Friday, 19 August 2016

Harm Reduction Education Is Great For Committed Addicts,




When HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis first started to raised their ugly heads amongst the drug-using population, the concept of “Harm Reduction” was obviously a great idea.

The addict might already be ruining his life with an overwhelming addiction to some chemical substance, but early “Harm Reductionists” said: “Let's at least protect him from also developing the burden of an infected and diseased body, by teaching him how to use his drugs in the cleanest, healthiest, safest and most responsible ways possible.

Excellent - until some bright intellectual user / dealer (or do I mean enthusiastically committed psychiatric “prescriber”?) said:  “Why don't we protect EVERYBODY by teaching them all how to use all drugs in the cleanest, healthiest, safest and most responsible ways possible.  After all, we know that, sooner or later, everybody will start to use drugs at some time in their lives !”

And some of the academic intelligentsia, already personally chilling out with cannabis most evenings or weekend adventuring with cocaine, in justification of their own optimistically claimed to be “not-really-addictive habit”, were soon beating the drum amongst political friends for so-called “Harm Reduction Education” in senior schools and eventually even amongst the youngest of pupils.

If it were true that “everybody” actually would use addictive drugs at some time in their lives, there might be some justification for these exaggerated and warped harm reductionists ideas.  But the truth is that the average youngster is not just as stupid as those “drug-using” Harm Reductionists justifying their own habituations.

However, today with drugs of every sort throughout most of the society, there are unfortunately still lots of uncertain youngsters who can be tempted by Harm Reduction mantras such as: “How to choose your drugs safely”, “How to use drugs responsibly” and “Reducing the harm from drug usage”, etc.,

The biggest single problem with this is of course the fact that no-one can ever become addicted to a drug which they never take. Because you have to actually start taking or using a drug in order to become addicted to it.

This is simply because drugs are themselves the CAUSE of addiction, and if you never take them, then you can never become addicted to them.

A major problem with drugs is that because their effects can vary so much from person to person and from time to time for the same person, taking drugs is the world's most widespread and dangerous game of “Russian Roulette”.

Your friend can die, another friend can get ill and you can be fine – all on the same dose.  Or vice versa.  Your friend can survive and you can get ill or die.   But unfortunately, you can never ever really be sure what sort of victim you will be.

So, unless you are already a long term committed addict, the harm reduction lesson is short and sweet:

Say “NO” to Drugs, and you'll never have to say:
I wish I could reduce the harm !”

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