% of its population already addicted to booze and drugs, both legal and illicit.

What we must never fail to recognise is, that from a personal health, enjoyment of life and productivity viewpoint, a legal taxpayer supplied prescription addict is just as badly or sometimes worse off than an illicit street-drug addict.

And, as Britain prepares to BREXIT the E.U. and go-it-alone, more than ever before we need citizens pulling their full productive weight, unburdened by their own or anyone else's addiction.


This Briefing Researched and Presented by


the U.K.

Society for an Addiction Free Existence

Monday, 9 April 2018





But in many cases this is not really true, mainly because he or she has NEVER learned HOW TO STUDY, and so is not actually qualified to be regarded as a Student.

There are two main aspects to the communication procedure known as "education".  The obvious one is "teaching".  But whilst huge stress is placed on teaching, little is done about the other aspect - "studying" - the factor which does most to make Students successful. and a Teacher's life a happy one.

Adherence to the "Rules of Study" depends on how well the Student knows "how" to study, and the real problem is that in the United Kingdom, very few schools have a subject called "Learning How To Learn" in their curriculum, and no knowledge of, or responsibility for, keeping to the Rules of Study !

When the rules of "Learning How To Learn" are properly grooved into Students at an early age, the role of the Teacher simplifies and changes to:

A) Ensuring that all the subject matter for the lesson / course is always immediately to hand in the form of books, diagrams, videos, lectures, models, demonstrations, pictures and the Teacher's own briefings, etc., plus,

B) Continuously ensuring that the individual Students all KNOW and APPLY the Rules of Study, to their individual class and home work - briefly as follows:

1) Before arriving at school or starting home work, Students should ensure that they have had sufficient sleep - "sufficient" being normally defined as 8 hours.

2) Before or on arrival for instruction or starting home work, Students should ensure that they have recently had a nourishing meal.

3) Students should NOT have taken alcohol in the 24 hours prior to starting class instruction or any other aspect of study, including home work, practical exercises, experiments and field studies, etc.

4) Irrespective of what lies they have been told about how drugs might support study or provide relief from too much study, Students should never take any addictive drugs - illicit or medical.   They ALL create irrationality.

5) Rather than spending hours & hours every day in the gym, on the sports field or on the local river, Students should take daily light exercise - such as walking.

6) VITALLY, Students should know, understand and always apply the three main "Barriers to Study" as follows;

a) They must know the difference between the "mass" and the "significance" of the data in the subject, consistently ensure that they are balanced, and especially that the "mass" of the subject is fully recognised and experienced as far as possible by the Student.

b) Students must ensure that "gradients" within the data they are learning, especially in relation to the execution of actions, are recognised, and that earlier steps or actions are fully understood and executed properly, BEFORE attempting to comprehend and execute each separate following step.

c) By far the greatest barrier to learning / study is the "Misunderstood Word" so that Students must be fully conversant with the whole range of Misunderstood Word phenomena & how they may be eradicated from any mis-comprehension they may have inadvertently adopted.

Failure to know, understand or apply the above Study Technology and Rules of Study are the root cause of 90% of College and University Student problems.

A Student who daily feels he or she is making progress does not worry about fee repayments, whether they will "pass", or how successful they will become.

The joy of comprehension defeats the so-called neurosis, psychosis and paranoia which can arise from: insufficient sleep, poor nourishment, hangovers and drug taking, the mistaking of the overwhelming amount of "significance" in many subjects for its "mass", the failure to respect and completely apply gradients, and especially the blankness which unknowingly going past and failing to detect misunderstood words creates in our memories of the subject - as well as life in general.

Whilst they obviously act as a strong adverse factor, it is not just the apparent hedonistic ambience of university life which ruins Student's confidence, success rate and so-called mental health.

It is their regular overall confusion and their slow or missing progress (because of their failure to know and apply Study Technology solutions to the "Barriers to Study") which is responsible for the increased incidence of "drop-outs" and suicidal thoughts.

