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Talking about one's mental health hang-ups might move towards lessening the “stigma” which the public attaches to possession of such problems, but, for the individual, it seldom if ever removes their source, and can even exacerbate the underlying problem.

There is a very definite and specific point in anyone's lifetime when the cause of any future mental health problem is created, and until, with modern mental health techniques, that moment is knowingly accessed and taken full responsibility for by that individual, that source point will continue to plague him or her.

The main thing which merely talking about it does, is to make that particular problem more acceptable in the eyes of the individual and most other observers, but it does nothing to remove the source of the problem, and might, due to repeated re-stimulation thereof, actually aggravate the disorder.

This has been the huge omission in psychiatric talking therapies since their introduction in the eighteen hundreds. i.e. failure to recognise that there is a finite moment of anti-survival trauma which the individual is unable to confront, which thus overwhelms him or her and for which he or she can therefore take no responsibility.

To achieve that healing access, it is necessary to understand the structure and working of the human mind(s) but, when we consult the final paragraph of the definition for “Psychiatry” in psych doctor Chris Evans' authoritative “DICTIONARY OF THE MIND, BRAIN AND BEHAVIOUR” we disturbingly find the following:

The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind but also the disturbed mind.  Even a definition of mental illness is not easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety.”

To be in full control of one's life, an individual must be “self-determined”.  Fortunately, with application of appropriate scientific counselling techniques, he is able to attain that position by taking responsibility even for times of overwhelm.

The modern mental science technique which achieves this is known as DIANETICS®, but, as this is not part of psychiatry or psychology, its originator – L. Ron Hubbard - has, since its inception in 1950, been viciously and continuously attacked by protectors of those failing subjects which, by virtue of their earlier introduction, still regrettably and damagingly occupy controlling positions in western country health services.

However, on an international basis, after 67 years of such attacks, Dianetics the modern science of mental health is now the most widely used mental therapy in the world – delivered professionally and between interested family members.

If, in addition to bravely talking about his reaction to the death of his mother, Prince Harry were to undertake professional Dianetic counselling, he would find the huge difference between psychiatric and Dianetics counselling.  i.e. the difference between talking about worrying variable mental health, and fully gaining relaxed stable mental health.

The Royal Family are absolutely right to campaign for a better understanding and recognition of mental health issues, because psychiatry has already failed us and only a worsening of the situation will be attained by further promoting psychiatry.

Some enlightened psychiatrists acknowledge this, but recognition and usage by our noble Princes and the Duchess of Cambridge would open the door to good mental health for all.

To learn more about Dianetics from an 89 year old practitioner, you may wish to phone (01342) 811099 after 11.00am and before 9,00pm any day of the week.


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All the above are in high demand for health reasons, and whilst few people would consider the so-called “War On Drugs” to have anything in common with a similar intentional effort to destroy the organic food supplements industry, the sad fact is that THAT WILL BE THE RESULT OF CURRENT PSYCHO-PHARM MARKETING STRATEGIES - IF THEY HAVE THEIR WAY.

The war on illegal drugs and on the Drug Barons was based on the advice given by Big Pharma to a subsequently discredited President Nixon.

Whilst it was an overdue campaign against illicit addictive drug supplies which was very much needed, it was also intended to divert political, Press and public attention away from the fact that other addictive drug supplies being legally delivered to the residents of most developed countries (including the United Kingdom) by Big Pharma, were, and today currently are, three times the size of addictive supplies from smugglers and criminals.

However, the really damaging infliction on our population, our society and on our economy is not “drugs”, some of which are medically extremely valuable, but is ADDICTION, and whether this comes from illicitly smuggled addictive drugs or from legally produced and distributed alcohol or pharmaceutical addictive drugs, the devastating effect on the victim and on his or her family is the same.

In other words, for the sake of our society and our economy, and for the health and prosperity of our families at every level of the society, we should quite definitely: “MAKE WAR ON ADDICTION” !

This means, in addition to handling the Drug Barons, the smugglers, the criminals and the street pushers, we have to handle the alcoholic drinks providers and the pharmaceutical addiction suppliers plus their psychiatric prescription writing addiction drug pushers & all our palliatively trained addiction pushing physicians.

With the recent death of John D. Rockefeller, the father of modern ruthless pharmaceutical marketing, some observers feel there might be a chance to curb the excesses of palliative medical practices which are bankrupting the National Health Service, and which it has taken 69 years for the pharmaceutical industry to install.

