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Still Barking Up The Wrong Tree.



It is generally understood by the public, that Ring-Fenced National Health Spending” means that the amount of financing allocated by the Chancellor of the Exchequer for the provision of health care will not under any circumstances be diverted to spending on any other services, nor be subject to economy cuts which other areas of government spending might suffer.

However, it seems it may also mean that the amount of financing allocated by the Chancellor of the Exchequer for the provision of health care will not be increased beyond that “ring-fenced” amount.

As a consequence, INSIDE the National Health Service itself, within that ring-fenced amount, the various types of NHS expenditure are competing like mad with each other for an increasing share.

The main areas of spending are: Premises, Ambulances & Other Transport, Medical Equipment, Furniture, Furnishing & Fittings, A&E Services, Staff Wages & Training, Doctors Salaries & Professional Enhancement, Drugs and Other Medication, and Various Commissioned Services.

Since the 1950s the main focus of both medical services and training has been increasingly directed towards palliative medicine rather than the permanent healing goals of earlier private medicine years.

Palliative is essentially the comforting of patients by relieving their symptoms whilst the body’s natural healing abilities get on with their work, and can be effective in pleasing patients in some 50% of cases.

Unfortunately, because the palliative care concept has also been developed into a set of broadly applied “patient management” procedures, far fewer “cures” are being attempted or achieved, and an increasing majority of patients are being treated on a long term, often daily basis for months, years and even decades.

However, whilst a cure obviously ends “treatment”, the “patient management palliative care” concept serves only to year by year by year increase the huge numbers of patients still “in treatment”.

As a result, Drugs & Medication increasingly take the lion’s share of spending increases, to the detriment of Medical Staffing, A&E Services and other spending, and this applies especially to inventive emotional and MENTAL DISORDER PRESCRIBING.

Lord McNair, Westminster


In examining the mental medication situation we need to remember that any and all commercial ventures continuously seek to expand their turnover, profit, bonuses and dividends year after year, and to do this their marketing and sales departments constantly endeavour by nearly any means possible to pump more and more of their products into the society:

a) By CONTINUOUSLY EXPANDING their list of regular patients for, and consumers of, their drug products,
b) By CONTINUOUSLY INCREASING their supply of drugs and medication to, and turnover with, each consuming patient and customer,
c) By maximising their profit margin on each drug and medication supply transaction,
d) By ensuring full and prompt receipt of payment, from government, and,
e) By seeking to RETAIN THEIR EXISTING “valuable” CONSUMERS, at all costs.

So, it is not surprising that pharmaceutical producers constantly strive to SUPPLY MORE AND MORE PSYCHO-MEDICALLY PRESCRIBED DRUGS TO GROWING NUMBERS OF PATIENTS FOR MORE & MORE SO-CALLED “MENTAL ILLS & DISORDERS”, whilst ensuring that payments are safely guaranteed by the State (i.e. paid by the taxpayer) and at the same time also ensuring that the psycho-pharms lose no existing consumers by letting them be cured.

In addition to the sales tools which other industries use to achieve these profit goals, the pharmaceuticals have developed five spurious extra strategies (unique to chemical supply and marketing) to help them reach their objectives:


i) DISEASE, ILLNESS AND SICKNESS MANAGEMENT: multi-daily or weekly prescribing for bronchitis, depression, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, influenza, diabetes, insomnia, migraine, stomach, heart & fake mental problems, etc., etc.

ii) HABIT MANAGEMENT: dosing of addicts each day, 365 days a year, with disulfiram or Opioid Substitution “Treatment”.  i.e. Prescribing for alcohol and / or drug addicts other addictive products such as methadone and Subutex,

iii) BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT: by daily prescription of invented and / or exaggerated youth and older age mental conditions and / or DSM-V so-called “Mental Disorders” such as ADHD, ADD, SAD, Depression and Anxiety, etc., etc.

2) Based on psycho-medico prescribing, they take advantage of the well known to them HYPNOTIC and / or ADDICTIVE NATURE of a large proportion of their products to promote and maintain a chemically induced HABITUAL DEMAND from their consumers,

i.e. THEY ACTUALLY ADDICT (AND EXPOSE TO HYPNOTIC COMMAND) THEIR PATIENTS – in Direct and Total Opposition to the Government’s 2010 “REDUCING DEMAND” Strategy !

3) In order to ensure full on time payment for their products and services, they have persuaded successive governments that taxpayers should fund these “treatments” rather than addicts themselves, thus commandeering (because of less and less cures) an ever increasing proportion of ring-fenced health budgets for drug medication supply – to the detriment of other N.H.S. spending on equipment, A&E services, premises, ambulances, staffing, training, wages and salaries, etc.

4) To divert attention away from their own self-styled “ethical” addictive substances SUPPLY activities, they have persuaded national governments around the world to “wage war” on competing illicit drugs suppliers.

Easily done, because these are mainly criminal and terrorist growers, smugglers and hijackers of a wide range of addictive chemical products.  A war which has never actually been started, because it should logically be waged against DEMAND - by curing consumers.

A war which officially, expensively and exclusively attacks SOLELY and ONLY NON-PHARMACEUTICAL industry drug supplies and suppliers, and,

5) By also establishing, developing and supporting the most sophisticated system of PR and lobbying operations to be found in commercial endeavour on Earth. i.e. A planetary-wide so-called “independent” fraternity of service-user groups, charities, observers, drug advisers, commentators, policy “commissions”, associations, magazines, seminars, conferences, standing committees, journalists, conventions, researchers, psychological symposia, action teams, family counsellors and psychiatric prescribers, etc., etc., – all with three goals directly or indirectly in view:

i) To maximise the production and sale of pharmaceutical drugs of all types - BY MAXIMISING THEIR CONSUMPTION,

ii) To maximise the proportion of such supplies paid for by government from taxpayer funds, and,

iii) To ensure that any alternative successful systems of training, cure, diet, drills, routines, exercise and / or rehabilitation, etc., are ridiculed, marginalised, black-balled and side-lined out of existence, just in order to eliminate ANY and ALL rehabilitative competition which is effective enough to replace prescription drug medication by delivering a bona fide life-long cure or viable means of recovery from addiction.

It is not surprising to discover that a similar crafty usage of the intoxicating properties of their products is also practised in the licensed drinks trade, the other massive international purveyor of addictive products.

They know the quicker you can get a few glasses of alcohol into a drinker, the quicker will disappear his judgement, his responsibility level, his inhibitions and his ability to assess when he has “had enough”.

In addition, he may well spend more on “drinks all round” !

When athletes use chemical substances to enhance their “sports” performance, the whole world shouts “CHEATS”, condemns them and bans them from further participation.
But when the pharmaceutical industry and the alcohol producers use their own chemical substances (addictive drugs and drink) to enhance their “commercial” performance, our short sighted tax grabbing Government shouts “GREAT”.
Because the Chancellor fails to recognise that police, probation officers, hospitals, town and county councils and others are all going to spend the bulk of that chemically and alcoholically produced tax income on funding:
FIRST the provision of those drugs to millions of British citizens, and,
SECOND on funding the cleaning up of the town centres, the handling of the crimes, the injuries, the other problems increasingly caused by addicts, and all the problems with which ever increasing numbers of voters are now ever increasingly fed-up.