But what really p*s*es-off this writer, is the fact that IF Deans, Professors and Lecturers would just come down off their high academic horses and simply apply the above down-to-earth Rules of Study, not only would drop-outs and suicides diminish, but teaching staff would have a far better career and a happier life.

In the United States, both illicit and prescribed youth drug usage generates gun-driven university massacres. Here in Britain, sex, booze, drugs and lack of sleep generate examination failures, drop-outs and suicides.

Unfortunately, it is university administrator's abject lack of stricter moral and ethical behaviour management and enforcement, and their regrettable application of psychiatry's damaging animal researched principles to human beings, which does most to stop the work done by teachers & students who seek to apply Study Technology.

Study Technology has existed for over 50 years & demonstrably succeeds like magic when applied. But it is today increasingly covertly suppressed by psychiatric education advisors who prefer to see Students "assisted" or "treated" by profitable daily pharmaceutical drug doses, instead of being granted easy natural comprehension for life, by FIRST LEARNING HOW TO LEARN !

But this suppressive addictive drugging MUST STOP,
and the truth about addiction and study must become fully known.

For further information or discussion, or to schedule a "Study Technology" or an "Addiction Recovery" lecture and debate on your premises, kindly contact:

E. Kenneth Eckersley, FCMI, FIOD, HonMPHMA(Int), HSDC, MABFDFE (Stockholm & Brussels),
Former UK Magistrate & Retired Justice of the Peace, 
C.E.O. Society for an Addiction Free Existence (SAFE)
a not-for-profit community support group founded in 1974.

E-mail: Phone: (01342) 811099.

Although learning is a natural phenomena,
"Study Technology" is needed to remove
the barriers which early 'in-family training' 
can impose on a majority of children.

Saturday, 7 April 2018


translated by the Home Office as:
"Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs,"
should more accurately be described as:

"All Committed to Mounting Drug-usage"


This Advisory Council membership is comprised of: six Pharmaceutical Practitioners, five Psychiatrists, two pseudo "addiction recovery" "experts", two Physicians and a mixed bag of nine Professors, Social Scientists, Criminal Justice Officials, Research Fellows, Physicians, Observers, Writers and Commentators.

But whilst this makes a total of 24 Members, because regular attendance at Council meetings is closer to half that number, this effectively leaves the policy-making and decision-making to the commercially interested 13 Psychiatrists, Pharmacologist and pseudo "Addiction Recovery" experts.

The gross assumption is made that the people knowing most about addiction are Psychiatrists and Pharmaceutical Producers, and if we are talking only about the creation of addiction this is true - because Psychiatrists do more to prescribe addictive drugs & Pharmaceutical Companies do more to supply addictive drugs than any Drug Baron or other commercial fraternity in the United Kingdom.

And instead of admitting that they do this as part of their deliberate strategy for low cost marketing of addictive drugs, they blame the victims of their greed (namely the involuntary addicts THEY CREATE) as is revealed in their Council title specifying "MISUSE" of drugs.

But when a Drug Baron or a friendly Pusher cons a new addiction victim into "trying" cannabis, skunk, crack or heroin, that victim cannot be MIS-USING, because he or she is straightforwardly USING in order to get the "Chill-Out" or the "High" they have been promised.

Furthermore, when a G.P. writes a 7 day 3 times a day prescription for Valium, one of the other benzodiazepines, a pain-killer, an anti-depressant or an anti-psychotic, etc., or a daily prescription for methadone, Subutex, naloxone or Suboxone, etc., the victim of those addictive prescriptions cannot be MIS-USING because he is doing exactly as instructed - so that when we find the word "MISUSE" in any heading or title, we know the addict is being inaccurately and unfairly blamed for his or her condition.
As a result, we have a carefully chosen mainly commercially biased group of "advisors" who are set on blaming the addicts for their addiction (and all the other drug problems), now advising the Government - not just on policy - but also on prevention and "cure" of drug and alcohol addiction, even though they have seldom if ever actually cured - or even TRIED to cure - someone.