But the pharmaceutical policies of giving conditional grants to medical training facilities (coupled with the gross prescribing of their addictive products which this engenders, and that industry's virtual refusal to manufacture the small doses of their addictive drugs needed to withdraw the 3 million already addicted patients) today presents us with a situation which the psycho-pharms know could comfortably (for them) take our government a quarter of a century to correct, even with pharmaceutical co-operation !

Addiction to medical drugs is vastly damaging, expensive and unnecessary because it is always more harmful to the patient than the so-called “disorders”, mental or otherwise, which the drugs are supposed to “manage”.

Especially as today, outside of psychiatry, the means exist for eradicating most mental health disorders without medication.

Both drug-free withdrawal and small dose step-down withdrawal from addiction, along with natural extract vitamins, minerals and natural extract food supplements (which amongst other things are used to tackle allergies, relieve nutritional deficiencies, counter nutritional excesses, recover addicts from addiction and effect cures of many illnesses) are all being attacked by legislation sponsored by psychiatry and Big Pharma.

In a bid to reserve all forms of “treatment” exclusively to drugs, medication, vitamins and minerals MANUFACTURED PHARMACEUTICALLY, the psycho-pharm alliance essentially took control of the World Health's “Codex Alimentarius” in order to outlaw any natural extract vitamins, minerals and natural extract food supplements capable of improving health and / or effecting cures of various conditions.


A physical, and especially a mental disorder, for which an addictive drug is prescribed, but which is subsequently cured by allergy handling, a nutritional adjustment or a talking therapy, or by appropriate drug-free withdrawal and self-help training is hated by the psycho-pharms, because from their point of view, that cure just killed a goose which was daily laying them golden eggs in terms of turnover and profit.

Turnover and profit made easy and needful of no further marketing effort by the fact that the patient was addicted, quite unnecessarily - because addiction provably cures nothing.

And this is true for three million addicted N.H.S. patients, profitably supplied with daily or multi-daily addictive drug doses by the pharmaceutical industry who are paid by British taxpayers.  As a result, U.K. taxpayers are paying to both supply their daily addictive drug doses to three million addicted patients AND to ensure regular daily profits to pharmaceutical companies so they can pay bigger salaries, bigger dividends and bigger bonuses more often.

With what doctors and the pharmaceutical industry know today, addiction is never accidental, so that this state of affairs can only be regarded as criminal, and as much of a con game as any swindle which takes public money for a fictitious product or service.

But government Civil Service Officials and elected Ministers and MPs seem mesmerised by psycho-pharm P.R. and their other decades long manipulations of decision-makers and opinion leaders, including the planting of psych “moles” in the Civil Service and on government committees.

Local Directors and Managers of pharmaceutical facilities are well versed in the arguments they use to keep concerned local MPs and Officials away from too close an appreciation of what their products and their addiction based marketing strategies are really doing to our country and our citizens, in order to maintain those Big Pharma Executives as the “fat cats” they are.

Unfortunately, our democratic election system fails to stiffen the spines of our MPs, because as soon as the boss of such a local pharmaceutical production or distribution unit mentions that investigation of their business could lead to a reduction in their labour force or a smaller contribution to local rates or national taxes, the MPs, for fear of losing votes, surrender like freezing & starving soldiers.

However, 1) a national anti-addiction campaign (similar to the successful anti-tobacco campaign, to alert the population and the medical profession to the huge dangers and costs of “addiction” of all types) would be a good start, accompanied by 2) the establishment of teams of local “addiction withdrawal” mobile nurses, equipped with small dose step-down supplies of all the common addictive pharmaceutical drugs – even if 3) such dosages have to be legislated into existence or be produced by a government sponsored production facility.

What obviously cannot be permitted to continue is the present escalating growth in the numbers of National Health Service patients living a debilitated and miserably addicted life at vast taxpayer cost. (Nearly £10 Million a day)

That cost is already provably crippling the N.H.S. and, if allowed to continue rising, will eventually cripple the Exchequer, collapse the economy and undermine the Government.

Bearing in mind that eradication of the current U.K. psycho-pharm created iatrogenic (medically created) patient addiction problem could take 25 years to clear up - starting the 1), 2) & 3) above steps TODAY should be our aim.


