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How To Convert Low Quality Bull-Shit Into Good Multi-Purpose Whitewash:



To continually succeed, across many decades, IN CONVINCING VARIOUS U.K. GOVERNMENTS that the prescribing of the licensed psycho-pharmaceutical system of strong and deadly poisonous ADDICTIVE DRUGS (known as O.S.T.) can cure addictions resulting from illegal ADDICTIVE DRUGS consumption, HAS TO BE AN ACT OF GENIUS.

But NOT in the field of lasting recovery to abstinence from drug addiction.


His genius lies in his ability to bamboozle Prime Ministers, Health Ministers, other Ministers, senior politicians, Officials, other physicians and even the Royal family, and to sell them the downright LIE: “that drug addiction is incurable”, so that the Government can be persuaded to go on “managing” addiction instead of curing it.

And now, he is at it again, as once more Chairman of the Working Group of so-called “Independent Members” assembled to give weight to his current revision of the 2007 CLINICAL GUIDELINES on Drug Misuse and Dependency, which have for years been stopping the U.K. Government from effectively handling its increasingly major drug addiction problems OF ALL TYPES.

His objective (for the 318 page draft new set of Clinical Guidelines he is preparing for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E) to release later this year), is to ensure that those “Guidelines” continue to promote addictive and / or hypnotic drug production, prescribing and consumption, as a result of “Habit Management” treatment practices rather than delivering addiction cures.

To lend weight to this revised document, Strang is circulating it to a range of like-minded “Healthcare Professionals and Partner Clinicians”, calling for them to make consultative comments within the strict regime of an accompanying “proforma”, which tightly restricts the nature of any “consultative” responses, and strictly rules out the submission or even the mention of any other provably successful addiction recovery programmes leading to abstinence.

Programmes which DO NOT prescribe pharmaceutical drugs !

Addictive pharmaceutical drugs prescribed within the psycho-pharm Opioid Substitution Therapy system of “addiction management”, were reported by the National Treatment Agency (now Public Health England) to deliver recovery to lasting abstinence in less than 3% of cases, and only after long tolerance building usage.  Hardly a viable programme of recovery to lasting relaxed abstinence.

The 12 Steps system of Narcotics Anonymous, used around the world for many years and still very widely extant, gets no mention whatsoever from Strang, even though it has a reported success rate of 20 to 30%, as confirmed by notable figures such as Lord Benjamin Mancroft, one of our country's few genuine authorities on rehabilitation, a former Chairman of the Addiction Recovery Foundation and now a leading representative of Mentor.

Professor Strang, and his Working Group of so-called “Independent Experts”, also make no mention of Narconon® the self-help addiction recovery group of nearly one hundred charity based training centres (including prison units) in 49 countries, which has been expanding for 50 years on the basis of a success rate of 55 to 69+% achievement of lasting relaxed abstinence by its Students.

There are of course two reasons why Strang would never mention Narconon:
a) Narconon does NOT use any pharmaceutical drugs or psychiatric procedures in its training programme, and,
b) Narconon “kills golden goose” customers for pharmaceutical O.S.T. drug products by regularly curing them of addiction, and thus reduces the size and profitability of the psycho-pharms'Habit Management” O.S.T. marketplace.

As a result, whilst 12 Steps is basically ignored by Strang and his gang, Narconon is - around the world - actively attacked, disparaged, criticised, ridiculed, marginalised, side-lined and subjected to black propaganda by psycho-pharms - especially in political circles and amongst government decision makers and Officials.

Nevertheless, Narconon goes on expanding year after year in an increasing number of countries, where it delivers not only lasting relaxed recovery to individual addicts, but also training to other rehabilitation groups in how to train individual addicts in self-help addiction recovery training, delivering relaxed abstinent recovery.

The much vaunted “independence” of Strang's “Expert Working Group” is belied by the composition of that group.

He himself is the Head of Department of the King's College London Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, and also from time to time works with or for various Pharmaceutical companies.

But with 16 members (over 59%) of his Working Group either Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Pharmacologists or Mental Health Nurses, how can they possibly ever be regarded as “independent”.  Even the Service Users, Carers, Doctors, Nurses and other members benefit in some way from association with the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries.

Even if he balanced that current membership with a similar sized group of 12 Steps and Narconon qualified members, his insistence on the usage of prescribed addictive pharmaceutical drugs as part of any so-called “treatment”, would totally eliminate any chance of any addict ever achieving recovery to relaxed abstinence.


Our goal is for dependent drug users to overcome addiction and achieve abstinence”.

