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Understanding DEMENTIA and How Drugs Accelerate Its Development.









To fully understand the implications of the above heading, it is first necessary to know what Dementia is and what causes it, and this entails a knowledge of both animal and human minds.  But, as might be expected, the achieving of professional competence and experience in all the necessary mental health technology involved requires a full time training course of several months or more, including an appropriate internship.

So what follows is no more than a plain language introduction to the basic factors involved:

Unlike the animal kingdom, human beings possess an “Analytical Mind” - the intelligence factor which clearly renders Man superior to other flesh and blood creatures, and the mind with which we normally conduct our path through life towards our chosen goals.

Throughout our lifetime each of us must, to a greater or lesser degree, often confront physically painful, emotionally tough, life threatening circumstances AND, in order to go on physically surviving, must also find a way to handle and overcome each one of those situations at the time of their occurrence.

Our so-called “unconscious” minds (or more accurately named “Reactive Minds” which we possess along with the flesh and blood animal kingdom) make a detailed record of each such incident and the actions taken, so that those records of “successful survival actions” can be available to trigger the same “successful survival actions” when SIMILAR threatening circumstances are detected in any future situation.  (They are deemed "successful” because the body is still living on !)

Furthermore, the Reactive Mind has the ability to override the current activities, purposes and intentions of the analytical individual in order to immediately implement the earlier taken and recorded “as successful” actions with the purpose of again ensuring the continuing survival of that individual’s body.

In fact, SURVIVAL OF THE FLESH & BLOOD BODY is the over-riding concern of the Reactive Mind to the exclusion of all other activities and intentions, however analytically important to the individual.

Unfortunately the “present time” circumstances which serve to trigger the “successful survival actions” of the past, are seldom if ever an exact duplicate of all of the past circumstances which created the records of those earlier “successful survival actions”.

As a result, to the degree that the present “triggering” circumstances fail to fully duplicate the original past circumstances, the re-enacting of the “successful survival actions” can fail to handle the present circumstances and can thus also increasingly appear to observers as erratic and inappropriate behaviour.

Under normal none threatening living conditions the Reactive Mind does not interfere with the being’s intentions and activities, but will always start towards full shut down of the Analytical Mind and the overriding of current chosen activities as soon as it appears to the Reactive Mind that similar anti-survival threats are occurring, or are about to occur.

As life progresses through the years and decades, so the average person runs into more and more physically painful, mentally stressful, shocking, injurious, toxic, life threatening and loss circumstances and handles them successfully, thus recording and storing more and more possibilities of there being “watchdog triggers” available - intended to ensure that avoidance reactions can and will take place to ensure body survival.

Included amongst the physically painful, mentally stressful, life threatening circumstances are not only cuts, bruises, diseases, bone breaks, dental extractions, burns, scalding, losses, anxiety, shocks, headaches, seasickness, toothaches, headaches, frights, bullying, falls, accidents, operations & attacks, etc., etc., but also greater or lesser poisonings arising from bad food, rancid fats, polluted water, drunkenness, sugar diabetes, other excesses and of course drugs and chemicals of a toxic nature from all sources.

So that by the time individuals are getting into middle-age, many of them have amassed sufficient such incidents to ensure that their Reactive Mind is triggered into taking its evasive / survival actions several times a year, then, as such incidents increase, several times a month, and later increasingly per week, etc.

Because these evasive / survival reactions interrupt the expected activities of normal living they attract the attention of observers amongst their colleagues or in the family, who will progressively consider them as “unusual”, “strange” or “weird” and an increasing cause for concern, and when the symptoms start to be daily apparent, someone will soon start to talk of “Alzheimer’s” and / or “Dementia”, and a psychiatrist or other physician will be consulted.

Very soon thereafter some drug or other medication will likely be prescribed - the definition of a “drug” being:

Any substance, generally understood to be basically of a toxic or poisonous nature, but which nevertheless, by one means or another, is introduced into the body, with a view to solving a problem by removing the individual from an unwanted physical, mental or personal condition or to attain a desired euphoric goal, and the term 'drug' is usually taken to mean those substances which work by changing the body’s natural chemistry and thus metabolically ENFORCING the condition aimed for.”
(N.B. Drugs are different from other medication insofar as a MEDICINE is a substance taken with a view to removing the individual from an unwanted physical condition, and the term 'medicine' is generally held to apply to those substances which - rather than CHANGING the body’s own natural chemistry - STIMULATE, ASSIST OR REINFORCE THE BODY'S IN-BUILT NATURAL DEFENCES AND SELF-HEALING ABILITIES.)

Most drugs are usually administered on a repeat daily basis, and because of their ESSENTIALLY TOXIC NATURE, the body treats every dose thereof as an attack on its natural chemistry creating more and more “survival” incidents to record and add to the “body survival watchdog” which is the Reactive Mind.

Or, put another way: “To expand and increase the size and activity of the individual’s Reactive Mind, which is the source of the erratic, irrational and inappropriate behaviour we call Dementia”.

In other words, pain-killers and the pain they are supposed to eradicate, along with anxiety and the hypnotic and addictive anti-psychotic drugs such as the “benzos” which are supposed to eradicate the anxiety, all merely ensure the more rapid expansion of the contents of the Reactive Mind and continuously increase the number of occasions on which the Reactive Mind is re-stimulated into acting on earlier “body survival computations” instead of on actual current present time survival requirements.

This is irrationality, and when it is regularly acted upon or voiced by the reactively re-stimulated individual, those present will increasingly see the behaviour which has been given the title of “Dementia”.

Once an individual has reached the stage where their Reactive Mind is more often and for longer periods in charge of their life than is their “normally in control” Analytical Mind, there are still a few steps which might be taken to improve the quality of their existence, but these are far more quickly, effectively and inexpensively applied in adolescence and early adulthood, when each individual can be taught the nature of Dementia, and how the Reactive Mind and its stored recorded incidents, can be beneficially handled by the individual him or her self.

So, whilst a cure for advanced Dementia can be long-winded, difficult, nearly certainly dependent on professional expertise and often irreversible – early prevention and avoidance of that condition is relatively easy and inexpensive to achieve when each person is aware of its nature and cause, and is also trained to know how it may be combated.

The above is an extremely brief introduction to the causes of Dementia and how they may be understood and tackled, but personal “First-Aid” prevention and avoidance skills can be learned on a part time basis in a matter of weeks – giving protection for life.

However, it must be repeated that the achieving of professional competence and qualifications in all the necessary techniques involves a full time training course of several months or more, including an appropriate internship.

There are currently nearly 2.4 MILLION NHS patients in nursing homes or living with family carers who are involuntarily addicted to medical drugs, whose bodies and minds are daily attacked by their prescribed addictive dosages and so inevitably move progressively down the slippery slope towards more and more Reactive behaviour and less and less Analytical successful, healthy and self-determined living.

Free of charge and with no obligation, fuller details can be obtained by contacting the “Society for an Addiction Free Europe” (SAFE) on (01342) 810151, who can also arrange for you to visit the City of London Dianetics® training centre for an even fuller briefing based on DVDs and literature for interested persons to take away for study.

SAFE is a not-for-profit community support group established in 1975.


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