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Society for an Addiction Free Existence

N.B. Details of how local teams of addiction withdrawal mobile nurses may be established, trained and completely financed out of prescription savings are available from Addiction Withdrawal Advisory Services & Help (AWASH), by phoning (01342) 811099 after 11.00am and before 9.0pm any day of the week.


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With three million U.K. citizens who are innocent Prescribed Drug Addicts, it is at first sight heartening to learn that the above APPG is reaching out to help them.

But when you examine the list of organisations the APPG has signed up to its “initiative” you find no offer of participation by the only organisations which can actually deliver a cure for existing Prescribed Drug Addiction.

Life spoiling medically induced drug addiction can obviously be “prevented” by stopping the prescribing of addictive drugs.  But it can only be “cured” by managed long term, small dose, step-down gradual withdrawal, based on maximum 5% step-downs at whatever time intervals the patient can comfortably confront.

This however necessitates the provision and easy availability of small doses of all the addictive medical prescription drugs.  All the Benzos, the “C” drugs, the “Z” drugs and the anti-psychotics, etc., etc., etc.


But the pharmaceutical companies don't want to make them for three reasons:

1) They say: “they are both difficult and expensive to make”, and,
2) They say: “they are costly to stock” and “in any event there is no call for them”, but the truth is that
3) Their main concern is that by helping effective withdrawal they will lose a valuable consumer, dedicated to their product by irresistible addiction, and guaranteed paid for by the N.H.S.   A consumer they and their psychiatric running mates have worked long and hard to enrol as a lifelong easy income source.

As a result, without legislation to force the production of small doses suitable for comfortable step-down withdrawal, IT IS NEVER EVER GOING TO HAPPEN !

Is this because the Members of the APPG for Prescribed Drug Addiction are afraid of Big Pharma, or is it because some of them are part of Big Pharma, or is it because some of them rely on pharmaceuticals for part of their income, or is it because some of them value the pharmaceutical industries ?

In essence, it is for all four reasons.

National politicians amongst the APPG members value the employment opportunities and the taxes which the pharmaceuticals provide, and pharma factory bosses never hesitate to frighten local politicians with employee lay-off threats in order to defeat proposals they don't like.

Insofar as psychiatric and psychological APPG members are “pushers” of pharmaceutical drugs or are employed in pharma related jobs, they obviously have no wish to upset the apple-cart by supporting real and positive legislative measures if those measures are unacceptable to their pharma friends.

As a result, because of the above factors, much of the work of this APPG is focussed on pussy-footing around the Prescribed Drug Addiction problem in a manner calculated to look as if they are concerned whilst preserving the status-quo in terms of Big Pharma viability.

In other words it is no more than a P.R. exercise in mutual back-scratching, which will never produce the small doses that three million existing prescription addicts need in order to be able to comfortably withdraw from addiction, and which all U.K. taxpayers need in order to slash the overwhelming size of the N.H.S's huge and unnecessary drugs bills.


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Society for an Addiction Free Existence

Sunday, 2 April 2017





Then the U.K. wouldn't have over three million hopelessly ADDICTED so-called 'mental' patients on NHS prescription drugs !

We wouldn't have to pay for nearly ten million doses of addictive drugs EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR.   Drugs which cure no one of anything, but which merely ensure that those patients' prescription addictions continue for the rest of their lives at U.K. taxpayers' expense.

That's 3,650,000,000 doses a year, and if each dose cost the N.H.S. only as little as £1.00 per dose, to manufacture, distribute, diagnose, prescribe, dispense and deliver that's £3.65 BILLION a year in order to provide nothing more than turnover, profit, dividends, salaries and bonuses for the pharmaceutical companies and fees for their psychiatric drug-pushing partners.

But, THEY DON'T TRY TO CURE THEIR PATIENTS, because a cured patient is a lost consumer.  Instead they “treat” patients or “manage” their so-called mental disorder with multi-daily doses of profitable drugs.

This is much more profitable than curing, because it daily goes on much longer.  And they get away with this because successive politicians, the press and other media have innocently swallowed - hook, line and sinker - the psychiatric lies about the “non-curability” of many so-called “mental disorders”.

It is part of the whole racket known as “palliative medicine” which is today most widely taught in our medical universities and teaching hospitals, etc., because of the influence on doctor's teaching curricula of so-called research grants given by the pharmaceutical industry to “guide” medical training.

These palliative teachings say: You can't afford to waste precious local doctor's surgery time on testing for causes or seeking cures – so just treat the symptoms !”