And he gets away with this lie because he treats politicians and officials contemptuously enough to expect them to believe that they can go on paying to feed daily doses of viciously addictive O.S.T. drugs - such as methadone - to dependent drug users, and EXPECT THOSE ADDICTS TO THUS BECOME ABSTINENT ! How ridiculously absurd.

In fact, it is because this lie is so absurd that politicians and officials - who are too often in awe of medical profession secrets - just cannot believe that physicians and chemists would ever attempt to mislead them.

But THEY DO to the extent of at least £12 BILLION POUNDS every year. YES, ONE BILLION £POUNDS A MONTH: £33 MILLION POUNDS A DAY ! EVERY DAY.

That is what it costs the U.K. Taxpayer, via the N.H.S., to maintain 2.4 Million involuntarily addicted patients on various addictive medical drugs such as the benzodiazepines, plus 200,000 former illicit heroin users being “habit managed” on O.S.T. addictive drugs such as methadone or buprenorphine, etc.

To be clear – this is a total of 2,600,000 U.K. citizens, all daily addicted to viciously addictive and / or hypnotic medical drugs. Addiction victims which U.K. taxpayers are keeping supplied with one to three drug doses a day for no other reason than to keep them using those daily doses solely to earn fees for the prescribing physicians, fees for the dispensers and profits for the pharmaceutical producers and suppliers.

NOT TO CURE THOSE SO-CALLED “PATIENTS” OF ANYTHING AT ALL. Just to hold at bay the “cold turkey” effects they would suffer if they make any attempt to withdraw from their addiction (i.e. to stop being a customer) which can normally be expected to continue for the rest of their lives.

This whole drugs marketing set-up is mean, miserable, heartless, callous, life spoiling, life threatening and even criminal, but as a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a retired Member of the Chartered Marketing Institute, I have to say it is truly brilliant, and cleverly deceitful as well as unscrupulously Machiavellian in its concept and application.

TO STOP IT, we have to stop addiction, and to do that we have to start by no longer allowing our Government to abortively pay for the supplying of addictive and / or hypnotic drugs to anyone – out of our taxes.

At the same time, we have to avoid suffering for our 2.6 million pharmaceutical addicts by putting them on a small-dose step-down withdrawal programme to wean them off their addiction over a three to nine month period, at the end of which they will have recovered to a natural state of relaxed abstinence.

UNFORTUNATELY, although the pharmaceutical industry recommends small-dose step-down withdrawal, by failing to manufacture and make broadly available the necessary small doses, it does not actually permit that vital withdrawal to occur.

Simply, because every comfortably withdrawn patient is no longer a lifelong addicted consumer reassuringly funded by the British Government.   THEY ARE INSTEAD A LOST PROFITABLE PHARMACEUTICAL CUSTOMER.   And what self respecting chemical salesman or M.D. wants that ?

Much of this whole addictive drugs marketing structure is the work of U.K. psychiatry, led on numerous occasions and in so many ways by Professor John Strang. (Basically, the pharmaceutical industry's top Whitehall based sales director.)

Pharmaceutical drug pushing is the only actually productive job which most psychiatrists do, because psychiatry itself has no real progress whatsoever to demonstrate in the field of Mental Health.

In fact, with 200 to 250 thousand prescribed O.S.T. addicts per year, and between 5 and 12 deaths per thousand over the last 5 years – all as a result of prescribed methadone consumption - that's AN AVERAGE OF 2,000 BRITISH DEATHS PER YEAR DURING N.H.S. O.S.T. HABIT MANAGEMENT TREATMENT.

In some American States, professionals who regularly and deliberately supply killer poisons to customers or patients, are starting to be regarded as possible murder suspects, with the prescribing psychiatrists being named as: “Doctors of Death”.

Certainly it reveals psychiatric Professor Sir John Strang and his gang of prescribing fellow psychiatrists in a new and more sinister light, which MUST be handled.

But, how we start to dismantle this edifice of greed, profit and damaging practices is a matter for another S.A.F.E. blog-post.

Right now it is sufficient to recognise John Strang's influence over the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, and the resultant tunnel-visioning of Politicians and Officials in regard to treatment of addiction with addictive drugs, instead of residential self-help addiction recovery training, which returns an addict to the natural state of relaxed abstinence into which 99% of the population are born.

At a ONCE ONLY cost to the Exchequer of 62% of what it currently costs the Exchequer EVERY YEAR for the rest of a methadone prescribed addict's lifetime.

It's the sort of abstinent recovery bargain which John Strang and most other psychiatrists want NO drug addict ever to have, because that former addict would soon no longer be using their profitable drug prescriptions.