Pavlov, the Russian physiologist best known for his experiments with dogs and his relating of their behaviour to that of human beings, nevertheless proved he was far from stupid when, he was awarded a Nobel Prize for Physiology / Medicine in 1904.

What was stupid however was International Psychiatry’s nearly immediate adoption of the idea that rats, dogs and Man are all governed by the same patterns of behaviour AND that our meat brains are the ultimate controlling factor in all our lives.

One can understand neurology, that branch of physiology which deals with the brain and its connections to the body, being totally interested in the workings of the brain, and even wanting to be able to claim that the brain – as the mysterious high point of human body structure – is physiology’s most vital component, and their science therefore probably the most important to mankind.

But psychiatry is supposed and pretends to be dealing with the MIND of Man, insofar as it concerns itself with mental matters and mental health – “psyche” meaning mind or spirit – NOT body, NOT structure.

So why does psychiatry rely so fully on physical body components such as brain, and the behaviour patterns of dogs and rats in their repeatedly failed attempts to predict Man’s mental capacity and improve his so-called “mental health” ?

From psych Dr Chris Evans’s authoritative “DICTIONARY OF THE MIND, BRAIN AND BEHAVIOUR”, we learn:
The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind but also the disturbed mind. Even a definition of “mental Illness” is not easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety” !

So the answer to the question in the last but one paragraph on why does psychiatry rely so much on “Brain” and “Animal Behaviour” patterns, is: Because psychiatry has no fundamental theory or knowledge of the workings of the human mind, and so - 110 years after Pavlov’s dogs - is still barking up the wrong tree” !

If psychiatry was on the right track, and had progressed over the last century as fast and as far as physical medicine has, we would today be working with viable cures for neurosis, psychosis, paranoia, addiction, allergies, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of Dementia, and, in the same way as we have improved the physical health of billions, we would also have improved their mental wellbeing and intelligence.

Instead, left to psychiatry, the “mental” and “spiritual” facets of mankind have been so distorted that in despair, students of physical medicine have been trying to find within their own limited material sphere some reason for emotional and behavioural factors which are and remain elusive solely because they lie completely outside their normal physical frame of reference.


The “right tree”, which has been neglected mainly because of the lack of identification of the true purpose and function of ”the brain”, is the recognition that Man is comprised of “Body and Brains, plus a Genetic Entity, two Minds and a Spiritual Entity”.

Far from being able to learn about man from animal behaviour, the reverse is the case. 

Whilst, even in the absence of accurate and reliable communication between the species, animal behaviour can nevertheless be observed, studied, analysed and hypothesised to a remarkable degree (to the benefit of both Man and the animal kingdom), human behaviour is able TO BE LOGICALLY DISCUSSED in depth with each individual human organism and so, in addition to observed reality, a subjective reality on each being, plus his or her life and history, can be obtained from which a more detailed view of both human and animal life can be derived.

From this we learn that THE PURPOSE AND FUNCTION OF THE BRAIN IS PRETTY STRAIGHT-FORWARD, and appears to be the same for animals as it is for Mankind.

A brain is probably the most sophisticated electronic “switchboard” in existence. Like other switchboards, it doesn’t think, it doesn’t compute, it doesn’t make plans and it doesn’t make decisions, etc. But most psychs like to have us “believe” it does !

It is a uniquely programmed message handling, relay and delivery system, mainly located in the head of a flesh and blood organism, with sub-brain like relays throughout the body.

Whilst a) on the one side the brain relays communications TO the body and receives perceptions FROM the body via the endocrine and other physical communication systems, b) on the other side the brain receives its instructions FROM the minds / entities, and sends perceptions TO the minds / entities by more arcane procedures. i.e. non-physical media.

As soon as the existence and functions of the minds / entities are recognised, the function and operation of the brain moves into focus and a clear understanding of all those phenomena detected by neurologists and other brain researchers becomes rather obvious.

The phenomena seen by brain scanning and other scientific observation of electronic or chemical activity in the brain are not caused by decision-making, or any form of imaginative invention, or problem solving or goal setting.

Those are all high level mental / spiritual functions, whereas the job of the brain is a highly sophisticated, accurate, near instantaneous and largely automatic relay of data from a mental / spiritual being to achieve that being’s goals in the physical universe, whilst also concurrently and near simultaneously relaying back to the mental / spiritual being, data from the physical universe on which to further compute, decide and act.


All animal forms, including that of Man, can rather straightforwardly be shown to have some form of “Reactive Mind”, which reacts to the needs of, and dangers and threats to, bodily survival by taking avoiding actions based on unconsciously recorded memories of previous historical experiences of similar earlier damaging events in that being’s current or earlier lifetime(s).

But only Man also demonstrates possession of an “Analytical Mind” capable of “comparison” and “differentiation”, etc., in addition to the very limited reactive “identification” capability of animals.

Man and animals can be shown to have a physically managing Genetic Entity (G.E.), which, as the guardian of the DNA blueprint and instigator thereof, arrives with the about to be developed organism at conception in order to quality control production of the “under-construction” child and, after the birth, to ensure regular correct functioning, maintenance, repairs, nourishment and eventually a new phase of bodily reproduction of those genetic physical characteristics.

It is not therefore surprising to be able to observe in animals a similar set-up with the Genetic Entity guiding the organism on a strictly physical survival path through the environment via its perceptions and Reactive Mind and further on via reproduction.

But on top of these components which appear to be common to all living organisms, because researchers can actually TALK to Man it is relatively easy to also detect and reveal both a “Spiritual Entity” senior in performance to the G.E. plus an Analytical Mind senior in computational potential to the Reactive Mind.

Furthermore, work with human beings reveals, 1) in a majority of cases, not only that the Spiritual Entity can - both at its discretion and involuntarily - be safely separated from the body without damage to either, and 2) that the Spiritual Entity joined the Body – not at conception – but only shortly before birth, and basically usurped the Genetic Entity’s body controlling position and took over as the Chief Executive Officer of that human organism.

There is no reason the Genetic Entity should resent or resist this takeover, because, as long as the physical organism is comfortably and safely surviving, the G.E. has little concern about what the organism is doing, what it is being used for, where it is and how that survival is being achieved, etc.

In addition, the G.E. seems aware that the controlling Spiritual Entity also in general has the survival of the Body as a continuing goal and, in any event knows that, via the Reactive Mind, the G.E. has the over-riding power in physical emergency situations, to limit or even totally suspend the Spiritual Being’s executive control of the organism.

In addition, now proven by some, but not all, of Earth’s residents, the Spiritual Entity shows itself to be an immortal entity quite separate from the human body it occupies, with experience of earlier lifetimes and the ability to energise a human body throughout life.

In fact “dead” is the condition a human body moves into when its “Spiritual Entity” decides it is now time to permanently move out and move on - to take a new body - to re-incarnate, or to return to purely spiritual living.

So what we are here calling a “Human Being” is comprised of 1) the Body, 2) the Brain (or Brains), 3) the Reactive Mind, 4) the Genetic Entity, 5) the Analytical Mind, and 6) a Spiritual Entity or Being which is what most people and most world religions normally name as “soul” or “spirit”, and which of course is not only the driver and navigator through life of each live Human Being, but also religiously understood as "the Soul of Man" - his very essence.