But let us take just the 13 main Council Members who between them have well over one hundred years experience of trying to prevent and "treat" substance addiction in all its forms.

Have they or those they "advise" solved the U.K. addiction problems ?

Have they h**l. Quite the reverse.

Check the numbers from the National Office of Statistics and the National Audit Bureau for the 47 years since the Council was formed in 1971, and you will find that whilst Home Office, Police, Customs & Excise and other departmental policies and activities have partly succeeded in preventing a major expansion of addiction to illicit Drug Baron smuggled and high-jacked supplies, in the legally prescribed addiction sector there has been only a continuous expansion of involuntary addiction to medical drugs at N.H.S. cost and Taxpayer expense.

Excluding chronic alcoholism, over that period, whilst illicit drug addiction runs today at over one million addicts, right now there are over Four Million involuntarily addicted patients in Care, Nursing, Rest Homes and their own homes, costing the N.H.S. the Exchequer and of course the Taxpayer, well over £12 Million a day - every day. That's £4.38 Billion a year - and rising !

In addition to that total increasing every month, the Secretary of State for Health (Jeremy Hunt) has only recently proposed new legislation to commit our 5 to 25 years old scholarly population of "Children and Young People" to a Psychiatric nurse in every school and to "Transformation of Mental Health Provision" which will see a major part of our youth committed to daily ADHD type addictive drugs and other damaging psychiatric "treatments" - dispensed at school.

All because, last year, the President of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) arrogantly threatened to move pharmaceutical production out of Britain if the Government did not start spending an extra £20 BILLION on funding drug supplies for the N.H.S.

In other words, whilst Hunt's "transformation" appears to be concerned with the regularly increasing number of "mental health disorders" being trumped-up and invented by psychiatrists to justify increased prescribing of daily addictive drug doses, it actually has little to do with health, but is to avoid job losses and unemployment in those areas in which pharmaceutical factories are located.

So. We are asked to go on encouraging the addiction which State sponsored prescribing creates, in order to avoid the unemployment which ruthless pharmaceutical leaders threaten, ignoring the fact that, because Hunt's current policies are directed at 5 to 25 years olds, millions of our youth - throughout their adult lives - will be far less productive because of continuing addiction and even eventually unemployable.

We don't need or want an industry which deliberately addicts our pensioners, our youth and eventually everybody, for turnover, profit, dividend and bonus reasons, and which deliberately threatens the jobs of loyal and dedicated workers just to get their own greedy way.

We don't need or want a government which does not understand the first thing about the personal, individual, community and countrywide ravages inflicted by ALL forms of drug and alcohol addiction, with sufficient impact over a few decades to eventually destroy our economy, our society and our nation.

Instead of legislating our population into addiction, Mr Hunt and Mrs May should be legislating the pharmaceutical industry into conformity with humane goals, more modest profits and an abandonment of animal based psychiatric "treatments".

But can this possibly happen with a chairman who has a record like that of Annette Dale-Perera in charge of the ACMD Recovery Committee, which claims to advise the Government on "How people can best be supported to recover from dependence on drugs and alcohol", and "How best to prevent drug and alcohol misuse and the harms it causes."

A visit to Annette's "BIO" reveals her own statement of her career, as follow:

"I have worked in substance misuse since being a volunteer at Leeds Addiction Centre in 1982. I was a practitioner for 6 years working in community services and therapeutic communities. I was a research fellow for 6 years at the Centre for Drugs and Health Behaviour, University of London, I was Director of Policy at SCODA / DrugScope for 6 years, Director of Quality at the National Treatment Agency on Substance Misuse (NTA) for 7 years, and Strategic Director of Addiction and Offender Care for CNWL NHS Foundation Trust for 5 years until November 2014.

I have been a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs since 2010 and co-chair of the Recovery Committee.

I was a Commissioner on the UK Drug Policy Forum for 6 years.

I have authored and co-authored over 50 research, policy, practice and national guidance documents in these roles."