And, in many cases, where the prescribed drugs are not addictive, it works quite well. But in a similar number of cases it results in continuing patient “treatment” or disorder “management” - FOR LIFE – based on multi-daily addictive drugging.

But the most dangerous and annoying thing about all this is the way it suppresses and sidelines a true science of mental health.

An effective modern science which does NOT rely on electro-shocks, narcotic shocks, brain operations (pre-frontal lobotomies and leucotomies) etc., plus unnecessary but profitable lifelong multi-daily addictive drug dosing of millions of curable patients at taxpayer expense.

Psychological and psychiatric commentators everywhere, as well as the Royal Family, the Prime Minister and other Ministers, repeatedly tell us that something must be done to improve the “Mental Health” of our great nation, and then totally fail to recognise that the problem lies NOT in the U.K. population's mental condition, but in the false practices of psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry who have been in sole charge of this health sector since 1948 and earlier.


But not when the intention of those “in charge” is: Turnover Expansion, Corporate Growth, Increasingly Huge Profits, Bigger Dividends, Higher Salaries and Extra Bonuses – all at any cost to the community.

And if you want proof of this, consider why the pharmaceutical industry is amongst the largest and most profitable in the world, and why it is closely followed by the other purveyor of addictive substances – the alcoholic drinks industry !

ADDICTION – especially when it is deliberate, WHICH IT ALWAYS IS - is the marketing tool which builds these gargantuan businesses and, because it is deliberate, it requires a morass of lies, misrepresentation and continuous P.R. to justify its usage in the minds of decent Ministers, troubled politicians, concerned officials and other decision-makers.

Ministers, the Royal Family and other opinion and policy-makers must see through the web of deceit and manipulative P.R. mounted by psycho-pharmaceutical lobbyists, and enact the legislation required not only to stop further medical addiction of patients, but also to make available the cures for medical addiction – along with the cures which already exist for criminal and alcoholic addiction.

At the same time, recognition and introduction into our health system of a modern mental science such as DIANETICS® would immediately start to wipe out a majority of the current so-called “mental disorders”, along with curing the addictions of millions of elderly patients.

It is, of course, because Dianetics IS fully capable of handling these problems that that mental science and its founder L. Ron Hubbard have been so aggressively and continuously attacked around the world since 1950.

His Dianetics procedures cure mental health problems and his Narconon® Programme cures drug addiction, and because these cures both act to directly and significantly reduce pharmaceutical turnover and profit, Mr Hubbard and his works are the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity's number one target for lies.

But look at what psych Dr Chris Evans's authoritative “Dictionary of the Mind, Brain and Behaviour” says about Psychiatry:- “The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind, but also the disturbed mind. Even a definition of mental illness is not easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety(ISBN 0 09 918070 7)

When this honest published report by a leading psych practitioner is viewed alongside the fact that no-one can ever become addicted to a drug which they never ever take (because it is the drugs themselves which cause addiction) one begins to see the criminal direction which psychiatry has taken in order to hide its total lack of effective mental technology, and to take advantage of prescription pharmaceutical substances to deliberately cover up the desperately addicted lifestyles of millions of N.H.S. patients.

But in a genuinely effective mental health system (which IS privately available today), addictive drugs are not needed and, where there is addiction, whether it be illegal, medical or alcoholic, this can also be cured by currently available methods.

But only IF the psychiatrists and pharmacologists who currently advise our Government were to agree to help operate the dose reduction programmes needed to rescue medically addicted patients.  And also IF the Government backed the Narconon residential self-help addiction recovery training programme, which teaches drug and alcohol addicts to cure themselves in 12 to 14 weeks, and has been doing so for 51 years in charitably run training centres around the world.

Of course, Dianetics and Narconon are already doing their vital and effective work on a private basis in numerous countries, and their catalogue of successful results grows month by month.

But isn't it ridiculous and in fact criminal for our Government to go on paying psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies to increasingly addict our population with pseudo mental health “treatments” and prescription “habit management” programmes which do absolutely NOTHING but rob the N.H.S. of the precious funds needed for genuine medical conditions !


Our policy-makers appear so mesmerised by the sheer size of the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity and the many good things that the chemical industry does, that they are incapable of recognising the criminality and grossly damaging nature of the activities into which Big Pharma's co-operation with psychiatry has pulled and continues to pull that formerly ethical and admirable industry.

