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The Real Problem With The N.H.S.






As, when and if you “manage or treat” sickness, illness and all other forms of poor health INSTEAD OF CURING THEM - patients are seldom healed and discharged, the number of patients increases every year and the spending on prescription drugs goes up every year, so that the amount of money available for other parts of the Health Service inevitably goes down.

Less money for recruiting and training nursing staff, surgical staff, doctors and registrars, etc.  Less money for ambulances and their drivers.   Less money for vital equipment and beds.  Less money for A&E Services and staffs.  Less money for hospital premises, etc.

BUT, more and more spending on drugs intended only to relieve rather than cure, and particularly, more and more spending on “managing” the increasing numbers of invented psychiatric “disorders”, such as ADHD, where we have 800,000 U.K. children on 3 times a day Ritalin which, if at only £1.00 a dose is £876 MILLION every year.

Plus another £2.7375 BILLION more spending on our nearly 2.5 MILLION involuntarily addicted older citizens.  Patients originally psychiatrically “diagnosed” with some temporary mental disorder such as anxiety or depression – but now suffering ONLY from the drug addiction created by palliatively prescribing addictive Valium, other benzodiazepines and other addictive psychotropic drugs.

This because they were never properly tested for the real causes of their original problem, such as allergies, dietary deficiencies and excesses, undiagnosed physical injuries or poisonings and suppressive behaviour directed at them from their environment and the people in it.

Mental disorders, mainly psychiatrically diagnosed, receive the largest slice of the N.H.S. Budget at £11.2 BILLION per year and rising.

All because huge numbers of our citizens across the age ranges have been enrolled into multi-daily irresistible addiction by psychiatrists, General Practitioners and other physicians who have been trained by “the 1908 Carnegie / Rockefeller palliative medical disease management system”, set up with the deliberate intention of basing so-called “treatment” as exclusively as possible on prescription and over-the-counter medication. 
How was this achieved ?

First, by handing out research grants only to those American teaching hospitals, medical colleges and universities which restricted their tuition to the palliative treatment of symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs, and avoided any validation of other forms of recognised medical procedures, as well as any long and expensive diagnostic investigations.

And next, by extending this grant system beyond American Medical Association training influence into other national medical training systems in Europe, the British Commonwealth, South America, Asia, Africa and all other countries.

But, HOW do they sell addiction to so many National Health Services and their patients ?

To understand the answer to this question, one must first understand – beyond a shadow of doubt – that it is impossible to become addicted to a drug which one never ever takes.

Because, it is the taking of an addictive drug which ALONE creates addiction !

So the name of the game - if one wants to supply addictive drugs to anybody - is to get them, IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE, to take a few sample doses.   The pushers supplying the illegal products of the Drug Barons do this by giving away a couple of free samples to get their prospective clients hooked to the point where they “must have” some more – on a pay-as-you-go basis of course.

Pharmaceutical producers and distributors have a much easier time.  They have an honest, hard-working, dedicated-to-healing army of doctors, physicians and General Practitioners which pharmaceutical industry grants trained in palliative treatment prescribing, as a basis for their everyday practice.

In addition, they have a National Health Service ready to fund the free supply of the producer's addictive pharmaceutical drugs to anyone in the U.K., and every excuse to encourage their army of physicians to take the quickest and easiest route when handling an increasing patient workload in their surgeries.

i.e. a quick writing of a 7 day, 3 times a day prescription for an addictive drug - which the pharmaceutical supplier and Department of Health says is OK !

And that's it !

For a majority of patients given 21 doses of an addictive drug, that is enough to get them addicted, and for that patient it all appears free and above board, until side effects start to kick in and, especially, when they start to suffer “cold turkey” withdrawal effects if they try escape those side effects by stopping using the drug.

At this point, the only reasonably comfortable way out of their involuntary addiction is via a managed small-dose step-down procedure, reducing doses by no more than 2.5 to 5% every 7 to 21 days.