And for Prof John, that really would be quite a disaster !

S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed In 1975.


Monday, 29 August 2016

Shouldn't We Now Start Training Addicts In Lasting Abstinence, Instead Of Just Going On Prescribing Addictive Killer Drugs as “Habit Management” ?








(Including Prison Units)


Why then are so many U.K. addiction rehabilitation workers, 

university researchers and local and national politicians 

DELIBERATELY having the existence of that hugely 

successful self-help addiction recovery training system

hidden from them, or having it falsely condemned ?

Is it in order to justify psycho-pharm pretend research into

 “treatment” of addiction BY DRUG PRESCRIBING ?

Because the reason is definitely NOT because of “RESIDENTIAL SELF-HELP ADDICTION RECOVERY TRAINING” failing to work.


It is because giving addicts personal knowledge and responsibility for THE CONTROL OF THEIR OWN LIVES takes away their dependency on psychiatric rehabilitation professionals and on prescription habit management “treatments”, and it is that “prescription” component and that on-going “rehabilitation” which certain “addiction workers”, and particularly the pharmaceutical companies backing them, want to see maintained, because they mean psychiatric “fees” for many and huge “profits” for the drug producers. 

And we are NOT here talking about the rehab centre staffs who put in long caring hours to help addicts through their withdrawal and detox problems.  We are talking about the desire of some pharmaceutical drug producers, and their psychiatric allies, to go on profitably producing and prescribing methadone, buprenorphine, disulfiram, naltrexone and Suboxone, etc., and ridiculously pretending that “habit management for life” is “just as good as a cure”.

It was some 45 years ago, in the early 1970s, that a worried government, seeing addictive heroin usage increasing, asked psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical industry for help, in the absurd belief that, because they knew all about drug production and prescribing, they would also know how to to cure addiction.

(Which is just as bad as the equally absurd belief that the manufacturers of the sharpest knives and scalpels will be the best surgeons.)

AS A RESULT, THE PSYCHO-PHARMS DID NOT OFFER AN ADDICTION CURE, AND NEVER HAVE.   In fact they falsely claimed that addiction is incurable and that, as a result, “advised” that the best thing was to “manage” the addict's habit by providing him or her with free supplies of the addictive pain-killer: “diamorphine” (i.e. medical grade heroin).

Problem was, it quickly became clear that, because the effects of a heroin dose last only for 8 hours, three doses a day were required to “manage” each addict, and with the first dose at 8.00am, the next at 4.00pm and the last at midnight, there was a major dispensing problem, because you can never trust addicts with more than one dose at a time, as many will fail to resist taking an extra unscheduled dose, and are thus likely to become an over-dose emergency case and even die.

So the psycho-pharms instead proposed a 1937 German drug “methadone” because,   a) its effects last 24 hours,  b) it thus needs only one dose a day to be dispensed, and   c) one daily dose procedure is less costly and time consuming than three doses.

However, they failed to stress that because the methadone was stronger and longer lasting than heroin, it was also much more dangerous and addictive.

In fact to combat this unwelcome fact, they proposed that, after “maintaining / stabilising” the addict on methadone for a short period, the managing psychiatrist or doctor should put the addict onto “a small-dose step-down programme” over a period of several months, until the prescribed daily dose was small enough for the addict to completely stop using.

Unfortunately, over the years, the government's National Treatment Agency was only ever able to report a 3% withdrawal rate from methadone addiction.

And even that rate of withdrawal is the same as the natural withdrawal rate due to the development of tolerance.

We must therefore face the fact that, if the Government has been conned into accepting the psycho-pharm LIE that “addiction cannot be cured”, then we must continue to pay from Taxpayer funds the more than £47,000 the Government's National Audit Office reports it costs across all government Departments to maintain each and every methadone prescribed addict EVERY YEAR for the rest of their lives !

With approaching 200,000 such prescription addicts, that's a total cost EVERY YEAR of £9.4 BILLION !

And this starts to approach the same amount of money the N.H.S. are over-spending EVERY YEAR.

In fact when you take account of the other 2.4 Million of mainly older NHS patients in their own homes or in care-homes, and add in the £72 Million pounds worth of addictive drugs they are prescribed and dosed with EVERY DAY, you are looking at another £2.6 BILLION EVERY YEAR of wasted Taxpayer funds to add to the above £9.4 BILLION.

A total of £12 BILLION spent every year – NOT ON CURING PATIENTS OF ANYTHING, but spent solely on maintaining them all in a nearly vegetative state of daily addiction.