(And in fact it appears that that which we know as a “Human Being” is no more nor less than a Human Body taken over shortly before birth and energised by a Spiritual Being in a parasitic combination, thus giving the Spiritual Being - during lifetime after millions of lifetimes - the greatest possible variety of physical games to play. Which seems not unreasonable, because “VARIETY IS” universally claimed to be “THE SPICE OF LIFE” ! )

Both the human Reactive Mind and the Analytical Mind have the ability to make use of the Brain to relay commands to the Body plus the ability to receive sense perceptions from the environment via the body.

During “normal” everyday operating conditions, the Analytical Mind acts as the servant of the Spiritual Being which is using and giving direction to the particular body it currently occupies.

Whilst the Spiritual Being determines goals and imagines and decides on future actions and directions, on the Spiritual Being's instructions the Analytical Mind computes effort and other requirements, and relays spiritually approved commands to the brain for the brain to relay to the body and to have implemented by the body in the local environment.

(N.B. Whilst neurologists and physiologists often speak of “brains” in the plural to include the brain-like relay stations within the body, because all one’s “brains” work in concert, further reference herein will be to the singular element.)

The brain also accepts communications from the physical environment via the body’s perceptive senses, and “relays” these via the being’s Mind(s) and to the Spiritual Being as data on which to postulate a future and on which to compute decisions and future activity in the game of survival in this lifetime on Earth.

During physical “emergencies” (i.e. when the body’s survival or wellbeing is threatened by similar historical (not genetic) circumstances stored in the Reactive Mind from earlier life similar events) in the name of physical survival the Reactive Mind has the ability to over-ride the requirements of the Spiritual Being / Analytical Mind, so that the Reactive Mind may have the body take the same sort of immediate evasive survival actions as one might observe in an animal under attack from threatening factors in its immediate environment.

i.e. Escape, run, hide, fight, physically survive at all costs, irrespective of what the Spiritual Being may otherwise wish at that time.  Because from the G.E’s dedicated physical survival viewpoint the aspirations and goals of BOTH the G.E. and the Spiritual Being ALL FAIL if the physical organism is allowed to perish.

Here, is the huge variable in human behaviour, when the demands of continuing physical existence AT ANY PRICE, are allowed by physical nature to take precedence over the goals of the Spiritual Being’s this lifetime current goals and intentions for that body.

It is therefore not really surprising that we have so many wild and even damaging decisions and actions in the fields of psychology and psychiatry, when those professions have such false ideas about the Brain and the Mind(s), and no idea whatsoever of the existence of the governing Spiritual Being - which is you !

But in addition to false ideas based on poor, incomplete, disproven or ancient science (and mainly as a result of these negative factors), into today’s Mental Health” arena has increasingly been entered theories and practices dictated by purely avaricious commercial goals and power and profit targets.


In fact, today, psychiatry’s chief function is as the marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry, whilst the training of medical doctors and G.Ps has been perverted to making them mainly salesmen for the prescribed products of the pharmaceutical industry.

For instance, by far the largest group of substance addicts in the world are those medical patients who have been involuntarily addicted to pharmaceutical drugs (which they might just possibly have found comforting for a very short period) but have been forced into addictively continuously wanting, by a) lack of accurate diagnostic testing, b) failure to even try to identify nutritional deficiencies and allergies to a wide variety of everyday environmental factors or c) even occasionally by just careless, lazy or time-saving unnecessary medical dosing or over-prescribing.

Many in the medical profession plead that this is accidental, brought on by a big overload of work and patients and a shortage of staff and resources.

But when closely examined, it becomes clear that the “marketing strategies” of the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity, based on the same expansionist goals as other businesses, are by far the main driving force behind the drugging of more and more and more of our population - at taxpayer expense.

Physical Health conditions can quite often be as plain as the nose on your face.

Far less obvious are Mental Health and / or emotional conditions, which are generally known to the public only by some “label” or psychiatric “title” attached to a common natural behaviour symptom or condition, by a psychiatrist or some other physician under psychiatric guidance.

A symptom is an observable or detectable reaction to, or result of, some cause. It is NOT the problem, it is as a result of the problem.

For example, water dripping though a ceiling is a sign something is wrong.  It is a symptom which says:  “We have a problem”, but doesn’t say what it is.

Is the water dripping because a radiator is leaking, because a pipe has burst, because a ball-cock has stuck, because a tap has been left running, because someone has spilt something, because a toilet is blocked and so is overflowing, because someone has left a window wide open and it’s raining or because the roof is leaking ?

Whilst you might put a bucket under the drip to catch the water, until you go upstairs and start investigating the cause, you really haven’t any idea how to permanently cure the problem.

And it is just the same with numerous emotional symptoms and some physical reactions.

Is John sneezing because he has a cold, because the atmosphere is full of dust, because he is allergic to cats, dogs, shampoos or hay ?  Is it the high pollen count or because at age 12 he passed out in a smoke filled room and sneezing kept him breathing so that his Reactive Mind now reacts to smoking?

Is William’s migraine due to the temperature, the lack of fresh air, the cold he is developing, the fur collar on the new coat he is wearing, his lack of vitamin “X”, or the bang on his head when he fell off his bike at age 7 onto a newly laid asphalt road, the smell of which – stored in his Reactive Mind – now re-stimulates his bad headache whenever hot weather softens the tar on the roads ?

There are literally thousands and thousands of animal, vegetable, mineral and other natural and synthetic chemical substances to which human beings can have allergic reactions, as well as unexplained until now, reactions to birds, fish, trees, plants, food, drinks, flowers and . . . . you name it !

There are a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, a shortage of which, or too much of which, can create weird physical and, what looks like but isn’t, mental phenomena in the form of undiagnosed symptoms.

And today these undiagnosed but DEFINITELY NOT MENTAL symptoms are the happy hunting ground for psychiatrists looking for consultancy work, and pharmaceutical companies looking for new customers for whom their psychiatric “partners” can prescribe their often addictive “mental health” medications.

In fact, doctors’ training college lecturers and most psychiatrists are doing the prescribing or are coaxing / manipulating local G.Ps and doctors into prescribing pharmaceutical products to handle symptoms, INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR THE UNDERLYING CAUSE AND HANDLING IT TO A CURE – more often based on a change of diet, avoidance of some allergy or the handling of a simple personal situation.

Unlike physical disorders (which can be identified and diagnosed by listening through a stethoscope, looking at the patient, x-raying, feeling for bruises or breaks, checking weight and measuring, etc., etc.) because mental health disorders are seldom diagnosed by first examining and testing the patient for allergies or nutritional deficiencies, but instead are decided according to descriptions of symptoms given in various psychiatric text books, (so that psychiatrists have found they can even prescribe the “right medication” over the telephone or by e-mail over the Internet.)

In other words, far from seeking the cause of an observed symptom by thoroughly testing for evidence of allergies or nutritional problems which can in this bio-chemical society be likely in at least half of cases, the main “time-saving” action today is to prescribe a drug which will hopefully eliminate that symptom.  (Not unlike prescribing a strong pain-killer whilst doing nothing to discover and re-set a broken arm or leg !) i.e. The symptom is PAIN – so therefore – kill it !

