Sunday, 12 February 2017

When you talk to God you're praying,

But . . . . 
when God talks to you,

you're Schizophrenic !

When the Health Minister talks to us,

he wants more & more of our tax money.
But when Big Pharma talks to the Health

he willingly spends more & more of our

taxes on more & more addictive drugs.

As a result, because escalating spending on addictive prescription drugs essentially does nothing but create involuntary drug addicts (3 Million of them mainly over 65) and cures no one of anything except “cold turkey withdrawal symptoms”, there's not enough tax money left for needed Hospital Beds, A&E Departments, Nursing Staff, Surgeons, Operations and Ambulances, etc.

Of course, psychiatrists and other pharmaceutical marketing men tell us that their demand for more and more money is because people are living longer and that immigration is also increasing population numbers.

But that's not even half the story !

Psychiatrists keep on inventing new “mental disorders” and, instead of curing the new patients this creates, currently practised pharmaceutical marketing strategy is to deliberately hook them onto three times a day addictive prescription drugs - FOR LIFE.  As a consequence, and because the psycho-pharms also resist curing them of addiction (by pretending addiction is incurable), the number of patients “in treatment” daily profitably increases year after year after year !

And so inevitably THE COST of the National Health Service daily goes up and up and up, year after year after year.

As a result, the psycho-pharm manipulated Department of Health spends more and more of our taxes on drugs, whilst the pharmaceutical companies declare bigger profits and bigger dividends for share owning investors, which of course includes, amongst others, those Ministers, M.Ps, Civil Servants and other decision-making Officials and advice-giving Professionals, who hold chemical industry shares !

Three million involuntarily addicted prescription drug users on three doses a day consume 9,000,000 doses A DAY, which is 3,285,000,000 doses A YEAR, costing the U.K. Taxpayer well over 3 BILLION £POUNDS every year - and rising.

And this is just the addictive pharmaceutical drugs.  There are also lots, lots more.

Since, in the early 1900s, billionaire chemical producers Carnegie and Rockefeller together took over the training of doctors from the American Medical Association, the so-called “Research Grants” they give to Medical Colleges, Universities and Teaching Hospitals have successfully pushed the training of Medical Professionals away from full and thorough diagnostic investigation of ill health CAUSES, and into mere palliative treatment of symptoms mainly WITH PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – a majority of which are addictive, and so create millions of irresistibly addicted profitable pharmaceutical drug consumers – FOR LIFE.

And these addiction motivated profitable consumers are helped continue their drug addicted lives by a Government which has been cleverly conned into giving these millions of addicts their daily millions of drugs FREE of charge – FOR LIFE.


Recognise that no-one can ever become addicted to a drug which they never ever take.  So that, for the drug producer and the drug pusher, the name of the game is to get the prospective life-long profitable client to sample enough of the drug to become irresistibly addicted and thus profitably hooked FOR LIFE.

This is essentially done with LIES !

There are four main steps DOWN into the hell of addiction:

1) An individual runs into a personal situation which he or she increasingly “considers” a problem for which they thus seek a solution.  (Remember that the adopting of any goal or target initiates the creation of a problem.)

2) They seek or are offered advice.  But are innocently or intentionally misinformed as a result of the huge volumes of marketing hype and criminal lies deliberately introduced into the society by drug producers and pushers seeking a guaranteed long-term profit from their addictive substance sales.

3) The Drug Baron's pushers offers a couple of discounted or FREE trial samples, OR the individual's palliative trained local Doctor advises a drug based solution, and writes a FREE 7 day, 3 times a day, prescription for an addictive “medicine”.

4) The individual trustingly takes the drug and, as a result has a better than 50% chance of becoming addicted if he or she takes more than a couple of doses.  (The lucky ones are the individuals which the sampling of the drug physically or otherwise upsets sufficiently to put them off wanting more !)

Within 28 days, it is normal for 70 to 75% of the now daily drug taking individuals to recognise that they “might be” addicted, and to start regretting they ever started, and as a result they increasingly try to stop.

However, the adverse metabolic “cold turkey” effects of attempted withdrawal are most often sufficiently devastating to force the addict into the immediate relief which taking another dose can provide, and because regular usage of any addictive substance most often imposes other physically or mentally damaging “side effects”, they are by that time on the irresistibly slippery slope to an increasingly ruined life.

At this point the other big psycho-pharmaceutical LIE robs the average addict of hope and of relief.