Understandable really, when a pharmaceutical supplier and his psychiatric pushers have put so much effort into developing a patient into an addicted consumer for which they get paid without delay or argument by the N.H.S. (i.e. U.K Taxpayers).

Commercially understandable, but no more ethical, honest or responsible than any corporate decision to utilise addiction based distribution as a marketing strategy.

The way to salvage the N.H.S. is for the Government to come down heavily on addictive drug production and prescription and, in any event, to enforce production of small step-down dosages of such drugs as a condition for permitting their continuing production.

This should be co-ordinated with the establishment of a new N.H.S. department which might well be named “Addiction Withdrawal Advisory Services and Help” (AWASH), whose operatives would likely take some 20 years to clean up the current level of involuntary addiction, but whose costs would be more than funded by the savings in N.H.S. payments for addictive drug supplies.

In fact, the only way for the Government to fail to satisfactorily handle our millions of involuntary drug addicts, would be to consult with and / or take advice from the psycho-pharm fraternity !

Say NO to Drugs”
is still the very best way to avoid drug addiction.

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The Prime Minister Is Absolutely Right:





Following Mrs May's recent speech, there can no longer be any doubt that the mental health sector needs a very long delayed overhaul.

And the main factor signalling this is: the totally appalling results being delivered in that sector by psychiatry.

Psychiatry has been “officially” in charge of making sure that our citizens are mentally healthy since the formation of the N.H.S. in 1948, and it is significant that, since that time, mental health statistics have done nothing but steadily get worse and worse and worse and worse.


But for two other main reasons.

1) Because psychiatry is “diagnosing” more and more of our population as “mentally ill”, by defining an increasing number of normal everyday behaviour patterns as a mental “disorder”, thus labelling an increasing number of children, the elderly and other adults as “in need” of mental health treatment and care.

All in order to sell more and more profitable but spurious “treatments” based on addictive drugs, sectioning, Electro-Shock and Narcotic Shock “treatments”, as well as pre-frontal lobotomies, leucotomies and other unproven brain surgery.

2) And patient numbers are also increasing because none of these individuals labelled as mental patients are getting what you, I, the man-in-the-street and the Prime Minister would properly regard as “cured” !

(i.e. No longer in need of or receiving further treatment or care.)

There is no doubt that an individual experiencing mental or emotional difficulties does need help, but psychiatric “treatments”, involuntary addiction, enforced detention and various shock “therapies” have consistently proved likely to make a patient “much quieter”, suicidal or even to run amok with a gun or knife.

But, however, NOT CURED. 

As a result, the worldwide Citizens' Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) founded 48 years ago in 1969, is committed in the U.K. to:

* Helping those professionals who, instead of simply prescribing drugs or harmful invasive treatments, seek out and address underlying causes, the vast majority of which are in no way related to psychiatric theories or practices.

* Helping the Government to reduce N.H.S. overspending by exposing current massive mental health wastage.  At present, so-called Mental Health Disorders receive the largest share of the N.H.S. Budget (£11.2 BILLION PER YEAR) despite the fact that psychiatrists admit they have no cures for their patients.

* Ensuring that the facts are available to lawmakers to help them to stop the involuntary addicting of three million or more members of our population (as well as the drugging of others), plus the removing or destroying of parts of the brain via surgery and electric shocking of the elderly, pregnant women and even children, in addition of course to other men and women.

* Campaigning for jail sentences and major financial penalties for those who cause the deaths of their patients on psychotropic drugs, and for those who supply, sponsor or prescribe such deadly drug substances.

* Stopping the automatic screening, labelling and diagnosing of “mental disorders” listed solely on the “voting in” of mental criteria by Members of the American Psychiatric Association followed by some international psychiatrists

Approval of Drugs for Human Consumption:

Drugs are being “approved” and enter the market with 'approved for use' based upon as little as only two “good results” from trials.  Often numerous trials will be commissioned (and re-commissioned) until there are two sets of results available which can be used for approval of psychotropic drugs.  Rarely are long term studies done to show the damage or lifelong problems caused by the drugs.