Effective mental health” and “elimination of addiction” can both be achieved on the basis of currently available and proven technology practised around the world - mainly in the privately funded sector.

But what a better place the world could more rapidly become if Ministers would rip off their psychiatrically applied blindfolds and ear plugs, and start talking with and listening to the U.K's Dianetics practitioners of good mental health for all, and discussing the availability of self-help addiction recovery training with Narconon's providers of relaxed abstinence and a re-newed life.

For full information on Dianetics and Narconon contact any Church of Scientology, OR, for a quiet, confidential (and if required) anonymous discussion, you may phone Ken Eckersley on (01342) 811099 any day after 11.00am and before 9.00pm.


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Society for an Addiction Free Existence

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To understand and make use of the above information, it is necessary to know what causes Dementia and how it can be prevented by taking the right actions at an early enough age.


This is because the mechanism which causes Dementia to develop is installed along with the DNA in order to protect the under construction human body developing in the womb of the mother.

For centuries we have been taught that a human being is comprised of two main components – Body and Soul – and, as with every other flesh and blood body type on Earth, the Reactive Mind is installed at conception in order to start building a lifetime historical record of successfully dealing with and escaping from all forms of PHYSICAL attacks, both deliberate and accidental.  i.e attacks by the environment on the body.

Impacts, injuries, falls, burns, scaldings, breakages, infections, contagions fractures, organ / dental removals, other losses, including losses of function, perception and feeling, etc. i.e. anything and everything which inflicts pain and damage and reduces PHYSICAL efficiency, including support from other persons or things.

The Reactive Mind dutifully IDENTIFIES and records ALL such periods of possibly and actually damaging physical impingement on the body and, as long as the action taken results in the continuing survival of the body in whole or in part, the Reactive Mind regards the record of each such survival event as valuable survival action, worthy of future re-enactment BECAUSE it undeniably resulted in the continuing survival of that body !

Bear in mind that all this Reactive Mind activity is concerned ONLY with the preservation of the physical Body (including the electronic switchboard we call “Brain”), and is not in any way concerned with the Soul or Spiritual Beingness of each Human Being, which is the “Person” identified by each human body .

Unlike the Reactive Mind, which joins the developing human body at conception, the Soul or Person joins the body only in the last few days or hours of pregnancy, bringing with it its own Analytical Mind (in addition to the Reactive Mind).  And it is because this Analytical Mind is capable of Comparison and Differentiation in addition to the single Identification capability of the Reactive Mind, that Man has proved superior to other flesh / blood and animal forms and today clearly dominates other earth species.

In fact, what we see is that a Human Being is a composite of one of the Earth's better body designs with a superior Analytical Mind – all under the control and direction of a Spiritual Being or Soul, which makes the decisions about that Human Being and is in fact the Chief Executive Officer.


When that body is under threat of physical harm or loss, etc., acting on the in-built idea that the preservation of the body is superior to the desires of the Being, the Reactive Mind shuts down the Analytical Mind's control of the body and assumes control of the whole human mechanism, in order to be able to apply one or more of what that mind had recorded as viable survival computations and actions.

And of course it apparently can work to again preserve the life of that body. BUT it can also fail to preserve the whole body, and also, because no two incidents in any life time CAN NEVER BE EXACTLY THE SAME, it can falsely attribute survival value to the wrong actions.

As a result, as a person grows older, the size, power and influence of the Reactive Mind expands in two main ways:

1) Each and every time the body experiences, the pain and part or whole unconsciousness of impact, injury, a fall, a burn, scalding, breakages, infections, contagions, fractures, and organ removals, etc., etc., it adds to the number of threatening incidents it must constantly look out for and avoid, and,

2) Every time it spots such a threatening incident or the apparency thereof, and rightly or wrongly goes into reactive mode, it again adds to the number of threatening incidents it must look out for.

As a result, from conception onwards, we have a Reactive Mind which can only grow in size and control, whilst from birth we have a much superior Analytical Mind which unfortunately decade by decade, year by year, month by month and eventually week by week gets more and more often shut down as the controlling power of the Reactive Mind increasingly dominates that Being's life and actions.

Other flesh and blood animals do not have Analytical Minds. They only have Reactive Minds.  Demented Human Beings have Analytical minds which are more and more switched off by their over-developed Reactive Minds, as a result of which they become more and more animal like in their reactions to their environment.