Take, for instance, one of the well known “mental illnesses” listed in the infamous American Psychiatric Association’s: “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the DSM)”.

You do not have to be a psychiatrist or other doctor to recognise “SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER (SAD)” which is what any person would normally call being “SHY”. (i.e. doesn’t like and / or resists meeting other people, especially the opposite sex.)

This could be because the shy person knows he or she has bad breath or a strong body odour.  It could be because they are allergic to other peoples’ body odour or after-shave or perfume.  It could be because, having often been beaten in childhood by an angry father or mother, they are subsequently afraid of any similar father or mother type of person.

It could be because the person to whom they are being introduced is a dog or cat lover, and the shy one is allergic to those animals and so reacts to the hairs carried on the other person’s clothing.

In fact, in a majority of fully and properly tested cases an amazing range of reasons for the condition can be found, the vast bulk being physically based and definitely not mental.

But testing takes time. Testing costs money. Testing needs scientific knowledge and equipment. Testing often leads to a cure and a lost customer, and insecure psychiatrists (of which there are unfortunately many) are even afraid that recommending testing is an admittance that they don’t really know their job !

Handy books of symptoms are therefore of great help and comfort to them because when confronted with a symptom or report of a symptom, they can confidently turn to their book of symptoms and find a recommended drug or other medication prescription with minimum waste of their costly time.


By listening to what the patients had to say ?

NO.  Because they were not there to be consulted.

By testing ?

NO.   Because testing is done on individuals to reveal the causes of THEIR particular symptoms, and so cannot be generalised.

By proposing a description for a new mental disorder, and then voting on it ?

YES.  Because they could then use that new “mental illness” for a number of purposes.

First, they could agree with their pharmaceutical suppliers the “best” drug or other medication to prescribe for that symptom.

Second, they could then decide on the period and cost of such prescribing and any associated residential care or other “treatment”.

Third, they could then start collecting prescribing statistics for that new “disorder”, to determine if it would be worthwhile to go on including it in their listings.

Fourth, this would permit them to put together scales of charges for various residential and non-residential purposes, including insurance claims against health policies and of course prescribing charges.

And finally, they could put all their symptomatic “mental disorders” together in a beautifully bound manual which sells for £75.00 (over 125 U.S. $dollars) to millions of psychiatrists, doctors, clinics, hospitals, universities, libraries and governments around the world at a huge profit every time they change something, “discover” new mental illnesses in order to expand the influence, turnover, earnings and profit of their profession as well as that of the pharmaceutical companies, or, just because someone thought of a new “mental disorder” they might all be able to start earning money on.

But, all they are selling is the imaginative opinions of just a few members of the American Psychiatric Association. And the people paying in most countries are that nation’s taxpayers.

Another well known example is: “ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER (ADHD)” for which Ritalin, Prozac and a range of other drugs are prescribed nearly every day of the year to thousands of teenage and younger schoolchildren.  In fact, from a marketing viewpoint the earlier they can be started the better, because the younger they start the longer they are likely to be pharmaceutical consumers.

Not “paying attention” and “too active” are the basis of this so called “mental disorder”.

So, why are they not paying attention ?

Because, when you have 30 pupils in a class, you usually have 10 slow ones, 10 fast ones and 10 the teacher considers “normal”, and on whom the speed of the lessons is therefore focussed.

Those with so-called “attention deficit” – when tested – are found to be mainly from the slow pupils who are just being left behind, but can also be from the amongst the fast group who got the point being made immediately and so need no longer pay further attention.

But why are some labelled “hyper-active” ?

Because, bored by the slow speed of the lesson delivery, many fast pupils feel the need for introducing some “action” with which to occupy their time until the rest of the class catches up. The action they choose is seldom lesson orientated, and so is normally disruptive.

Because of the strain on resources which the splitting of classes into slow, medium and fast streams would impose, when consulted, the psycho-pharms took the opportunity to prescribe regular dosing with a variety of mainly habit forming drugs leading to the likely creation of pharmaceutical or other drug addicts for life.

Before we look at more of the quite ridiculous “mental disorders” voted into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual by a show of hands, when the World Health Organisation (the WHO) was putting together its own: “International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (the ICD)”, because psychiatry was claiming to be the experts in prescribing for Mental Diseases the WHO were persuaded to essentially incorporate the whole of the DSM content into the ICD, thus extending psychiatry’s grip on mental health diagnosing and prescribing outside the psychiatric domain and into and across more and more health sectors.

All of which further extends the selling of the unproven, untested and greedy, often ridiculous opinions of just a few members of the American Psychiatric Association to nations around the world.  Mainly because the PR teams and lobbyists working on behalf of psycho-pharm vested interests have managed with black propaganda, lies, ridicule and defamation, to deny other real and effective mental health sciences any access to government Ministers and / or Civil Servants in many countries.

Especially countries like Germany, France and the U.K., where the export sales results of their pharmaceutical industries are important to their economy and especially to their national tax collection departments.

But let’s look at a few more so-called “mental health problems” being diagnosed solely on symptoms, with no adequate testing but nevertheless prescribed for at every possible opportunity.

Like every good work of fiction, the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” is copyrighted, so we are all barred from giving direct quotes therefrom without acknowledging their source.

As a result, each of the above plus the following quoted “mental disorders”, are fully acknowledged as deriving from the DSM, and you should note that they have been published to alert all of us to the fact that, IN THE OPINION OF some of the members of the American Psychiatric Association, these conditions should be designated as “mental illnesses / disorders” and are therefore appropriate reasons for the daily prescribing of mental health medication and other “mental health interventions” including brain operations, electric shocking, long term heavy drugging and, in some countries, separating children from their parents.


The term psychotic has historically received a number of different definitions, none of which has achieved universal acceptance.”

The above is of course another way of saying “We cannot agree”, or even that “We don’t know”, but after citing a few of the various “different definitions” the DSM settles on the following double definition: “Finally, the term has been defined conceptually as a loss of ego boundaries or a gross impairment in reality testing.”

Which, we are informed, even if one understands these two meanings, still doesn’t make sense of one of the cornerstones of modern psychiatric terminology.

Every experienced teacher knows that in every classroom there are roughly 1/3rd of the pupils who are quick learners, another third who are “normal” and another group who are slow or backward.

Today, if a student is a member of this latter group, they are now considered by psychiatrists as mentally disordered and thus candidates for some form of “mental health therapy”, which mainly turns out to be daily prescribed drug medication, most forms of which can be habit forming or addictive. Millionaire film star Tom Cruise was in this group labelled “Dyslexic” but, fortunately was never drugged.

Proper tutoring in language and the “barriers to study” (which are the main reasons for Dyslexia and Slowness”) soon pulled him out of this and set him on the road to what he is today.

Are all indicated as forms of Learning Disorder qualifying for drug treatment, rather than giving consideration to the possibility that there might be something wrong with the teaching methodology or some personal or family problems in individual cases like Tom Cruise’s.

40 years ago research showed that there can be 3 “barriers to study” which can produce the symptoms of dyslexia or backwardness in pupils if not handled.