Because in a 36 year career from 1982 to 2018, Annette says she has worked for 44 years in 7 different posts, we must praise her dedication to hard work. And the video she has posted of her talk to the Society for the Study of Addiction annual conference, plus her over 50 document output of research, policy, practice and national guidance appears at first sight to be equally commendable.

But what has she actually been saying, writing and doing AND WHAT HAS SHE ACTUALLY ACHIEVED in terms of Recovery to Lasting Relaxed Abstinence ?

On the evidence she supplies, the sum total of her productivity is ambiguity, waffle, obfuscation, equivocal statements and vague allusions to results of doubtful value or character.

The only sane and logical definition for "recovery" is based on: "A lasting return to the natural state of relaxed abstinence into which 99% of the population is born".

And in light of her 36 year dedication to Opioid Substitution Therapy, which confirms that Dale-Perera and her committee is not aiming for lasting relaxed abstinence and achieving it, there is no way her advice can possibly have any value to the Home Secretary or anyone else, and she should be removed to allow the appointment of someone else who, like the writer of this article, can regularly deliver lasting relaxed abstinence in 70 to 75% of cases in a matter of 13 weeks on a C.Q.C. approved programme.

When it comes to "recovery", one can recognise the impotency of the ACMD from the delay it took for them to enter the subject of recovery into their operation, PLUS the near uselessness of the subjects on which the Recovery Committee is expected to report AND the long background experience of the Recovery Committee Members in non-cure N.T.A. work, S.S.A. participation and commissioning.

Their inclusion of the title "Recovery Committee" is pure unadulterated P.R. - used solely and only to give the impression that the ACMD might possibly be doing something about recovering people to lasting relaxed abstinence, when nothing could be further from the truth than their over-arching O.S.T. bias.

Their 13 Psychiatrists, Pharmacologists and so called Recovery Committee Members who (because - instead of curing - they all have as a goal the "treatment" or "management" of addicts with other addictive drugs such as methadone, Subutex, naloxone, Suboxone and Valium, etc.,) will of course NEVER EVER succeed in curing their patients' addiction, because they are merely substituting a legally prescribed addiction for an illicit one.

This was actually revealed to politicians but not understood by them when Professor Sir John Strang, between 2010 and 2014 pretended to "pilot" rehabilitation on a "Payment by Results" basis, by arranging his three and a half years of "piloting" only with "rehabs" which operate on a 12 Steps system and / or on Opioid Substitution Therapy.

Because he deliberately did not include any piloting Provider regularly capable of delivering lasting recovery to relaxed abstinence, he was able to announce that "Payment by Results" did not work in the addiction rehabilitation sector.

But the real truth was that the procedures laid down in his 313 page Department of Health "Orange Book" of "Guidelines on clinical management of Drug misuse and dependence" DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DELIVER LASTING ABSTINENCE, and knowing this, he used this failure of his NAC technology to pretend that it was the "Payment by Results" system which didn't work, when the payment system was never even tested - because Strang's "pilot Providers never actually delivered any abstinent results meriting payment !

To be of any value to the Government, the ACMD should be re-named: 
"The Advisory Council on the Eradication of Substance Addiction of All Types".

Its Membership should then be drawn only from Providers (of Recovery orientated rehabilitation and training) which have a proven record of delivering LASTING RECOVERY to the natural state of relaxed abstinence into which their addicted subjects / patients were born.

Addiction is NEVER accidental.

It arises solely because both Drug Barons and Pharmaceutical Producers want regular daily sales and consumption of their addictive products, demand for which is driven by the addiction itself rather than by expensive marketing, promotion and advertising, AND guaranteed payment for which comes from our taxpayers via the U.K. National Health Service.

(Recognise that basic psycho-pharmaceutical strategy is to blame the Drug Barons, and then take over - as State supported O.S.T. addicts - the addicted consumers the Barons have created.)

But it takes informed courageous legislation which handles the ruthless and greedy excesses of both illicit and prescription pharmaceutical drug producers - not the Health Secretary's currently proposed wimp-like surrender to greedy commercial demands - designed to addict us all !

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