Yes.  £12 BILLION just on daily maintaining 2.4 Million involuntary addicts plus 200,000 much more costly former illicit addicts.

But this only takes account of the profitable 2.6 BILLION doses a year of pharmaceutical drugs that those 2.4 Million patients consume.  It is without taking account of their food and accommodation costs and the taxpayer paid benefits many of them receive.

Nor are we talking here of the not quite as massive NHS spending on legitimate and effective medication which is another separate set of costs.

We are talking only about £12 BILLION every year of N.H.S. spending JUST ON THE MAINTENANCE OF N.H.S. SPONSORED AND SUPPORTED DRUG ADDICTION.


It converts our National Health Service into a “National Wealth Service” serving the pharmaceutical industry and the psychiatric profession which pushes and prescribes that industry's products for payment by U.K. Taxpayers.


We are pointing out that supplies of addictive and / or hypnotic pharmaceutical drugs continuously maintain addiction in patients, cure no illness, disease, sickness or habit, achieve nothing else, and yet EACH MONTH cost the N.H.S. and the Taxpayer more than an extra £ONE BILLION POUNDS.

THAT is where the Department of Health, the National Health Service and Public Health England, etc., should be putting their attention.

Especially because the massive savings available would enable the Secretary of State for Health to better recruit and reward Junior Doctors, and to provide so many more resources to other sectors of our Health Service – AND STILL MAKE SAVINGS FOR TAXPAYERS.

But Ministers and Officials don't, and in many ways they can't, because they have for too long been quietly controlled by psychiatric and pharmaceutical advisers both inside and outside of Government.

The totally unnecessary massive spending on addictive and / or hypnotic pharmaceutical drugs which those “advisers” create, is the root cause of all the National Health Service's financial problems, because, in addition to curing nothing, that wasteful spending robs every other part of the N.H.S. and A&E Services of the resources essential to their effective and efficient operation – for the sake of “profit”.

£33,000,000 A DAY !


One would expect that a live-wire Secretary of State for Health would have spotted this daily haemorrhaging of cash, because his post is concerned mainly with financial matters.

In fact he might have spotted it BUT, because he is skilled neither in doctoring nor in medication, he does not see the difference between a patient with a medical problem and an addict with a prescription problem, and instead continues to believe the profitable lies his friendly psychiatric and pharmaceutical advisers tell him !

Interestingly enough, some American States are now treating drug dealers who supply heroin doses which end up in a drug-overdose death as murder suspects.

But in the U.K., over the last five years, between 5 and 12 deaths per thousand as a result of prescribed methadone have been recorded. With between 200,000 and 250,000 a year of N.H.S. patients on methadone in that period, that's somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 British addict deaths PER YEAR whilst IN N.H.S. TREATMENT !

That's more than deaths from heroin overdosing, but whilst the heroin deaths might increasingly be regarded as murders, the methadone deaths are probably better regarded as psychiatric executions in pursuit of pharmaceutical profits.


As a result, those thousands of psycho-pharm methadone poisonings must now be regarded as a callous sacrifice of British addicts lives - solely to enhance psychiatric fee incomes and pharmaceutical profits.


If the Rt Honourable Jeremy Hunt would like to know more of the truth about huge N.H.S. abortive costs, waste and death prescribing, he can always ring to invite one of our executives for discussion on 01342 810151 any day between 11.00am and 9.00pm.

S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed In 1975.


Thursday, 25 August 2016

“MAY” Means “Allowed To”, and Theresa Definitely Has My Permission.





I never always agreed with Theresa May when she was Home Secretary, and I guess I am also likely to have some disagreements with her as Prime Minister.

But, I like her style, I admire her dedication and hard work, and I am very sure SHE IS THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB !

However, she is going to need to urgently clean up a few troubling sectors of the society (for which I personally would be happy to offer some help) and handling those sectors is going to make handling the economy so much easier.

Those problem creating areas can be summed up under three main headings:

1) All forms of addiction (legal, illegal and prescription),

2) The National Health Service, Public Health England and the DoH,

3) Fairer Economic and Social balance in our communities.

These three sectors lap over into each other AND into most other government Departments, so that if we get these three right, the rest tend to look after themselves.

Obviously, in seeking success, any government must juggle Income Collection, Worthwhile Spending, Waste Reduction and Justice / Fairness, and practically all our current and future problems are created by a failure to reduce waste – mainly because of the false and selfish ideas generated by vested interests in the society, about what IS ESSENTIAL and what IS NOT, and therefore also what IS WASTE and what IS NOT.