This revolutionised study results in various private teaching organisations, but was seldom if ever allowed even to be considered or trialled by those State schools run by heads, teachers and board officials educated in teachers training colleges, where tuition is based on psychological and social science principles introduced after World War II in many countries by American & Canadian psychiatrists.

This was another part of the American Psychiatric Association strategy to pull the population into mental health at the youngest ages possible, and rather than going through the rest of DSM IV, if readers would like a free DVD detailing numerous examples of psych drug prescribing only to relieve symptoms, you should phone 01342 810151.


If those “in-the-know” were asked to recommend just one authoritative book on the truth about health services throughout the world today, it would probably be: ISBN Number: 978-90-817388-6-6: “(Censored) Health”, by Dr Gabor Lenkei M.D., Hungary’s best known medical practitioner, researcher and writer on why wasteful and mainly ineffective prescription drugs are increasingly the biggest part of National Health spending in most countries – including the United Kingdom.

Lenkei is not alone in trying to bring public and political attention to the shocking manipulation (by the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity) of our Department of Health, the National Health Service, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and our over-burdened taxpayers.

Dr Matthias Rath’s numerous, reliable and respected publications should also be consulted, along with the researches of Nobel Laureates Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and Linus Carl Pauling, the highly respected and validated writings on nutrition of Michael Colgan and Adelle Davis, the acknowledged as accurate statistical and financial research of Janos Drabik, the work on cancer cures of Edward G. Griffin and the thousands of honest scientists and researchers who have dared to raise their heads above the parapet and face the withering fire from psycho-pharm lobbyists and front-organisations greedily battling for more and more control and bigger and bigger shares of massive National Health spending throughout the world.

Dr Lenkei is also not alone in expressing his gratitude to L. Ron Hubbard for his work on ethics and a “Code of Honour” not just for professionals but also for honest living, which Lenkei says, helped him to use his medical training and practice to expose the racketeering of the pharmaceutical industry and the part played by psychiatrists as that industry’s main marketing arm.

In his book: “(Censored) Health”, Dr Lenkei reveals why he chose that title to expose the deliberate re-orientating of the whole medical profession away from healing / curing and towards the MANAGING WITH DAILY MEDICATION of all forms of illness, sickness, disease, addiction and behaviour. i.e. long term - even lifetime - daily palliative care instead of treatment directed towards an early and positive curative outcome.

There are four main necessities in life.

Air                                    - without which we die in minutes.
Water                               - without which we die in days or weeks.
Food (nutrition)              - without which we die in weeks or months.
Rest (including sleep) - without which we become inoperative and succumb to exhaustion and illness.

The contrived end result of modern medical training is to try and make all forms of medication into another “pseudo necessity”.  Not one without which we will die.  But drugs without which we feel we might die or medication without which we feel it might even be better to die, in order to avoid “cold turkey” effects. !

This is ADDICTIVE DEMAND CREATION with a vengeance.

1) Demand based on the patient’s consumption of drugs which act chemically on the body’s metabolic system to develop a physiological substance addiction in the same way as drugs like cocaine, crack, heroin, methadone and skunk, etc.,
2) Demand based on the consumption of hypnotic or soporific drugs which act on the reactive mind of the patient to enforce a psychological demand which is triggered by statements made to the patient either deliberately or innocently whilst he or she is in the semi-trance state induced by the drug, which can then have the power of a “command” on that patient.

e.g. “You must remember to take your tablets” !

Lenkei points out that the attention of doctors in training has quite quietly and cleverly been focussed on PRESCRIBING, not by teaching that they must prescribe, but by playing down the value of any other options, and by focussing on the alleviation of symptoms with medication, rather than the searching with full and proper testing for nutritional deficiencies, allergies and / or other possible causes.

Human beings have bodies and minds which are potentially capable of a great deal of self-repair, as long as one takes a few simple steps to support that in-built self-healing.

During any short or long recovery period, whether it be from a cold, a germ, flu, food poisoning, a “bug” or virus, toothache, sea sickness, over-indulgence, a fall, a broken or bruised body part, loss of a partner, shock or emotional overwhelm, etc., or whether it is from nutritional deficiency (lack of some vitamin or mineral) or nutritional overwhelm (too much of some substance) or as a result of an allergy to some chemical substance or environmental factor, one can suffer a variety of symptoms depending on which of the above factors were the cause of one’s condition.

Modern medical training keeps things rather too simple by encouraging and teaching student doctors mainly to consider their patients’ symptoms (running-nose, rash, headache, backache, toothache, cough, vomiting, crying, grief, other emotional states, sneezing, breathing difficulties, etc.,) and then “giving them something” to handle that symptom !

Nobody says “thou MUST concentrate on prescribing” or “thou must never look for the causes of symptoms”.

No.   It’s much more subtle than that.

Actions such as testing for the huge variety of allergies which exist, or testing for nutritional deficiencies are “CENSORED” – i.e. basically omitted from student doctors’ diagnostic training, or labelled as expensive, time consuming or wasteful – especially for anyone who expects to become a G.P. with a busy N.H.S. practice.

In fact, it’s all made to look very like instruction in the most efficient time, resource and effort saving activities.  But it isn’t.

Perhaps at least half of the symptoms presented to a local G.P. can be the sorts of suffering which accompany any of the natural healing actions of the body or the mind after injury, sickness or loss, etc., and these can thus quite often be considered for temporary palliative treatment – as long as that symptom treatment is not addictive.

However, the other half are likely to have causes which will very likely lead to a regular unexplained repetition of those symptoms or even death if those causes are not identified and handled on a permanent basis, and so must be tested & researched.

Examples (taken from case studies):

1) A young girl was reported as miserable and complaining of aches and pains in some of her bones.  The doctor prescribed a mild painkiller for the pains, and on a later visit another medication to handle her misery.

After several visits over two months showing little improvement, the doctor called in a second opinion, and Rickets was diagnosed. A vitamin “D” supplement was prescribed and milk added to the girl’s diet every day.  Within a week the child was feeling better in all respects, with no further usage of medication.

If the doctor had looked for additional symptoms or taken a second opinion earlier, the possibility of Rickets or even Coeliac Disease or other problems with calcium deficiency would have been detected and just as easily remedied – WITHOUT DRUGS.

2) A boy kept having minor crashes or falls off his bike on his way home from senior school during November evenings.  He had bruises and scrapes to both knees, both elbows and one hip, the worst of which the practice nurse dressed and the doctor temporarily” prescribed a mild soporific to help him sleep, along with paracetamol to reduce his pains.

But by February, he was still having minor cycling accidents, including a broken finger.

A friend of the family noticed the boy had failing vision in poor light and suggested that he have his eyes tested.  The optician reported to the boys G.P. that he suspected “Night Blindness” and recommended a vitamin “A” supplement be considered.

This was prescribed along with a small dietary change, and within two weeks the boy reported seeing much better in the evenings and at night.

Unfortunately, he was no longer able to sleep without the unnecessary “temporary” sleep prescription he had then been on for nearly three months, so that the medication manufacturers had yet again procured a long term consumer of their products !

3) A boy of 16 was brought to the doctor by his mother because of breathlessness, some exhaustion and signs of depression.  The doctor suspected smoking dope or sniffing glue especially as the boy also had bad breath, but the boy strongly denied any such behaviour and, after further questioning, the doctor decided the boy might have bronchitis and suggested he should try using an inhaler to see if there was any improvement.