This doesn't mean they start biting, scratching and devouring other human beings. But it does mean that their actions and what comes out of their mouths are dictated by the recorded contents of all the painful, disorienting, damaging and loss incidents in their life.

Because such incidents have little or no relevance to their present time situation, their current behaviour as well as their here and now communications appear increasingly incoherent, “mad” and demented to family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

And this situation is no way helped by the psychiatrist or other physician who is told to calm the Demented patient with some psychoactive or other drug – which may or may not be addictive.

In fact, because practically every prescription drug is to a greater or lesser degree poisonous - and therefore an attack upon the body - each such dose acts to increase the size and power of the Reactive Mind, and thus make the Demented patient worse.

Once an individual is in an advanced state of Dementia, he or she is of course under more or less full time control of their Reactive Mind, so that the Spiritual Being and the Analytical Mind, which together are totally capable of handling the Reactive Mind when shown how to, are not allowed to operate.

Whilst some relief can be applied in that situation, the best procedure by a million miles is to start avoiding Dementia at an early age by the simple dual procedure of stopping further Reactive Mind growth AND ALSO emptying the existing content of the Reactive Mind.

At 20 to 50 years of age, most individuals are most often in an Analytical state of mind, and because the Analytical Mind can Compare and Differentiate in addition to Identifying and doing everything the Reactive Mind can do, the individual can be shown how to clear his or her mind of all reactive content and from then on operate on a survival basis even more effective for the Body plus the Mind and the Being.

The manual which contains this technology is called “DIANETICS® – The Modern Science of Mental Health”, and when originally published in 1950 by L. Ron Hubbard (the renowned, researcher, scientist, philosopher and humanitarian) went straight to the top of the New York Times “best seller” list where it stayed for week after week after week.

It was successful, not only because it worked, but also because it showed how any two interested individuals could just as successfully apply the Dianetics technology to one another.  As a result, it was immediately condemned by professional counsellors, and Hubbard was attacked, by American psychiatry who wanted that technology for themselves.

The workability of Dianetics is demonstrated and validated by the fact that today, 67 years later, Dianetics is the largest, most successful and widely used mental health science in the world.

It expands every year, not only because when used early enough it prevents and avoids Dementia, but because it also helps the individual to handle other emotional problems and situations in life.   Such as allergies and other disorders whose cause also lies in the workings of the Reactive Mind.

In addition to Dementia, Anxiety, Depression, Asthma, Hay-fever, other Allergies and conditions, Dianetics handles shyness, bereavements, other losses, and the speeding of recovery from accidents, injuries and operations, as well a many other well publicised “Mental Health” conditions.

It does not prescribe drugs, deliver electric or narcotic shocks or operate on patients, being strictly a talking therapy in the language of the practising couple, who may both be amateurs or professionals, or one of each.

The interesting thing is that full study of Dianetics not only leads to the ability to cure, but is also a very factual path to prevention of future mental problems.

To know more about how to avoid and handle Dementia and, more importantly, how to learn about Dianetics - life's “first-aid” - you may like to contact Ken Eckersley for discussion on (01342) 811099 any day after 11.00am and before 9.00pm.

Alternatively, you can e-mail him on to obtain the address of a local supplier or library able to provide further information on Dianetics.

Finally, should you wish to meet 89 year old Ken personally for a no-cost confidential interview, you may ring for an appointment or mail him at:

E. Kenneth Eckersley, FCIM, FIOD, HonMPHMA(Int), HSDC, MABFDFE (Stockholm & Brussels), 
Retired Magistrate & Justice of the Peace,
ARTS House, Plawhatch Lane,
East Grinstead,
West Sussex,
RH19 4JL.

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However, that doesn't explain why people are apparently daft enough to start using or experimenting.  And the reason they do so is because there exists a variety of ruthless people so interested in profiting from the irresistible demand which addiction inevitably creates that they will say or do ANYTHING to get as many potential clients as possible to try a few doses.


Recognise that no-one can ever become addicted to a drug which they never ever take.  So that, for the drug producer and the drug pusher, the name of the game is to get the prospective life-long profitable client to sample enough of the drug to become irresistibly addicted and thus profitably hooked FOR LIFE.

This is essentially achieved with manipulation and downright LIES !

There are four main steps DOWN into the personal hell of addiction:

1) An individual runs into a personal situation which he or she increasingly “considers” a problem for which they thus seek a solution.   (Remember that the adopting of any goal or target establishes a problem.)