More investigations need to be done in pursuit of legislation to control this situation, but care must obviously be taken to ensure that psychiatric and pharmaceutically orientated professionals are not in control of such investigations.  (N.B. the A.C.M.D. [Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs] is of course such a professional group overwhelmingly controlled by Psychiatrists and Pharmacists.)

Apart from invasive “treatments”,
Drugs have been made the First and nearly exclusive Mental Health Solution:

Today there is a psycho-pharmaceutical mental health monopoly which attacks and seeks to destroy any and all other possible solutions to mental health problems.

This monopoly advocates mental health “screening” (i.e. actively seeking behavioural patterns which the monopoly can label as mental disorders) to justify early treatment of children with psychotropic drugs which have the potential to increase violence, aggression, suicides and death.   Children also receive electro-shock “therapy”, which destroys healthy memory and results in the early death of those receiving it.

When other viable and successful non-psychiatric solutions are offered, doctors and other practitioners are often met with character assassinations by the pro-monopoly media.  Their jobs are threatened, their studies do not get published in peer review journals or they find they cannot obtain research funds needed to show the effectiveness of their work.

Committals are far too easy under the new criteria for detention, which utilises Community Treatment Orders, (CTOs)  This is the procedure which was originally designed for the “few hundred” patients who were deemed extremely dangerous to themselves and others.

However, as predicted, the usage of CTOs has now become so commonplace, that thousands of patients are today being threatened with incarceration whether they have committed a crime or not IF they refuse the drugs that they recognise are making them worse rather than better.  Psychiatrists have become jailers to huge amounts of people merely for not complying with instructions to consume drugs which they totally believe are making them worse.  And this arises just because the psychiatrists literally have no other actually workable solution available.

The Psycho-Pharm Profit Advantages of Early Intervention with
Mental Health Screening:

A child committed to psychotropic drug usage at 6 years of age is a client vastly preferred by the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity over an adult starting as late as 18 or 25 years of age.  Six and eight year olds deliver ten years MORE of profitable psycho-pharm business than a 16 or 18 year old.   Which is 3,650 more doses paid for by the NHS, if the prescription is for only one dose a day.

But it is most likely to be three times a day, which is 10,950 more doses paid for by the NHS, and of course the British Taxpayer.

If the patient examining, diagnosing and prescribing cost is only £1.00, plus the dispensing cost and plus £1.00 for the drug supplying cost, and together these costs are only as low as £3.00 (which of course is impossibly low) then a 10 year earlier screening intervention is a “nice little earner” for the pharmaceutical supplier of £10,950, plus relative amounts for the prescribing psychiatrists and the dispensing chemist's shop.


Three times every day Ritalin (methylphenidate), which psychiatrists prescribe for ADHD, is currently received by some 800,000 U.K. children, and if only 20% of them were screened and “diagnosed early” (i.e. between the ages of 6 and 10), that's £1.752 BILLION MORE being paid out by the N.H.S. because of early intervention screening of young children for so-called mental disorders.

But hold on.   That's just in respect of Ritalin prescribing.   Also being prescribed by psychiatrists for ADHD are Dexamfetamine, Lisdexamphetamine, Atomoxetine and Guanfacine.

And of course they are also prescribing for many more so-called “mental conditions” IN ADDITION TO psychiatrically invented ADHD.

As a result, the above £1,752 BILLION of extra cost to the N.H.S. created by early intervention screening of children is likely double that figure.

And About Psycho-Pharmaceutical Results:

Although both psychiatry and their pharmaceutical running mates operate under a heavy veil of secrecy, we know from reports sent in to CCHR and others by disappointed and often damaged or severely injured patients (as well as some who have been sexually assaulted by their psychiatrist) that psychiatric treatments, including those based on psychotropic pharmaceutical drugs – JUST DO NOT WORK to deliver a cure in more than a very few lucky cases.