Out of a U.K. population of some 64 Million we have 2.4 million addicted to prescription medical drugs, nearly 200,000 addicted to prescription habit management drugs, 500,000 addicted to illicit drugs and at least as many again drunk once a week – some daily and permanently.

That's a total of some 5.625% of our population not only nearly continuously incapacitated but also 3.6 million people whose drunken and drugged behaviour is having to be paid for by the rest of the working population.

But the “working population” actually contributing to the U.K. Gross National Product is NOT all of our 64 million of population.

Because there are numerous under 18s in education, as well as old, infirm and incapacitated citizens, military personnel, police, civil servants, the unemployed, prison and social workers, etc., - the truly productive working population is closer to only 36 million, so that 56% of the population are supporting the rest, and that “rest” includes 10% of adult citizens nearly continuously incapacitated by drink and especially by drugs - and contributing only “trouble”.

Now start counting up the cost to taxpayers of supporting that 10%.

According to the Government's own National Audit Office, the 200,000 of methadone OST prescribed addicts alone costs £9.4 BILLION EVERY YEAR to maintain, but because that massive wastage is spread across numerous government Departments, most politicians are SELDOM IF EVER AWARE of this.

The 2.628 BILLION of tablets, pills, capsules and liquid doses which EVERY YEAR go down the throats of 2.4 million medically addicted (mainly old people) is another Taxpayer DAILY COST of £7,200,000, which in most cases daily goes on for the rest of those addicted patients' lifetimes.

In examining police, probation, prison officer, Magistrate, Judges', Barristers', Solicitors', social workers' and civil servants' time, expenditure and effort, we annually find another few billions or more £pounds of taxpayers' money being wasted on the half million or so amphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, skunk, designer drug and other sorts of illicit addicts.

Not to mention the cost of the nearly totally ineffective psychiatric and pharmaceutical prescription so-called “treatments” of such “illicit” addicts for which families and Taxpayers foot the often repetitive bill.

But what is most annoying is that, whilst the still prevailing Department of Health psycho-pharm “treatments” have failed miserably to cure more than 3% of such addicts, ever since 1966 – for 50 years – there has internationally been available a hugely effective residential programme of not-for-profit centres for training addicts in self-help recovery to lasting relaxed abstinence.


But ACCESS TO British Government Ministers for the heads of the charitable organisations which deliver these services has for years been denied by the smear campaigns of those psycho-pharm vested interests who want to go on daily selling their addictive chemical substances to as many U.K. citizens as possible.

Then there are the thousands of British school children of all ages being basically force-fed Ritalin, Prozac and various other psychiatric drugs, by school psychiatrists and nurses, for invented so-called mental psychiatric “disorders” such as ADHD and SAD. This is an important pharmaceutical drugs marketing ploy, because the younger you can get a child addicted, the longer he or she will remain a profitable and compliant consumer.

Nearly ALL of course paid for by U.K. taxpayers.

As a consequence, IF it might appear that this one subject of “Drink & Drug Consumption and ADDICTION” is the most significant and vital of the three “troubling sectors” mentioned at the beginning of this blog-post, then that is only because DRINK & DRUG CONSUMPTION are together what do most to destroy all facets of the society and the economy upon which our survival most depends, including our National Health Service and the economic balance within our society.

The National Health Service each year spends an increasing amount on drugs and medicines (proportionally higher than any other service supplied by the NHS).

This is because of the palliative orientation of “symptom management” practices which (by psycho-pharm cash grants to medical teaching facilities) has gradually been made to dominate doctors' training over the last eighty years, to the increasing exclusion of more thorough pre-treatment testing, and the omitting of cure interventions based on detecting and handling dietary deficiencies and excesses, and based on allergenic investigations and avoidance of allergies' causal factors.

Most of the massive, wasteful, no longer necessary and in fact damaging addictive drug prescribing, over-prescribing and usage TAKES PLACE WITHIN the NHS.

And whilst most members of our society consume alcohol, it is in a sense mainly those who choose to buy the alcohol alone (and not the accompanying meal which should provide balance for the drink) who cause a lot of the ensuing trouble.

In fact, when you look at our town streets and pubs on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, you can quickly see that policing, cleaning up the mess, stopping fights and treating accident and fight injuries, repairing property and vehicle damage, keeping the peace and the handling of offenders in the courts, and occasionally eventually on probation and in jail, PRETTY WELL EATS UP MOST OF THE ALCOHOL TAXES collected by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

But it's the LOCAL Council, the LOCAL Police, the LOCAL Shopkeepers, the LOCAL Doctors, Ambulance men and Hospitals and the LOCAL Courts which cover all these LOCAL costs – NOT the Chancellor who spends his alcohol tax collections (plus taxes from the pharmaceutical industry) on keeping 10% of the working population ADDICTED to psycho-pharm prescription drugs in the name of so-called “mental health”.

