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Is Drug Addiction Accidental ?

If You Happen To Think That

 Individuals Become Addicted By

Accident . . . . Please Think Again !

It is because too many Ministers, other Politicians and their Officials have been led to wrongly believe that addiction is the fault of the addicted individual (OR, that it is an unfortunate but unavoidable accidental “side effect” of prescribed medication) that successive U.K. governments have made no real progress in eliminating, or even reducing, substance addiction in our society.

There are 4 main groups of producers and distributors of addictive goods who earn their living, or make huge profits, from these products:

In addition to:

1) Alcoholic drink manufacturers, distributors and retailers, there are:
2) Criminal Drug Barons, smugglers, terrorists & local pushers,
3) Pharmaceutical drug companies & medical drug distributors,

4) Psychiatrists, doctors and other drug prescription writers.

Because of the last three groups above, the UK has nearly 500,000 criminalised addiction victims, 2.4 Million involuntarily addicted NHS patients and 180,000 O.S.T. methadone and/or Subutex addicts, and because of our booze industries, the U.K. (together with other European countries) has twice as many alcoholic problems as the rest of the world put together.

The above statistics start to explain the huge strain on the U.K's National Health Service resources, because, in addition to psycho-pharm addictive drug prescribing being the largest and the fastest expanding NHS expenditure, the fact that such products are administered mainly to daily “manage” patients - BUT NOT TO CURE - creates an ever expanding client / patient list.

Because we have 2.4 Million involuntarily addicted patients receiving multi-daily doses of “medication” as “treatment” for their “disorder”, we have the right to ask ”for what illness or disorder are these patients actually and exactly still being treated ?”

And the damning answer is that whilst one year or five years or ten years ago they were diagnosed with some upset, anxiety, fear, worry, loss of an ally, or other so-called “mental disorder”, today, THEIR ONLY PROBLEM is their residual addiction to benzodiazepines, opioid pain-killers or anti-depressants, the earlier disorder having cleared up naturally within weeks of the patient's original upsetting event.

In other words, instead of curing their involuntary addiction, the psycho-pharm fraternity go on year after year enjoying huge profits from multi-daily dosing of millions of ”patients” paid for by UK taxpayers. If the overall cost of administering each dose is only £1.00, and they have only 3 doses a day, then the cost to taxpayers is £1,095 per “patient” per year for life, and with 2.4 Million “patients”, this is £2.63 BILLION per year - EVERY year !

Add to this the £8.46 BILLION the Government's National Audit office reports the NHS spends EVERY SINGLE YEAR on “managing” 180,000 O.S.T. addicts on methadone, etc., and the other nearly £ONE BILLION or so which our A&E services spend on handling drunks EVERY YEAR, and you are looking at what is really overwhelming our National Health Service.

But what makes this situation and this expenditure really un-acceptable, is the fact that, far from being an unfortunate or accidental side-effect of necessary medication, it is based on a calculated endeavour by many of the producers of addictive substances to deliberately addict as many members of our population as possible in order to guarantee sales.

Makers of shoes, hats, clothing, handbags and spectacles, etc., would love to addict their clients, and attempt to do so with “fashion” promotions, but only the makers of addictive substances capture their future consumers by actually chemically addicting (and hypnotising) them into automatic and irresistible buying and consuming behaviour.

But even worse. They have managed to convince Government that the life devastated VICTIMS - of the psycho-pharm's deliberately addictive strategies - are to blame for having become addicted !

State psychiatrists falsely claim: “They have an addictive personality”, or that they “misuse” drugs, or that they “abuse” alcohol. Talk about “passing the buck”. Just like the big bully claiming that the little guy hit him first, or that the little guy “deserved it”.

NO. Quietly and in every way possible, Drug Barons and pharmaceutical bosses alike avoid mentioning the fact that It Is Addictive Drugs Which CREATE Addiction and that this is commercially “useful”.

They know that nobody can ever become addicted to a drug which they never ever take, AND, therefore in order to create a new automatically irresistible consumer, individuals, one by one, have to be conned into experimenting with, or believing that, a given addictive substance can “help them” solve their problems.

The deliberate creating of addiction victims is evidenced by the pharmaceutical industry's mainly hidden resistance to helping to reduce the numbers of new addicts AND especially helping the withdrawing from usage of existing involuntary addicts.

In their own Pharmaceutical Society's authoritative handbook on drugs and medication (the British National Formulary or BNF) they give recognition to and confirm the dependency producing and addiction creating properties of many pharmaceutical products, and advocate gradual withdrawal from such dependency situations via a very gradual small dose “step down” procedure, as a proven effective route permitting victims of addiction to escape.

However, needed to put viable step-down withdrawal into effect (and additionally facilitate lower dose original prescribing) is the ready availability of dosage units as low as 2.5%, 5%, 10%, 20% and 50% of the supplier's recommended normal dosage.

To do this, cutting the larger tablets into 4 pieces is sometimes viable, but not for a 75 year old who, 3 times a day, will at some point in his or her withdrawal progress need to impossibly try cutting the tablets into 8 or even 16 pieces. And this, of course, they can never do with capsules.

One would therefore expect that producers, concerned about addiction, would make available the above stated small dose units.

The fact that they don't, is clear proof that they prefer to let dependency continue, rather than helping addicts to become abstinent, which would lose psycho-pharms the profitable daily addiction based consumption and turnover they have patiently built up over the months and years.

Because history has amply demonstrated that you can never fully trust businesses to self-regulate themselves, the only way that such small step-down doses will ever become regularly and easily available is by legislating them into production and easy availability, as a condition for the continuing production of ANY even mildly addictive substance.

As soon as our Politicians and Officials recognise that the addicting (and / or hypnotising) of populations is a deliberate marketing strategy and that addicts are victims who want to quit their affliction, we can start making progress towards an addiction free lower cost healthy society.

This we can do with proven non-psychiatric effective modern self-help addiction recovery training techniques, but not if Ministers continue to believe the black propaganda directed by the psycho-pharms at those organisations capable of delivering an addiction free lower cost N.H.S.

The marginalising, ridiculing, denigrating, side-lining, blackening & criticising of such effective addiction recovery training competitors has over the last 66 years been EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE.

So much so, that Ministers and Officials have been persuaded that they might well jeopardise their own personal careers if they ever even meet with, talk to or listen to those Providers who know the truth about the relationship between psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Especially because, those are the same non-psychiatric none drug prescribing Providers who have been helping addicts by training them to cure themselves of addiction for 50 years since 1966, and who today have a hundred Centres (including prison units) in 49 countries.

The cost of bringing an addict to lasting relaxed abstinence is a ONCE ONLY 62% of what the National Audit Office reports is the EVERY YEAR COST of maintaining each O.S.T. prescription user on methadone, etc.

And certain extremely successful self-help addiction recovery training centres will also validate the U.K. Government's current Drug Strategy, by accepting groups of four addicts on a PAYMENT by RESULTS basis.


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