Bear in mind that, because it takes quite a lot of effort to procure regular clients for a pharmaceutical company's products, the last thing they want to do is to lose them.

And loss of good daily profitable business is what curing addicts brings about !

As a result, they have developed the totally false belief amongst politicians, the media and the public, that drug addiction is basically incurable, or so extremely difficult, or so expensive, or so long-winded to be not worthwhile even attempting.

Better, they say, to “manage” a drug habit, rather than to attempt to cure it. And “the managing” is of course done by prescribing other daily addictive drugs !

And to nail in place for ever the false idea that “drug addiction cures are not worth attempting” they carefully avoid manufacturing or offering the small step-down doses of their drugs which they know are the main requirement for safely and comfortably withdrawing an addict from his or her medically generated involuntary addiction.

Make no mistake. At charity-run Recovery Centres in countries around the world, drug addicts of every type are increasingly being brought to relaxed lifelong abstinence, as a result of which those Centre's highly successful self-help addiction recovery training methods are side-lined, mocked, black-balled, derided, criticised, dismissed, laughed at, marginalised and overtly and covertly attacked in every possible manner and in every possible sector of the society,  BECAUSE CURING AN ADDICT HAS THE SAME EFFECT AS KILLING A GOOSE WHICH LAYS GOLDEN EGGS FOR BOTH PSYCHIATRY AND THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY !

The only way to get rid of this whole rotten performance is by legislating drug addiction out of existence.  And the thin end of that wedge is to make it illegal for a producer of medical drugs to manufacture or offer any addictive prescription substance WITHOUT an accompanying production of, or easy availability of, small dose units of that same substance in a size not greater than 5% of the size of their normally recommended prescription dosage.

Small size 7 to 21 day step-down reduction of dosages allows any addict to more or less comfortably withdraw from usage of any drug - over a 3 to 9 month period - depending on the drug(s) they are using, the manufacturer's recommended dose sizes, the period they have been addicted and their personal and health circumstances, and provided they never try to reduce the dose size by more than 5%, and never attempt a new reduction step until they are comfortable at their current dose level.

If you read this as meaning (given availability of the necessary small-dose sizes) that anyone can cure themselves of nearly any form of drug addiction, then you are understanding correctly.  And because 70 t0 75% of all drug addicts WANT to quit their habit, you should also be recognising that most forms of drug addiction and most drug addicts are in fact capable of being cured – including those addicted to alcohol.

So, when psycho-pharms say that substance addiction is “basically incurable”, what they are really saying is that they WON'T cure addiction, BECAUSE WHEN ADDICTS ARE CURED BIG PHARMA LOSES ITS BEST CUSTOMERS !

It really is this simple, but in a Houses of Parliament with 29 alcohol serving bars, and increasing evidence in its cloakrooms and toilets of cocaine and other drug usage (in addition to prescription drug usage in MP's constituencies), WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT THE REQUIRED LEGISLATION WILL BE BROUGHT FORWARD IN THE NEAR FUTURE ?

Especially as the continuous professional lobbying pressure from psychiatrists and pharmaceutical producers on Ministers, MPs and Civil Servants is both massive and expert.  It's going to take a brave group with lots of clout to get the necessary legislation rolling.   Fortunately, two things will help them.

The truth about addicting for profit, plus the fact that the massive totally unnecessary pharmaceutical prescribing is becoming more and more obvious.

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Society for an Addiction Free Existence.

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The fake news being circulated about "Fake News"







It may be only in the last few months that “Fake News” has become publicly more widely identified under that title, but it is centuries since it started to develop into the Public & Press Relations endeavours which manipulate the information about what is circulated in respect of the rest of the world lying outside our front doors.

It isn't just products and services which are marketed and promoted today.  Hype, propaganda, advertising, P.R., spin, etc., - call it what you will - is employed at every possible level to also make opinions, theories, faiths, beliefs and politics, etc., well thought of by leaving out what for you may be bad news, inventing good news for your own view and creating bad reports about your competitors or enemies.

Much of this some of the canny public already have well spotted, but not all of them.  So those who are aware of the more obvious lies have to be more subtly “guided” in the directions which ruthless marketeers, editors, profiteers, terrorists, dictators and other criminals want.

Even the BBC & Channel 4 have been led into treating the “Fake News” they have recently “discovered” as a great entertainment subject, full of opportunities for cheap comedy.   And other media, anxious to protect ALL news media, are now accusing the more obvious Fake News sources, and ignoring the more subtle forms parading in their own columns or on their own loud speakers and screens.

