Saturday, 20 August 2016

Scientology® In The News Again


If you really would like to be attacked and vilified, blackballed, marginalised, criticised, falsely accused, lied about and ridiculed, etc., etc., 

Such as in 1950 exposing a massively damaging and money-making pseudo-science like “psychiatry”, by at that time introducing a modern science of mental health which actually restores a majority of mental health patients to a normal and healthy life in days and weeks, just by communicating together.

Instead of, like psychiatry, falsely evaluating patient's conditions, prescribing them addictive pharmaceutical drugs for life, or electro-shocking them, or opening up their heads and brains, and delivering “pre-frontal lobotomies” or “leucotomy” operations or “deep sleep” therapy, mainly at taxpayer expense and all with the main goal of quietening the psychiatric patient down !?

And if delivering better mental health is not enough to get you hated by some of the world's largest vested interests, then, 16 years later, research, discover and develop a quick and successful way to rescue a majority of victims of drug and alcohol addiction, by training addicts in a self-help addiction recovery training technology which helps them rescue themselves and continues protecting them for life.

All this seriously upsets pharmaceutical addictive drug producers - and the psychiatrists who prescribe and help market those drugs - BECAUSE EVERY CURED MENTAL HEALTH PATIENT AND EVERY ADDICT RESCUED FROM METHADONE MANAGEMENT THERAPY IS A LOST VALUABLE CUSTOMER OF THE PSYCHO-PHARM MONEY-MAKING FRATERNITY.

And here we have the reasons why L. Ron Hubbard®, Dianetics®, the Technology of Scientology®, Narconon®, Criminon® and the Church of Scientology® have all had to be so carefully and expensively protected over the last 66 years in courtrooms in country after country, against mainly INDIRECT invented accusations but also against DIRECT false reports from psychiatric and pharmaceutical attackers.

But, as ever, and in most parts of the world, right still triumphs over might, and truth prevails over falsehoods, because Man is inherently and basically “good”. (Notwithstanding that psychiatry considers him an animal, saved from the bestiality of the wild only by some mysterious thin veneer of “civilisation”, coming apparently from the Almighty, the existence of which psychiatry also manages mainly to deny.)

To list all such attacks, would require many dozens of volumes of court records, including record after record of Scientology wins after wins mainly based on dismissals of proceedings, withdrawals of accusations or clear proofs of innocence, revealing in case after case to be no more than time and money wasting procedures deliberately intended to discredit and weaken Scientology and its phenomenal expansion over the last half century.

That expansion has come about in spite of massive attacks over 66 years, solely because of the scientific veracity of Hubbard's monumental work and the fantastic personal benefits which members of the Church of Scientology and their families increasingly derive from their studies and other activities.

One massive and continuously prolonged attack started more than 20 years ago in Belgium, when Scientology opened new offices, and later a new Church, in Brussels – basically the Capital of the European Union.  This attack came to an abrupt official end this year on 11 March after a seven week trial in the Belgium High Court.

The news media which earlier had widely reported the original attack, when it came to reporting the result of the trial, were unfortunately too engrossed in covering the Brussels terrorist attacks going on at that same time, to have space to make more than minor mention of Scientology's latest triumph over the well known massive vested interests determined to preserve their failing (but still highly profitable) so-called “mental health management” and “addiction management” activities. (i.e. NOT cures).

After over twenty years of wasted Church and Belgium taxpayer resources, plus Scientology staff and congregation time, money and effort, plus the seven weeks trial, the court ruled that the entire case was a “serious and irremediable breach of the right to a fair trial”, and DISMISSED ALL CHARGES AGAINST THE CHURCH AND INDIVIDUAL SCIENTOLOGISTS.

With this case, and with help from a number of what can only be called “weird” but well funded attack “groups”, the Prosecutor attempted to put the whole Scientology religion on trial, clearly with a view to its destruction, (and it is not difficult to speculate on who or what might have prompted his suicidal action).

But after hearing evidence for seven weeks, the Presiding Judge simply said: “These Proceedings In Their Entirety Are Declared Inadmissible”.

His ruling is in line with the rulings of other Judges around the world and over the years, so that, whilst there may well be other attempts to attack Scientology by wasting its time and money plus the efforts and patience of its executives and staff, the likelihood of these commercial enemies (so often disguised as other “forms” of organisation) actually succeeding in Court - is low.

But such spurious legal attacks are useful in helping the psycho-pharms to go on convincing the politicians who currently support them, but who have the power to actually change the laws AGAINST psycho-pharm policies, AND to change the operational basis for addictive and hypnotic drug prescribing, and in respect of what currently masquerades as “mental health services”.

Psycho-pharm main attack strategy depends in part on the old adage that: “There is no smoke without fire”.   But the chemical industry knows very well how to supply an abundance of smoke – even without there ever being a fire !  Fortunately, in the cold light of court procedure, Judges seem to manage to see quite well - especially through false smoke screens.

In addition, their other attack strategy rests on” “if you throw enough dirt at a wall, some of it will eventually stick”.  But so far the clear sight of the Judiciary in numerous countries has not been able to discover any dirt.

If you would like to know more about Scientology and its increasing successes around the world, phone: (01342) 810151 between 11.00am & 9.00pm any weekday, to receive a free book or to be invited to make an obligation free visit to your nearest Scientology Church and Dianetics Centre, or to a Narconon self-help addiction recovery training centre.

None of the people you will meet look like criminals.
Simply because they are not, and Judges can see this for themselves.

S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed In 1975.
Our job is Supporting Addiction Free Europeans.


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