This the boy did for some days, but reported that the inhaler made him dizzy, even more breathless and “absolutely fed-up” with the whole scene.  Taking this anxiety as an increasing sign of depression, the doctor consulted his copy of the APA “Diagnostic & Statistical Manual”, and prescribed diazepam, but after a week the boy and his mother were back complaining of greater exhaustion, breathlessness, continuing depression and other side-effects.

Fortunately, a relative staying over with the family for a few days noticed that the boy’s diet was comprised nearly exclusively of pizza, with no fresh fruits, salads, vegetables or even real fruit drinks and suggested that, for balance, he should eat a grapefruit or orange for breakfast, or eat apples, peaches, pears, grapes or other fruit as a desert after any meal.

The boy agreed and within 2 days starts to feel better, and reported this to the doctor on his next visit, by which time he was taking loads of fruit each day, feeling great, no breathlessness and no depression.

The doctor realised the boy was suffering from a deficiency of vitamin “C”, and noted that his symptoms matched up with the onset of scurvy (which the doctor learned from “Black's Medical Dictionary”), for which he then wastefully prescribed ascorbic acid tablets, which the boy failed to take as he preferred the fruits.

4) The writer’s brother John, at near his seventh birthday, inexplicably started to have attacks of difficult breathing which were eventually diagnosed as “Asthma” for which the doctor prescribed medication to cut short or modify sudden attacks and control more prolonged bouts.

However, over time, what had started in childhood as one day events at varying intervals, become 3 and eventually 5 day absences from school and later from university studies, with days 2, 3 & 4 spent at home and even in bed.

In his twenties, John was asked by a visiting aunt if he had been tested for allergies, and insisted that he should be - resulting in “contact with dogs or with people who have dogs or homes were dogs live” quickly being diagnosed as allergic sources for John.

Knowing this, he was able to take avoidance action but found that whilst this increased the time between attacks, it did not reduce their length or intensity.

A year or two later he was introduced to a Dianetics practitioner, and agreed to a course of consultations to locate what had caused his continuing and severe allergy to all things “doggy”.

Over a three week period of daily consultations John located a reactive mind incident at six years of age in which he had been chased in a rather friendly manner by what was for him a large dog.

Running along a grass verge, John fell on his face and - in pain, in tears and out of breath - the dog playfully licked his face and slobbered over him and, because he was in pain and frightened, creating an unconscious reactive memory record identifying pain, dogs, a fall and cut grass with breathing difficulties.

By finding, running and taking personal responsibility for this incident, John was able to erase it from his unconscious and controlling reactive memories and thus remove the source of the twenty years of allergic asthmatic misery which had blighted his education and his teenage and youthful social life.

If the various doctors had not been so intent on medicating his symptoms, and instead had earlier looked for causes via a modern science of mental health, John knows that, whilst things improved after eradicating his asthma, he could have earlier led a much fuller life with a wider range of relationships and athletic activities.

5) The writer’s first wife Louisa (now deceased) after our trying unsuccessfully for three years to conceive, was told - by her G.P. and medical specialists - that she was incapable of bearing children because of fibroid growths in her womb plus the worst kind of blockage of her fallopian tubes.

As a result, whilst an operation was recommended, we were advised that, whilst there was a 50/50 chance the removal of the fibroids would succeed, there was less than a 1 in 10 chance of the fallopian tubes being unblocked, and that, if it were not for the necessity for the operation on the growths, because of the poor odds, they would not normally attempt the fallopian tube operation on its own.

Finding it strange that Louisa’s body had found TWO ways to avoid having babies, we consulted the same Dianetics practitioner (James Paterson) who had relieved my brother John of his debilitating asthmatic condition and found he was recommending an exploratory analysis of Louisa’s earlier life circumstances followed, if indicated, by Dianetics “auditing” or “processing” of her case.

She subsequently went to London for four weeks of daily consultations whilst I went to Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland on a month long business trip.

When I picked her up from Jim’s consulting rooms on my return from Scandinavia, I was astounded to find what I can only describe as the girl I had hoped I had married.

Happy, healthy, vivacious and beautiful, Louisa greeted me with amazing warmth, and three months later announced she was pregnant.  Her G.P. and the specialist didn’t believe it possible, said it was most likely a “phantom” pregnancy and advised us to prepare for disappointment.  But our first daughter didn’t let us down, and arrived quickly and easily, and just as healthy as her mother had become.

For us, the moral of the story was that a lot more of mankind’s mysterious illnesses and physical conditions are psychosomatic in nature, but have never been found, and never will be found, by the pseudo-scientific approach so misleadingly called “psychiatric mental health practices”.

Hypnotic + Addictive, Reinforced Demand Substances

HARDS”, or “HARD Substances” are names given to those habit forming drugs which have the ability to combine their chemically addictive action with their soporific properties, to unintentionally or otherwise plant in a patient’s unconsciousness a hypnotic command “TO USE” that same addictive substance.

The main medication handbook – the British National Formulary - lists numerous pharmaceutical drugs which are officially indicated as habit-forming and / or addictive. In addition, many of them are also classified as “hypnotics” or as being soporific. i.e. Whilst under the influence of a recent dose, statements directed at the drugged patient are often able to take on the force of a hypnotic command or implant, which that person must unwittingly obey.

The patient is thus saddled with two separate and distinct compulsions to both demand and consume that substance:

* the FIRST acting chemically on the body’s metabolic system to develop a physiological substance addiction in the same way as drugs like cocaine, crack, heroin, methadone and skunk, etc., and,

* the SECOND acting long term on the unconscious mind of the hypnotised subject to also enforce a psychological demand which can become further reinforced by additional commands.

If the availability of HARD Substances was scarce, this would still be a suppressive situation to be very carefully avoided in any democratic country. But shockingly some 4,000,000 doses of such drugs are swallowed every day of the year by over one million elderly NHS Patients, plus 100s of 1,000s of doses a day of other addictive prescription drugs by younger persons – and the vast majority of these dosages are paid for by U.K. taxpayers.

Whilst a wide variety of drugs can have hypnotic side-effects, the main prescription drugs officially categorised in the B.N.F. as being addictive AND ALSO having hypnotic properties include:
The Hypnotics”, “The Anxiolytics” and
The Barbiturates”.

The Benzodiazepines are probably the best known and most widely used of these three classes of “hypnotics” (a list of which is given at the end of the following section) and for a variety of safety and quality-of-life reasons it is important that the following facts are fully known, not only by the prescribing doctors, but also by the patients as well as by the patients’ close family members.

In addition to the “benzos” there are the “Z” drugs, Chloral drugs and derivatives plus Clomethiazole, followed by some of the Anxiolytics and the Barbiturates. Because they are dangerous all of these are “Prescription Only” drugs, and thus a matter of “Physician Specification” rather than “Patient Selection”.

So we are not talking about patients choosing to use recreational substances for fun.

We are into the involuntarily addicting of millions of patients of all ages and thus the formation and maintenance of by far the largest group of addicts in Britain – larger my many many magnitudes than the illegal addicts against which the so-called “War on Drugs” is being waged by our Government at an annual cost of £ Billions !

e.g. The Government’s National Audit Office tells us that overall it costs U.K. taxpayers over £8.46 BILLION per year to pay for the once a day dosing and other maintenance and support costs generated by our 180,000 legally prescribed methadone users.

