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With brains on sale at the local butcher, you would expect psychiatrists to know that brains are part of the body, AND with “psyche” meaning “mind” or “spirit”, you would expect psychiatrists to know all about the “Soul” - which practically every religion in the world recognises, along with billions of human believers.

But NO.   Nearly every one of the many opposing schools of psychiatric theory deny the existence of both “Mind” and “Soul” or spirit, and base their various theories on the lump of meat called “THE BRAIN”.

The reason for this is not difficult to spot.

Pavlov’s dogs, mice, rats and various other animals have all formed the basis for psychiatry’s study of Mankind, and animals continue to be the psychiatric model for Man, whom psychiatry regards as just another animal lucky enough to be superior to the rest of the animal kingdom.

But when we turn to a non-psychiatric modern science of mental health based on a study of Man himself, we quickly find that the reason Man is superior to all other animal life is because he is extremely DIFFERENT.

Yes.  Along with other animals, Man has a Genetic Entity (the instigator of the DNA blueprint), a Brain (which is a superb electronic switchboard) and a Reactive Mind designed to protect the body.

But only Man has an Analytical Mind which serves the “SOUL” that he actually IS and which is the spiritual entity that control his Minds, his Brain and his Body throughout his current lifetime.

As with other bodies, Man’s body has a “genetic” origin based on input from both the Male and Female gender of the species and as dictated by their DNA.  And throughout the pregnancy period for their particular species, the off-springs’ body or bodies develop in the womb ready for birth.

In the case of other animals, birth ends pregnancy with no further in-the-womb development, but in the case of Man, in the last few hours or days of pregnancy, a spiritual entity or Soul, along with its Analytical Mind function, takes over control of the about to be born human body IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO ENJOY THE ACTIVITIES OF A PHYSICAL LIFETIME ON EARTH.

If NO Soul wants a particular body (or arising out of some genetic phenomena) we have a stillborn baby or some other non-optimum body condition, but in the vast majority of cases, because the Soul taking over control of the body normally demonstrates only concern and affection for the body, both the Genetic Entity and the Reactive Mind show no resistance to the Soul’s takeover of “Command”.

The behavioural differences between “analytically equipped” Humans and “reactive only” Animals are clearly revealed when one examines the scale of human emotions.

Animals seldom rise above Apathy, Hopelessness, Victim and Fear, whilst Man spans the whole range to include the heights of Cheerfulness, Enthusiasm, Exhilaration, Action, Games and Serenity of Beingness, etc.

One also sees that, whilst animals show the ability only to “Identify” environmental phenomena, Man additionally shows the ability to “Compare” and to “Differentiate”, and that whilst in general animals are governed by their environment, Man seeks to control it – and the other life forms in it.

SO.   The factors which make Man so clearly superior to other animated life forms are his spiritual self-determined nature as a Soul and the Analytical Mind function which goes along with being a Spiritual Being.

Little wonder that psychiatry gets so many things wrong and that we daily hear of mounting problems in the psychiatric “Mental Health” field.

Psychiatrists are trying to handle Mankind as if we are all animals with no Soul and with no analytical mind function !

And they make most of their money by working closely with pharmaceutical companies to provide hypothetical mental disorders for which profitable addictive drugs can be prescribed - day after day, after day for life – all paid for by the U.K. Taxpayer !

Which is why they are constantly advising Government that the National Health Service needs more and more money, because the psycho-pharms together are daily expanding the numbers of involuntarily addicted patients who MUST HAVE their profitable N.H.S. drugs every day and often up to 4 times a day !

As a result, we are looking at a society increasingly full of “VICTIMS”.

Patient victims condemned to suffer – possibly for life - the actual bodily and mental harm which involuntary drug addiction inflicts upon them.  Taxpayer victims who are forced to pay for psycho-pharm profits, and N.H.S. G.P. and Staff victims, who work their butts off innocently implementing psycho-pharm profit strategies which cure nothing, except the deliberately addicted patients’ addictive desire for their next dose of the drugs which will protect them against their next dose of addictive drugs to protect them against their next dose of addictive drugs to protect them against their next dose of addictive drugs – ad infinitum for life !

For a marketing man, this is probably the most beautiful but cruel product demand building strategy ever devised.  On average, a three times a day sale, which the consumer doesn’t even have to pay for, and which the victim will tell their M.P they “Must Have”.

BUT, it can all be cured.

Contrary to psychiatric lying propaganda, all forms of substance addiction, both illicit and licensed, CAN BE CURED, as laid out in the recently published booklet: “ADDICTION and What Causes It, But More Important, HOW TO AVOID, PREVENT AND CURE IT !”. (ISBN 978-0-9933283-4-3) Obtainable F.O.C. until 30 September 2017 by ringing (01342) 811099, after 11.00am and before 9.00pm any day, or by e-mailing

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Meanwhile, it is hoped that the Victims Commissioner for England & Wales: Baroness Newlove, and the Chief Executive for Victim Support: Mark Castle, OBE., will both have read their copies and will be actively engaged in redressing this appalling situation.


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