The trouble of course is that for over a century our population and our politicians have been very professionally conned into believing the stories about the “ethical” drugs industry, about what they contribute to the economy, about the “nice big” taxes they pay and obviously about how good drugs are for our health.

And don't make the mistake of thinking that some of this P.R. is not true.

Because, whilst some ruthless massive international pharmaceutical producers make fortunes by skating on the thin edge of honesty, humanity and the law (a fact proved by the number of court cases they lose and the vast penalties they regularly have to pay), most producers make normal profits and do produce, market and deliver ethical products serving humane and valuable purposes.

However, where many of them come adrift is when they try to expand from the field of physical medicine into that of psychiatry's version of “mental health”.

This is because the whole concept of the mind and mental health, as espoused by seriously flawed international psychiatry, proves to be a totally unreliable and damaging basis for the prescribing of most chemical substances – especially those of an addictive and / or hypnotic nature.

The bulk of “substances” which provide the first step towards alleviating the true, realistic and actual adverse mental health conditions are fresh good quality natural nutrition, balanced nutrition, natural vitamins, natural minerals and other healthy food and supplements, the prescribing of which is based on thorough and adequate testing, including the detection and handling of allergic conditions.

As long as the pharmaceutical industry continues to rely on psychiatric guidance in the field of mental health, they will find themselves getting further INTO the psychiatric mine-fields, instead of OUT, and paying more and more penalties.

It is my personal hope that Mrs May, with her already great experience of Home Office affairs, will soon combine that wisdom, with a new and closer experience of other Departments, into a coherent avoidance, prevention, eradication and ADDICTION RECOVERY TRAINING strategy.

And I believe she has the breadth and sharpness of perception to recognise that addiction can never be a ONE Department problem relying on a ONE Department solution, because ADDICTION impinges upon and requires some of its solution FROM ALL DEPARTMENTS – especially 10, Downing Street.

For further discussion on this subject, you may wish to phone (01342) 810151 any weekday between 11.00am and 9.00pm. If out, please leave your name and number.

S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed in 1975.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Which First Lesson Is The Most Essential ?










Could it really be possible that when new born children first open their eyes, they say to themselves:
"Oh dear, now I've got to learn talking, spelling and maths all over again ?”

I don't think so.

I think it's far more likely to be: “What the heck is that ?”, or some other question or expression of fear, anxiety, curiosity or interest in something right there in front of them.

What do you think ?

They have to start somewhere, and “finding out” what is threatening them, protecting them, comforting them, feeding them or even amusing them - at that moment - seems very likely.


Because learning is the first and foremost basic activity of life and living, AND IT IS THE ONE LESSON WE ARE SELDOM IF EVER TAUGHT.

In fact, can it be taught ?  Isn't learning ability part of our mental inheritance ?  Did we not get it from Dad, Mum or Great-Grand someone ?  Or did we bring it with us from some past life ?

Whatever the answer to those questions, one thing is certain.  Some of us have lots of learning ability, some seem to have about “enough” and others don't seem to be so fortunate.

Which soon raises the question as to whether or not we can do something about increasing the learning or study speed of those in a class who learn less quickly.

On examination one finds that the biggest barriers to learning are misunderstandings leading to even further non-comprehension and confusion, and that this arises from being given or picking up false, erroneous, misleading or totally wrong and inaccurate data at an earlier point in time, and is very easily done – even perhaps in the womb – or (as many today would have us believe) in some past lifetime.

Be that as it may, but when grandma offers a coloured plastic cup full of orange juice to her baby grand-daughter, the older lady can give her action “meaning” in numerous ways.  She can say: “drink” or “cup” or “yours” or “orange juice” or “nice” or “this is lovely” or “you'll like this” or “get this down you baby” or “yum-yum” or any of a number of different accompanying words or phrases.

And so also can Dad and Mum and elder sister, etc., all with the same colour of cup or another colour or shape and with the same contents or another drink, hot or cold, sweet or savoury, etc.

Then they can also all so easily do similar confusing multiple actions and “word noises” with food in a bowl and a spoonful directed towards the baby's mouth.

But contentment lies in certainty.  Very little to do with whether baby likes the food or the drink.  Very much to do with their confidence and understanding.

Are they being told to “eat the cup from the drink”, or to “drink” (action) the “drink” (thing) from the cup ? etc.