If that’s what 180,000 legally prescribed once-a-day methadone users officially cost our taxpayers every year, how much per year are nearly six times as many legally prescribed three-times-a-day benzodiazepine users costing us ?

And the answer is: AT LEAST as much again, plus the costs of other “HARD Substances” most likely totalling £20 Billion per year on just these few examples of just a few controlling hypnotic drugs.


ONE: The hypnotic, addictive and demand developing nature of many of their products is well known to the pharmaceutical industry, which, for turnover and profit reasons, prefers to play down the huge cost and social problems they cause because the development of regular and increasing demand for their industry’s products (even if by addiction) is by far the main goal of their marketing people, and many of these people are leading psychiatric professionals.

TWO: The doctor’s most difficult and responsible job is finding out what is wrong with you – i.e. diagnosing.  Once he knows, deciding how to treat you is far easier, especially when his diagnosis is correct.

To help him make correct diagnoses, the doctor has many tools, not always in his surgery, but at local hospitals and medical testing laboratories.

However, because nearly all medical practices are understaffed, and doctors over-worked and short of time and resources, they most often rely on time-saving “personal professional diagnostic decisions” which they can make on-the-spot, which helps them more quickly attend to that day’s queue of patients.

Unfortunately, no doctor can know about or immediately detect the effects of the thousands of chemicals which are often added to the foods we expect to find on supermarket shelves, and the over 700 different chemical compounds which have at various times been found in common drinking water.

There are also agricultural chemicals, pesticides and the vast ranges of industrial process chemicals, plus all the animals, insects, plants, flowers and natural products to which humans can often be allergic.   Then there are the chemicals we actually choose to add to our body's intake !

As a result, because no doctor can possibly keep up to date with all these factors, we have hundreds of specialist testing laboratories which can in a matter of hours or days (and in at least 50% of cases) tell the doctor exactly what is likely troubling his patient. e.g.  “Not enough of this in his or her diet.”  “Never eat this and avoid that, because they are poisoning you”, etc.

By tracing the symptoms back to their cause, which is so often not a germ or virus but is an allergy, there is found no need for medication.  No need for drugs.

Cases solved, patients happy again or they would be if enough people were being as thoroughly tested, and tested as often, as they should be - but are not.

However, a partial reason for not bothering to test is that patients don’t want to make a return trip to the surgery in a week’s time to get the news or to wait that long before being told what’s wrong.

Neither does the doctor, who, not unnaturally, just wants to take the quick and easy route of deciding, prescribing and moving on to the next patient.

In addition, U.S. psycho-pharmacology has “helpfully” supplied doctors with an “easy-prescribing” bogus “reference book” entitled “The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,” which lists many of the symptoms (BUT NOT ACTUAL CAUSES) for which HARD Substances are prescribed, and so helps to sell “HARDS” to both doctors and the NHS.

Furthermore, any test procedure costs more money than 10 minutes of the doctor’s surgery time, so that even the N.H.S. and the Chancellor of the Exchequer are happier avoiding the approaching 50% of cases which didn’t need testing, and go along with efforts to raise that proportion as often and as far as they can.

But whilst all of this might look like effective time and cost saving, in the long run it far too often proves to be false economy, extending treatment times, producing no results and prompting false prescribing plus wasteful and often harmful consumption of a huge amount of expensive medical drugs, some of them far too often forming a basis for involuntary addiction - lasting years.

On this basis, as symptoms can so often have more than one possible cause, the old adage: “prevention is better than cure” translates into “accurate diagnostic testing is better than permanent daily sickness, illness or disease MANAGEMENT”.   This is because accurate DIAGNOSIS BY TESTING leads to finding causes, and then on to applying the right cures !

THREE: The third reason for the country being swamped in HARD Substances paid for by our taxpayers is the fact that the Government goes on year after year accepting advice on health matters from the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries.

But these are the very business people whose professed goal in life is to increase the quantities of their products being manufactured, the amounts being distributed, THE AMOUNTS BEING USED, the number of U.K. citizens using them, the amounts each citizen is using and, amongst other ploys, they work hard to divert attention away from effective non-medication cures, because cures stop people being clients for their drugs !

So the Government, which has been conned into believing it is receiving advice from the game-keeper, is in fact locked deep in discussion with, and being manipulated by, the local poacher !

Civil servants and politicians are seldom if ever experts on addiction.   Nor is the NHS, which is not only the Government Department with the biggest staff addiction problems, but also an organisation which does not even attempt to cure addicts, but hides its lack of cure technology by “commissioning” other organisations to deliver such “rehab” services against standards which reveal their abject lack of addiction recovery expertise.

Expecting the psycho-pharms (the NHS’s pseudo “addiction treatment mentors”) to know anything about recovery, is like illogically expecting those engineers who manufacture the sharpest knives and scalpels to automatically be the best surgeons !

In Britain, 3% of addicts on methadone and 20 to 30% of addicts in 12 Steps Groups, attain doubtful abstinence in a period of years rather than months as a result of which psychiatrists and pharmaceutical suppliers are currently working hard to keep politicians and civil servants away from an addiction recovery training system which have been bringing addicts to self-help cures for 50 years.

Because first time through, residential training in self-help addiction recovery techniques helps 55 to 70+% of addicts at 98 training centres in 49 countries to attain lasting relaxed abstinence, it follows that senior government decision makers – in order to receive unbiased viable and provable guidance on real and effective solutions to addiction - must now wrest control of drug rehabilitation away from the DoH & NHS and start listening to those with 50 years of practice in “curing by self-help training”. (NOT TREATMENT – TRAINING.)

This can be delivered for a ONCE ONLY cost of less than half of what the National Audit Office states it costs EVERY YEAR to handle each and every existing prescription methadone patient !

But this saving will not happen until Civil Servants & Politicians start talking to those groups in the community which the psycho-pharms have been denigrating, blackballing, ridiculing, defaming and lying about for 66 years with the express intention of making absolutely sure that Civil Servants and Politicians will be too afraid of being politically “soiled” by talking to those groups.

What is desperately needed today is a political establishment with the courage to stand up to the vested interest groups which are using HARDS to make huge commercial fortunes, whilst crippling our education system, our NHS, our working population, our retirement, our reputation and our national sanity.

Proof of the existence of such political courage will be furnished by the quality of the replies received from government Ministers to the following invitation:

Kindly phone the author of this blogpost - Ken Eckersley - on 01342 810151 to invite him for an in-depth discussion at your offices on the subject of:  Effective and Economical Addiction Recovery.“


Most people know that an addictive drug is one which has the chemical ability to alter for varying periods the metabolism of a human body in such a way as to create an irresistible physiological demand for regular supplies of that particular chemical. In the absence of further supplies of that chemical, the individual can suffer a variety of painful, embarrassing and weakening bodily effects, which have come to be known as “cold turkey” withdrawal symptoms.

Most of the time we hear about these debilitating and controlling effects just in relation to those few hundreds of thousands of recreational drug users who are short of further supplies of their cocaine, crack, heroin or skunk, etc.