This is not only true of so-called mental disorder treatment, but also true of other psychiatric drug based therapies and treatments such as methadone and / or Subutex described as Opioid Substitution Therapy for drug addiction, which merely swaps an illegal drug for a medical drug supplied by the N.H.S and paid for by U.K. Taxpayers.

Psychiatric results were going down hill fast, until some 6o years ago when the pharmaceutical industry saw an opportunity to add the “treatment” of mental disorders to their physical health business, which had been blossoming since moving more and more to palliative dosing of symptoms, instead of seeking causes such as allergies, dietary deficiencies and excesses, hidden poisonings and injuries, etc., and also instead of then curing the causes.


Because the pharmaceutical version of a Health Service is palliative relief of symptoms by prescription treatment, because that way pharmaceutical producers seldom lose a patient by curing them, and so their business can only grow and grow and grow.  ESPECIALLY WHEN THE PATIENTS ARE NOT PAYING FOR THEIR 1, 2 OR 3 TIMES A DAY MEDICATION !

There is no incentive for either psychiatrists or pharmaceutical producers to cure anyone of anything !   Quite the reverse, because a cured patient is a lost client.

And when it comes to recognising illness, whilst we can all spot most physical problems, the defining (or more accurately – the invention) of mental disorders, is entirely in the hands of psychiatry, which is why the wealthy pharmaceuticals give so many “research grants” and other encouragement to psychiatric training institutions and support the training of increasing numbers of third world psychiatrists, whose considerable populations they look forward to supplying with more and more psychotropic drugs for more and more so-called mental disorders.

Drug addiction is not and never has been an accident.  It is part of a deliberate policy to create long term irresistible cravings for, and buyers of, addictive products – either from illegal or from legal suppliers – by handing out initially free samples or free prescriptions – because you can never become addicted to a drug which you never ever take.

But similar things are also true of Mental Disorders, vast numbers of which have been invented or exaggerated solely in order to justify psychotropic drug treatment – the prescribed products for which are mainly addictive or habit forming, and thus provide continuous massive profits and fees for pharmaceutical producers and psychiatrists.


And neither of these situations are “an accident”.   They are as a result of cold calculated, deliberate policies initiated in the early 1900s by Rockefeller and Carnegie when they took over from the American Medical Association the training of all American medical doctors, with the intention of expanding their agricultural and industrial chemical industries into the pharmaceutical medical sector.

But that's another story – or would be if, as part of their extremely clever strategy, they had not also decided that all other forms of healing should be sidelined, marginalised, criticised, ignored, demoted, dumped, knocked, avoided, neglected, struck down, debarred or otherwise invalidated to ensure their lack of appeal to both public and professionals as well as political opinion and decision makers.

As a result, the truth stares us in the face today.

Striking junior doctors, nursing and other medical staff shortages, skilled surgeons seeking better employment abroad, overwhelmed A&E Departments, and a constant pleading for more and more Taxpayer money to pay for more and more addictive psychiatric drugs for the increasing numbers of permanent lifelong patients who are not getting cured, because that is no longer an N.H.S. target, because it is not a psycho-pharmaceutical goal !











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Learning is both an ART and a SCIENCE.

An ART because the result of successful study is increasing “understanding” and accomplishment, and because understanding makes life beautiful and worthwhile.

A SCIENCE because there are both scientifically correct and technologically ineffective educational procedures, and whilst the former produce understanding and the ability to apply knowledge, poor teaching and haphazard study methods produce too many dangerous MIS-understandings, the proof of which is the ridiculous problems of the world we live in today.

However, humans are extraordinary beings, and their minds and their capacity to retain and use knowledge are truly fantastic.  The amount and variety of information that can be absorbed by one individual is incalculable and for all we know, unlimited.

In fact it is possible for one individual to not only be a medical doctor fluent in several languages, able to play piano plus other instruments, follow a strong interest in aero-modelling and active sport, hold down a highly responsible job and raise a family whilst, at the same time, nurturing a near professional interest in the history of steam locomotion, painting on canvas and sailing.