News Reporting” was originally intended as a way of letting everybody know what HAD happened, and so was essentially reports about the “Past”.   Then when radio producers and later T.V. directors began to compete with paper and magazine editors, they began to add in reports about what actually IS happening now.   Reports about the “Present” live current events.

And it hasn't taken long for all forms of media to move huge chunks of “The News” into wilder and wilder often unwarranted speculation about the future.

Here Fake News is the order of the day, simply because it has NOT happened YET and is NOT happening NOW, so that speculative words and phrases like “might”, “possibly”, “seems”, “probably”, “likely”, “may well”, “is said to be”, “according to”, “apparently”, “maybe”, “promised”, etc., etc., are used to attract interest in some hopeful, esoteric, desirous or exotic goal. Something which may also appeal to some peoples' dreams.

Month after month, psychiatric and Big Pharma advertising and P.R. agencies publish “News Releases” about newly “discovered” (but actually newly invented) “mental disorders”, new drugs and new “treatments” under trial and expected to achieve “this” or “that” wonderful, widely and hopefully looked for result.

New Cancer relief, new how to live with Dementia advice, new views on Allergies, how to handle future Addictions, and other apparently “good” news intended to keep psychiatry and pharmaceutical prescribing “well thought of”, but in the near future actually delivering very little in the way of genuine cures.

The disguised, well hidden, subtle Fake News, which is apparently validated by numerous Professionals, is not only the most effective, but also the most dangerous because it monitors and manipulates the most intimate and passionate beliefs of various sectors of the public, and motivates them into behaviour that many of them might themselves regard as despicable if they could view themselves dispassionately without the false reports clouding their judgement and raising their baser emotions.

And of course, much of the politicians, the marketeers' and other factions' Fake News is used to raise the false hopes which keep electors, potential customers and allies on side and happily contributing and supporting.

But the danger in generating false hopes with False News is often even greater than the problems which the depressing BUT TRUE news would have engenderedDisappointing an individual's hopes and dreams is destructive of all affinity and regard for the perpetrator, and can create an unexpected backlash - which may well have been reflected in the result delivered by U.K. referendum voters on the European Union.

The continuing expansion of lie-fuelled drug addiction, invented mental health conditions, and manipulation of public opinion in favour of actually failing psychiatric treatments and pharmaceutical excesses, is beginning to show that sort of backlash.

The perverted usage by the psycho-pharms of the high regard and goodwill the vast bulk of British subjects have for our Royal Family, via their cleverly persuaded patronage of the Royal College of Psychiatry and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, is probably the prime example of the manner in which subtle and respectful False News is used at every level of our society.

Whilst the Queen & her Princes need to be protected against all sources of actual False News, it is clear that some members of their protection team are themselves totally biased in favour of certain established purveyors of False News, so that those persons who know and can tell the truth about psychiatry and pharmaceutical prescribing will never even be known (by the Royal Family) to actually exist !

If those who know and can tell the truth are unknown to the Royal Family and so effectively don't exist, OR, if those who know those truths have been rendered repugnant to the Queen and her family by False News from their retinue of not always truthful servants, then that wonderfully hard-working Family will never know the truth and never know how their patronage has been so deliberately steered by their advisers in damaging directions – all in the name of profit.

Nor will they know the damage that this is causing to the National Health Service and millions of patients around the country - especially in regard to so-called “mental health” matters, as a result of which, the legislation required to repair that damage, will never be brought forward.

It is an interesting commentary on our security systems that it appears relatively easy to get a plentiful supply of drugs into our prisons, but nearly impossible to get truthful news into Buckingham Palace. And equally impossible to get truthful news onto the desk of a Minister of the Crown !

Which is why some of the most effective False News comes, often innocently, from the mouths or from the pens of some of our country's most respected celebrities.  i.e. From those who receive the most so-called “confidential” False News of all, from those seeking to maximise profits and dividends !


Ninety percent of the information which circulates about the causes and curing of drug addiction and mental health IS FALSE, and is the main reason why (to the delight of the Drug Barons and drug pushing psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies) the four million of easily cured U.K. drug addicts continues to grow year after year after year, and also why the psycho-pharms want more and more and more taxpayers' money spent on so-called 'FREE' NHS prescription drug supplies !

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