However, one form or another of these cold turkey effects also impose themselves on patients who have been prescribed one or other of a wide range of officially designated habit forming, addictive and / or dependency developing pharmaceutical medical drugs.

Out of the nearly a quarter million doctors in the U.K. there are some 60,000 General Practitioners and, prescribed by them, every working day millions of doses of these drugs are taken by their patients as medical “treatment” for an ever increasing number of “symptoms” categorised as either physical or mainly mental disorders.

Few patients would regard themselves as being in need of “mental health treatment”, but psychiatry has been busy expanding the market for their own professional skills as well as for pharmaceutical products, and the main result has been that G.Ps are now prescribing as much medication for emotional symptoms as they used to do for back, ear, tummy and head aches, etc.. etc.


It is the drugs supplied by the pharmaceutical companies and prescribed by local doctors, which hypnotise people !

Today, nobody needs to stare into your eyes, swing a bright object in front of you or speak in a monotonous tone to induce a hypnotic trance state.  The pharmaceutical medical drugs listed below (and others) will all to a greater or lesser degree induce a light hypnotic trance condition, lasting for a few hours after each dose.

So when a 67 year old pensioner who lost her husband two weeks ago is in her doctor’s surgery at 10.00am for new advice, she is still under the hypnotic influence of the last of the benzodiazepine tablets which she took with her breakfast, and part of the discussion goes like this:

Doctor: And how did you get on with the tablets I gave you ?
Patient: Well I have to confess I forgot to take them on a couple of occasions.  Would that be why I had a little diarrhoea ?
Doctor: Possibly, but the main thing is to take them regularly, so DON’T FORGET TO TAKE ONE TABLET WITH EACH MEAL.

After collecting her new prescription she goes home for lunch and has her next tablet, and an hour later her daughter Betty pops in:

Betty: So what did the doctor say ?
Mother: He wasn’t pleased about me forgetting to take the tablets.

The type of statements shown in Capital Letters, when directed at a person under the influence of any of the following drugs, can have the power and force of hypnotic commands which will likely be obeyed:
Chloral Hydrate, Chlordiazepoxide, Clomethiazole, Diazepam, Flunitrazepam, Flurazepam, Formetazepam, Loprazolam, Lorazepam, Lormetazepam, Nitrazepam, Oxazepam, Promethazine Hydrochloride, Temazepam, Triclofos Sodium., Zolpidem, Zopiclone - and others.

N.B. There are some 8,000 medical drugs, many of which have side effects which include dependency, addiction and hypnotic,
soporific and numbing properties.

The above list of HARDS is therefore by no means
exhaustive and, being subject to change, the above
and other substances should be checked out against
the B.N.F., or with a medical dictionary, or at your
local Citizen's Advice Bureau.

There is also a wide range of other prescription drugs which are addictive but not necessarily hypnotic, which you may wish to avoid or handle cautiously.


As an 89 year old, in my long career I have often enjoyed meeting and talking “technically” with many psychiatrists at seminars, conferences and other events, and I have yet to meet a single one who started into his or her studies with the intention of using their professional skills to harm patients.

Those I have met nearly uniformly started into the medical profession as individuals interested in helping people, usually initially with physical health problems but later moving into trying to help the mentally distressed by taking further training in psychiatry.

Which is where their problems and those of the society start, because it is basically not psychiatrists who are the problem, IT IS THE SUBJECT OF PSYCHIATRY WHICH IS AT FAULT.

Psychiatry went on to the wrong track so many years ago that its lack of real mental technology now has it entrenched in weird, illogical and dangerous theories and practices from which, without abandoning their careers and sacrificing their years of confusing and difficult training AS WELL AS THEIR FAMILY’S INCOME, it is extremely difficult for them to now escape.

Unfortunately, there are rotten apples in every barrel, and amongst psychiatrists we have recently seen arrests for a variety of crimes, mainly against their patients, and including fraud, rape, paedophilia, sexual interference, theft and misappropriation, etc.

But don’t let this divert us from the sad fact that over half of all psychiatrists, especially those in private practice, are trying hard with blunt, ill-designed and inappropriate tools to do some good in the world. In fact psychiatry is one field of employment in which a workman can correctly “blame his tools”.

The problem is that, with a training and interning career over a decade long, most confessions of disillusionment with psychiatry’s lack of effective technology are related by men in their early to mid thirties with wives, young families and other commitments (occasionally including training debts) which they could not envisage being able to handle with an alternative career outside psychiatry.

In fact I found that most agreed that the study of psychiatry was and is the biggest Catch 22 of all career studies.

But the real question is - having realised they have been conned into years of wasted time, effort and costly training by their career choice - what are they doing about it ?

And the main answer one receives is “What can I do but continue?”

So we have a largely disillusioned and basically disinterested set of middle-class medicos hanging on to their hard earned positions by carefully conforming with their Psychiatric Association’s current norms based on prescribing to the drug demand development goals of the pharmaceutical companies.

Alongside them, we have other medicos and G.Ps who have been trained into “prescribing medication for symptoms” rather than using full diagnostic testing to discover the nutritional deficiencies and allergies which occur in nearly half of all cases.

In other words, the senior psychiatric world leaders (who work closely with pharmaceutical industry leaders and look upon their bogus “science” as a population control methodology) are the real mental health criminals in more than one respect.

Not only do they use normal behavioural and emotional symptoms as excuses for condemning normal people to their appalling “treatments” but the very nature of those inhuman “treatments” demonstrate beyond doubt that those psychiatric leaders themselves are mentally severely aberrated and thus themselves in need of some intervention which will rescue them from their insane condition or, at the very least, save society from them !

66 years ago, seeking the road to improving mental health, some basically well intentioned medical students unfortunately took a completely wrong fork, sign-posted “psychiatry”, but at the same time, around the world a far greater number of similarly inclined students chose to study and practice Dianetics® – L. Ron Hubbard’s “Modern Science of Mental Health®, and thus found themselves not only able to achieve the sort of uplifting, satisfying and valuable results they had always dreamed of, but able also to earn an honest and rewarding living within the society.

Fortunately, the opportunity to take that honest and rewarding path to effective mental health is still open to those psychiatrists, psycho-analysts, psycho-therapists, psychologists and hypnotists, etc., who now recognise the lack of humanity and results within their current “disciplines” and seek to reach a worthwhile and easily attainable new professional status in a reasonable time and at modest cost.

Obviously, they will have to prove that they have retained their ethics and have not personally participated in the delivery of damaging or traumatising so-called mental “treatments”.

If they can, then the door to a satisfying and successful career as a Dianetics practitioner, relieving and eradicating the world’s emotional problems and genuine mental disorders, may well be open to them.



Every business in the world seeks to expand its sales
to more and more consumers

Pharmaceutical companies use psychiatric labelling
of more and more people as “mentally disordered”
to have doctors prescribe and dose them with
paid for by U.K. taxpayers !

If you prefer NOT to be drugged, or would rather
NOT have your taxes used to drug others
learn from this blog-post
what you should be saying to your local M.P.

S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed In 1975.

(Kindly note: “L. Ron Hubbard” and “Dianetics” are registered
trade and / or service marks of ABLE International® .)


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