And whilst that might be a burden in terms of time and physical effort, it would not be an overwhelm mentally, because there is no limit to the mind's capacity.   It can never be “full up” to the point where it cannot hold any more data.

In the learning processes we are not concerned with the size of the “brain” and its lobes, with nerves, inner-cranial blood-flow, ventricles, organic processes and speculative physical investigations like neurology or psychiatry.  As human beings we are involved with the infinite mental and spiritual universe which subjectively exists for everyone, but which is rather obviously a variable from person to person.

As a result, we have to ask: “how and why are some people quite easily able to accumulate and make use of huge quantities and varieties of knowledge, whilst others find it difficult to recall their five times table or even their own family name ?”

And why others, in spite of years of academic study, are in many cases apparently unable to fully accomplish anything of vital survival value for themselves or for Mankind at large ?

WHY are there such astounding differences from person to person, and WHAT causes them ?

And when they are mature adults, if you carefully study those differences, you find that whilst we all start as tiny babies SOME HAVE FULLY UNDERSTOOD WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED, AND SOME HAVE NOT.   AND THE FORMER CAN APPLY WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED, AND THE OTHERS ACTUALLY CANNOT.

When looking for “why”, we further find that the group with good “understanding” were studying with the full intention of APPLYING what they were learning, whilst the others were mainly concerned with earning diplomas and becoming professionally “qualified”, and thus socially acceptable and employable.

This doesn't mean that the latter group were born stupid.  It means that modern so-called education, governed by the traditions of academia, have created false goals for learning – a main one being visible certificated proof of having studied, rather than an ability to understand, retain and apply in life what one has learned.

They didn't always study medicine in order to heal – but instead to earn the title “Doctor”, because it's better paid and can be a respected position in the society.

They didn't always study law in order to understand justice and deliver it.  They did so because Dad and the Dean both said it was a good thing to do – again because it's better paid and has the potential to be seen as a respected position in the society.

But, what is it that the really successful and truly respected individuals have, and which the large numbers of mediocre professionals and academics lack ?

And this ability is most simply defined and available as “STUDY TECHOLOGY” - the ART and SCIENCE of learning !

And whilst the first and second years of a baby's life together demonstrate that the newly born generally arrive with fantastic learning ability – learning to listen, observe, speak and understand a language (or even two) and learning to control and make use of a new vehicle called a body - the longer they live, tests over years show beyond doubt that their ability to learn slows down as they are increasingly “educated” in the home, in school, in college and in our universities.

STUDY TECHNOLOGY. That's what both our educational system and our society don't have.   As proof, think back.   Have you ever been offered a course in “Learning How To Learn” or a course in “The Basics of Study Technology ?

Instead, many are subjected to repetitious rote learning of words and sentences which, if they can be recited, lead to an examination pass – but do not often enough develop “understanding” and the ability to apply the knowledge that the system has tried to pump into them, with note-taking, homework, caning, detention, cramming and even A.D.H.D. devastating drug prescriptions from the pharmaceutical and psychiatric fraternity, who are taking advantage of poor educational methodology to invent new and profitable mental disorders, paid for by U.K. taxpayers.

In the Greater London area, over 60 percent of Dads and Mums consider their own reading ability not good enough to read to their own children, who therefore never get bedtime stories and have no high parental reading standard to live up to.

Employers know well that there is a huge hole in our educational system, which is especially obvious when they try to teach youngsters new skills and apprenticeships and discover that not only their basic skills in English and Arithmetic are not up to scratch, but that they just have no idea of how to study, leading to a lack of desire to learn – because they have never been taught HOW to learn in school.

In fact, across the nation, the number of Illiterate school-leavers exceeds those who are able to read, write, add up, multiply and divide, etc.  And whilst some of this is due to the failure of government psychiatrists to handle drink and drug problems amongst our youth, underlying even the addiction problems, is the total lack of Study Technology – not only in schools, but also in Teacher Training Colleges.