2) They seek or are offered advice.  But are innocently or intentionally misinformed as a result of the huge volumes of marketing hype and criminal lies deliberately introduced into the society by drug producers and pushers seeking a guaranteed long-term profit from their addictive substance sales.

3) The Drug Baron's pushers persuade the individual to make a trial, or offer a couple of discounted or FREE trial samples, OR the individual's palliatively trained Doctor or local G.P. advises a drug based solution, and writes a FREE 7 day, 3 times a day, prescription for an addictive “medicine”, and,

4) The individual trustingly takes the drug and, as a result has a much better than 50% chance of becoming addicted if he or she takes more than a couple of doses.  (The lucky ones are the individuals which the sampling of the drug physically or otherwise upsets sufficiently to put them off wanting more !)

Within 21 days or so, it is normal for 70 to 75% of the by then daily drug taking individuals to wonder if they “might be” addicted and, whilst having to demand more doses to handle the cold turkey effects when they attempt to withdraw, begin to regret that they ever started.

How it works.

It doesn't matter what the reason is why an individual accepts drug samples from a pusher, or why a 7 day, 3 times a day, prescription is originally written for a patient. It only matters that - when taken – daily doses of one of the benzos or other addictive medical or smuggled drugs will turn a majority of the individuals in our population into a naively misguided voluntary or involuntary prescription drug addict.


1) It quickly relieves the patient's current craving for that drug, and,

2) A few hours later, it re-creates that same irresistible craving for that same substance by triggering the same “cold turkey” withdrawal symptoms.

This is the prime example of a “vicious circle”, and the main unique sales proposition which the ruthless marketing of addictive products depends on to create and maintain irresistible demand – whether those products are illicit or legal.

IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE, but this fundamental simplicity has been successfully hidden by numerous psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies to allow them to build another similarly gigantic and lucrative business called: “Drug Addiction Treatment and Management”.

So huge amounts of money are made by some psycho-pharms out of getting millions of N.H.S. patients involuntarily addicted for life, AND ALSO huge amounts of money are made by the other psycho-pharms who are “treating” and “managing” the habits of those who have been persuaded into addiction by the Drug Baron's street and school gate pushers.
And because successive Ministers and Officials have over the last 69 years allowed themselves and their policies to rely on psycho-pharm “advice” and “guidance”, we not only have a working population increasingly decimated by addiction, we also have a National Health Service financially crippled by it, plus a tax-paying population who are paying to maintain all this addiction – because the psycho-pharms have now basically made nearly ALL addicts & addiction nice and 'legal' !

The main reasons why NOTHING effective is being done about this situation are:

a) Because Big Pharma's P.R. organisations and marketing propaganda agents are so well financed and so good at their work, Ministers, other Politicians and Officials have been wooed and won over for decades, and even when they do recognise it, Ministers find it difficult to admit they have been so long and so often manipulated.

b) As a result the problem is now of such colossal proportions that:
i) It is very nearly unbelievable, and
ii) It would take more than a quarter of a century to get it back under control.

c) Government psychiatrists are still dictating extremely doubtful policies in the mental health field, and the contributions which many pharmaceutical chiefs make to local employment, to exports and to medical research, unfortunately act to protect them from close government investigation and criticism of their devastating deliberately addictive marketing policies and activities.

On the other hand, cleaning up this situation would nearly immediately start to save the Exchequer, the N.H.S. and the taxpayer massive amounts of money, and also allow a more modern and effective mental health technology to be practised to the benefit of both the economy and the society.

Drug addiction is never an accident.  Its perpetrators do not have the best interests of our democracy, our government or our citizens at heart.   Their interest is in increasing turnover, increasing profit, increasing dividends and increasing bonuses.

Their interest is NEVER in curing, because a cured patient is a lost consumer of pharmaceutical products, whilst palliatively “treating” the symptoms of physical problems and “managing” the symptoms of addiction and mental disorders are a preservation and expansion of patient numbers and pharmaceutical turnover !

Medication can of course rightly claim a lot of the recognition for the better health and longevity of our population, but THE USAGE OF ADDICTION as a deliberate creator and retainer of profitable consumers - whether the drugs be smuggled or prescribed - is a crime against humanity, the society and the economy, and its cessation a first priority for any sane, honest and just government.

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