Thursday, 11 August 2016

Why Write The Truth About Addiction ?




Apart from “health”, “recreation”, “curiosity”, “nature”, “history” & “adventure” there are very few non-fiction subjects of more interest and vital importance than “drugs & addiction” to the average family and to the society as a whole.

With one in nine U.K. families likely to be housing an illicit or prescription drug addict, and an additional one in nine homes providing living quarters for an individual with a “drinks problem”, making known the true causes of substance addiction and how it may be quickly, easily and effectively cured for up to 75% of addicts is essential to the happiness and health of every family, as well as vital to the economy and to the worldwide reputation of our country.

Furthermore, a solution to addiction is desperately and daily sought after by 70 to 75% of all addicts, as well as by every other member of each of their families.

In addition to knowing HOW addiction may be cured - for prevention and avoidance purposes the real reason HOW and WHY individuals become addicted also needs to be known – as follows:

1) An individual has a personal situation of one kind or another, which they increasingly consider to be a problem and for which they are seeking a solution - with increasing lack of success and despair,

2) The information they have on drugs, alcohol and addiction (from family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, medical, psychiatric, other professionals and pushers) is so full of misinformation, sales talk, “funny stories”, misunderstandings, jokes, political propaganda, advertising slogans and misleading so-called “harm reduction advice”, and, is thus so replete with lies that a falsely based ineffective decision is nearly unavoidable for many, and,

3) If and when they are persuaded, convinced or decide to use a drug as a solution to their problem – they have taken the final step which actually leads to THE CREATION of addiction.

Why? BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY AND UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE TO BECOME ADDICTED TO A DRUG WHICH YOU NEVER TAKE.  The reason being that it is not MIS-use or AB-use of a substance which causes addiction. It is just plain straightforward USAGE of the drug itself which creates addiction – NOTHING ELSE !

Many medical / illicit drug substances can be addictive and / or hypnotic, but if you say “NO” to them, they can never ever addict you.

These last five paragraphs put the reason and cause of all substance addictions into a nutshell, and, because 70 to 75% of all addicts desperately want to quit, have tried daily to do so, and yet, having failed, still want to quit – it is clear that there is no absence of willingness – just LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO QUIT”.

Which leads us to self-help addiction recovery training – since 1966 by far the most effective addiction cure programme in the world – with 98 charitably based training centres (including prison units) in 49 countries.

But to rise above the noise and distraction of both the innocent and the deliberate lies told about addiction, and to successfully reach those numerous desperate family members needing and demanding the truth and an effective means of escape – it is vital that THE TRUTH ABOUT ADDICTION and HOW IT CAN BE CURED be written, published and sold as often as possible and in as many factual ways as possible to satisfy that demand.

S.A.F.E. – the Society for an Addiction Free Europe – therefore seeks a literary agent and publisher(s) who recognise the increasing danger of the addiction problem and accompanying huge demand for a solution from millions of families both in the U.K. and throughout the rest of the world.

The founder and C.E.O. of “SAFE”, of “ARTS” and of “AWASH” has self-published over two dozen books (and hundreds of papers) on the true cause and cure of substance addiction – none of which have ever been professionally marketed – although eagerly devoured by family, friends, aquaintances, colleagues and others.

It is therefore hoped that some interested agent will agree that all that is now needed to revolutionise the addiction field - is the expertise and ability of the literary and publishing world to take advantage of the demand already out there.

E. Kenneth Eckersley, Investigative Journalist, Researcher, Author, Trainer
                                                and Conference Speaker,
Office phone: 01342 810151, Home phone: 01342 811099,

A.R.T.S. House, Plawhatch Lane,
Sharpthorne, EAST GRINSTEAD,
West Sussex, RH19 4JL, England.

(P.S.  I find that, likely out of fear and curiosity, two other non-fiction subjects on which I write are also commanding broader public attention:
         1) increasing Dementia, and,
         2) the increasingly widespread belief in Eternal Life and Re-Incarnation.)

S.A.F.E Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed In 1975.


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