In other words, quite apart from the child's own inherent learning ability, there is the question of how clearly, logically, accurately and coherently is the information being presented, because simple repetition of the same combined action plus a speech factor provides a far faster learning gradient than a constantly changing choice of words attached to the same actions or items.

In fact from the above, we begin to recognise that, quite apart from the child's own immediate ability to learn, there exist numerous “barriers to study or learning” which derive from the child's environment and particularly the people in it.

The first of these barriers we have just looked at.


Learning the alphabet and its phonics before you learn words, and learning words before you learn sentences, and sentences before paragraphs, chapters, and the full story, etc., is one type of gradient.

But if you miss out the alphabet, or the phonics or an understanding of the different sorts of words, etc., the whole gradient sequence soon collapses, and you finish up with no story.  No punch-line.  No comprehension and feeling foolish.

Other gradient sequences are involved in safely and efficiently starting and driving a car.  You don't start the engine until you have depressed the clutch or checked that the gear lever is in neutral.  You don't move away from the kerb before you have checked your mirror, made sure the road is clear and signalled your intentions.

And you certainly don't try to swim the English Channel without many months of gradual training, body-building and safety preparations.

The second important barrier is quite different.

It is fairly easy to observe that each piece of “knowledge”, each fact or truth is more comprehensible to the degree that it contains a balance of mass and significance, rather than either a complete absence of mass or no significance whatsoever.

(i.e. Is the object, idea or action actually with us in the “here and now”, along with a matching significance explaining the existence of that object, idea or action ?)


If, in the hope of recruiting workers for a jungle project, you helicopter-drop a bright yellow JCB excavator into the centre of an Amazonian native village, with no explanation or other significance, the likelihood of their worshipping it as some new God is high.  No Significance.   All Mass.   And so generation of a false significance.

But if you send a knowledgeable and well trained engineering professor to do the recruiting, with all his technical books and explanations about JCBs, but no machine and not even a picture or drawing, the likelihood is that the professor will finish up in the cooking pot.  All Significance.  No Mass.  No common reality.

There are lots of minor barriers to learning, such as very bad handwriting or very different pronunciation.  Try putting a Glaswegian Scot together with an Essex Englishman and they each will tell you that the other cannot speak English.

Or try and speak with the ladies of certain religious sects, and you will not only be ignored but likely even attacked and thrown out by their menfolk.


It can be misspelt and / or mispronounced, it can have been assigned a completely wrong meaning, been assigned no meaning, have an incomplete definition, have numerous meanings all spelt and pronounced the same (e.g. catch & see), be pronounced in two different ways with quite different meanings (e.g. project and project), be pronounced the same although spelt differently, (rein, rain & reign), etc.

And misunderstood words work both ways.  You can spread them around yourself, passing on your misunderstood words to others and, you can quite unknowingly pull them in from other people – even teachers, the radio, television and those professionals who like to blind their listeners with science, to prove their own education and your lack thereof.

The teacher, lecturer, trainer, commentator, presenter or professor who starts his discourse with: “Tonight our subject is eggswisehead”, and then fails to provide a definition and examples ensuring his title is understood, has not only given his audience a nice new misunderstood word, he has also just LOST his audience – as I might also have done at this point !  For the same reason.

Words are the building blocks of all languages and, whether written or spoken, it takes only one Mis-Understood word (M/U) in a sentence to interrupt the flow of understanding and to completely suppress comprehension of that whole sentence, as well as the paragraph and often the page – particularly if that lack of understanding is not immediately corrected.  And that's only the first problem M/Us create.

Where M/Us are undetected and uncorrected, we find the source of stupidity, failing exam results, damaging errors, derisory and harmful arguments, abandonment of study subjects and jobs, as well as friends and even family.

Learning how to learn.   Knowing and handling the main barriers to study are the key to progress, proficiency, friendship and happiness – in many ways the key to life.

And once you've invested a relatively small amount of study-time into learning how to learn, you soon start to earn it back a thousand times over in every facet of not just your other studies, but also your whole life and well-being.


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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Scientology® In The News Again


If you really would like to be attacked and vilified, blackballed, marginalised, criticised, falsely accused, lied about and ridiculed, etc., etc., 

Such as in 1950 exposing a massively damaging and money-making pseudo-science like “psychiatry”, by at that time introducing a modern science of mental health which actually restores a majority of mental health patients to a normal and healthy life in days and weeks, just by communicating together.

Instead of, like psychiatry, falsely evaluating patient's conditions, prescribing them addictive pharmaceutical drugs for life, or electro-shocking them, or opening up their heads and brains, and delivering “pre-frontal lobotomies” or “leucotomy” operations or “deep sleep” therapy, mainly at taxpayer expense and all with the main goal of quietening the psychiatric patient down !?