Even though the widespread problems in our educational system are obvious to employers and parents, academics continue to persuade politicians that they have ALL the answers and that nothing new or better is available.

As a result we have the ridiculous situation of seeing Study Technology (which was developed in the U.K, and is currently taught in only two British towns) now being widely used in Africa, the Middle and Far East and South America by national and regional educational systems, whose results are now out-stripping our traditional British school system.

Doctors, solicitors and other professionals are coming to Britain, bringing skills founded on the Study Technology developed here in Britain, because, instead of the UK's “know-it-all” attitude to learning technology, third world countries have been open-mindedly desperate for learning success, and have been ready to learn and so fully recognise that Study Technology is the essential foundation for all successful learning and data application – at low cost.

Study Technology is intended for daily usage and for application to the solution of life's every-day problems.  Study Technology closes the gap between “knowing” in order to be clever, applauded, “qualified” or well paid, and “knowing” for the purpose of being able to understand, use and apply to the improvement of life and living.

In fact, Study Technology makes the difference between succeeding and failing, and between achieving and not being able to actually do something.

How can we expect someone to make or do something, if they don't understand how to do it ?   How can we make something work, if from the start we don't ourselves understand how it works ?   Knowing plus understanding and plus ability to apply are the essential goals of learning and study, without which knowledge is of no more use to Man than the words on a page are of value to him if he attempts to study an unknown foreign language in a room without light !

Study Technology allows a great many people to understand the potential of the human mind who, without it, would never know or be able to use that potential.  “But”, you may ask, “what about those who have been able, without the advantage of Study Technology, to be brilliant enough to accomplish valuable deeds ?”   How much more might they have accomplished, and how much quicker would they have succeeded had they also had Study Technology available in their study tool-kit ?

Inversely, how frustrating is someone who “doesn't want to be shown”, and how do you help someone who claims he “knows it all”, when he so obviously does not ?

The economic and ethical worth of an individual is contributed in terms of what he or she creates or produces.  Actual objects and actual accomplishments which can be exchanged for money or other valuables to improve the survival and living quality of others as well as their own.

Sculptors, artists, actors, inventors, mechanics, writers, planners, policemen, pilots, bus drivers, bed makers, car makers, pianists, singers, bakers, grocers, farmers, chefs, journalists and even politicians, etc., etc., via the arts, science, industry, other activities and all walks of life, make their contributions in terms of what they can DO and what they can therefore produce of benefit to the society.

People who really can DO ! And the rewards for those who really can DO are so much greater than those received by those who CANNOT DO.

In countries where Study Technology is available, it is observably the difference between those who CAN and those who CANNOT !

Insofar as happiness is probably best defined as: “the overcoming of not unknown obstacles towards a known goal”, and because “overcoming” and “progress” towards any goal is the DOING of something, THEN: Study Technology – as the only activity which guarantees that an individual CAN KNOW, UNDERSTAND AND ACTUALY USE what he or she is learning, is really the main foundation for the building of HAPPINESS !

STUDY TECHNOLOGY was developed in West Sussex, England, by American author, researcher, educator, humanitarian and philosopher: L. Ron Hubbard®, and it allows a person to learn any subject successfully.   Study Technology consists of tools and techniques which study supervisors and teachers can use to improve the learning rates of students.

These same tools and techniques can be used by students themselves to improve their ability to understand and to utilise and apply the materials they read and study, and it remains vital for continued learning as one leaves school and faces the challenges of life.

For educators, Study Technology offers proven teaching strategies and resources that can help resolve classroom issues and improve student achievement.

Study Technology is the breakthrough that undercuts the reasons people are illiterate.  It is not just “another system”.  Study Technology is a workable and vital methodology that makes it possible for a person of any age or background to recognise and handle the barriers to successful study, and thus become effective in life.

 “Study-Tech” is taught at Greenfields Independent School, Priory Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JD, U.K., (where there is no entrance examination) and you may have your initial questions answered and obtain further information by phoning (01342) 811099 any day from 11.00am to 9.00pm.

is the