And if delivering better mental health is not enough to get you hated by some of the world's largest vested interests, then, 16 years later, research, discover and develop a quick and successful way to rescue a majority of victims of drug and alcohol addiction, by training addicts in a self-help addiction recovery training technology which helps them rescue themselves and continues protecting them for life.

All this seriously upsets pharmaceutical addictive drug producers - and the psychiatrists who prescribe and help market those drugs - BECAUSE EVERY CURED MENTAL HEALTH PATIENT AND EVERY ADDICT RESCUED FROM METHADONE MANAGEMENT THERAPY IS A LOST VALUABLE CUSTOMER OF THE PSYCHO-PHARM MONEY-MAKING FRATERNITY.

And here we have the reasons why L. Ron Hubbard®, Dianetics®, the Technology of Scientology®, Narconon®, Criminon® and the Church of Scientology® have all had to be so carefully and expensively protected over the last 66 years in courtrooms in country after country, against mainly INDIRECT invented accusations but also against DIRECT false reports from psychiatric and pharmaceutical attackers.

But, as ever, and in most parts of the world, right still triumphs over might, and truth prevails over falsehoods, because Man is inherently and basically “good”. (Notwithstanding that psychiatry considers him an animal, saved from the bestiality of the wild only by some mysterious thin veneer of “civilisation”, coming apparently from the Almighty, the existence of which psychiatry also manages mainly to deny.)

To list all such attacks, would require many dozens of volumes of court records, including record after record of Scientology wins after wins mainly based on dismissals of proceedings, withdrawals of accusations or clear proofs of innocence, revealing in case after case to be no more than time and money wasting procedures deliberately intended to discredit and weaken Scientology and its phenomenal expansion over the last half century.

That expansion has come about in spite of massive attacks over 66 years, solely because of the scientific veracity of Hubbard's monumental work and the fantastic personal benefits which members of the Church of Scientology and their families increasingly derive from their studies and other activities.

One massive and continuously prolonged attack started more than 20 years ago in Belgium, when Scientology opened new offices, and later a new Church, in Brussels – basically the Capital of the European Union.  This attack came to an abrupt official end this year on 11 March after a seven week trial in the Belgium High Court.

The news media which earlier had widely reported the original attack, when it came to reporting the result of the trial, were unfortunately too engrossed in covering the Brussels terrorist attacks going on at that same time, to have space to make more than minor mention of Scientology's latest triumph over the well known massive vested interests determined to preserve their failing (but still highly profitable) so-called “mental health management” and “addiction management” activities. (i.e. NOT cures).

After over twenty years of wasted Church and Belgium taxpayer resources, plus Scientology staff and congregation time, money and effort, plus the seven weeks trial, the court ruled that the entire case was a “serious and irremediable breach of the right to a fair trial”, and DISMISSED ALL CHARGES AGAINST THE CHURCH AND INDIVIDUAL SCIENTOLOGISTS.

With this case, and with help from a number of what can only be called “weird” but well funded attack “groups”, the Prosecutor attempted to put the whole Scientology religion on trial, clearly with a view to its destruction, (and it is not difficult to speculate on who or what might have prompted his suicidal action).

But after hearing evidence for seven weeks, the Presiding Judge simply said: “These Proceedings In Their Entirety Are Declared Inadmissible”.

His ruling is in line with the rulings of other Judges around the world and over the years, so that, whilst there may well be other attempts to attack Scientology by wasting its time and money plus the efforts and patience of its executives and staff, the likelihood of these commercial enemies (so often disguised as other “forms” of organisation) actually succeeding in Court - is low.

But such spurious legal attacks are useful in helping the psycho-pharms to go on convincing the politicians who currently support them, but who have the power to actually change the laws AGAINST psycho-pharm policies, AND to change the operational basis for addictive and hypnotic drug prescribing, and in respect of what currently masquerades as “mental health services”.

Psycho-pharm main attack strategy depends in part on the old adage that: “There is no smoke without fire”.   But the chemical industry knows very well how to supply an abundance of smoke – even without there ever being a fire !  Fortunately, in the cold light of court procedure, Judges seem to manage to see quite well - especially through false smoke screens.

In addition, their other attack strategy rests on” “if you throw enough dirt at a wall, some of it will eventually stick”.  But so far the clear sight of the Judiciary in numerous countries has not been able to discover any dirt.

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None of the people you will meet look like criminals.
Simply because they are not, and Judges can see this for themselves.

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