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“MAY” Means “Allowed To”, and Theresa Definitely Has My Permission.





I never always agreed with Theresa May when she was Home Secretary, and I guess I am also likely to have some disagreements with her as Prime Minister.

But, I like her style, I admire her dedication and hard work, and I am very sure SHE IS THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB !

However, she is going to need to urgently clean up a few troubling sectors of the society (for which I personally would be happy to offer some help) and handling those sectors is going to make handling the economy so much easier.

Those problem creating areas can be summed up under three main headings:

1) All forms of addiction (legal, illegal and prescription),

2) The National Health Service, Public Health England and the DoH,

3) Fairer Economic and Social balance in our communities.

These three sectors lap over into each other AND into most other government Departments, so that if we get these three right, the rest tend to look after themselves.

Obviously, in seeking success, any government must juggle Income Collection, Worthwhile Spending, Waste Reduction and Justice / Fairness, and practically all our current and future problems are created by a failure to reduce waste – mainly because of the false and selfish ideas generated by vested interests in the society, about what IS ESSENTIAL and what IS NOT, and therefore also what IS WASTE and what IS NOT.

Out of a U.K. population of some 64 Million we have 2.4 million addicted to prescription medical drugs, nearly 200,000 addicted to prescription habit management drugs, 500,000 addicted to illicit drugs and at least as many again drunk once a week – some daily and permanently.

That's a total of some 5.625% of our population not only nearly continuously incapacitated but also 3.6 million people whose drunken and drugged behaviour is having to be paid for by the rest of the working population.

But the “working population” actually contributing to the U.K. Gross National Product is NOT all of our 64 million of population.

Because there are numerous under 18s in education, as well as old, infirm and incapacitated citizens, military personnel, police, civil servants, the unemployed, prison and social workers, etc., - the truly productive working population is closer to only 36 million, so that 56% of the population are supporting the rest, and that “rest” includes 10% of adult citizens nearly continuously incapacitated by drink and especially by drugs - and contributing only “trouble”.

Now start counting up the cost to taxpayers of supporting that 10%.

According to the Government's own National Audit Office, the 200,000 of methadone OST prescribed addicts alone costs £9.4 BILLION EVERY YEAR to maintain, but because that massive wastage is spread across numerous government Departments, most politicians are SELDOM IF EVER AWARE of this.

The 2.628 BILLION of tablets, pills, capsules and liquid doses which EVERY YEAR go down the throats of 2.4 million medically addicted (mainly old people) is another Taxpayer DAILY COST of £7,200,000, which in most cases daily goes on for the rest of those addicted patients' lifetimes.

In examining police, probation, prison officer, Magistrate, Judges', Barristers', Solicitors', social workers' and civil servants' time, expenditure and effort, we annually find another few billions or more £pounds of taxpayers' money being wasted on the half million or so amphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, skunk, designer drug and other sorts of illicit addicts.

Not to mention the cost of the nearly totally ineffective psychiatric and pharmaceutical prescription so-called “treatments” of such “illicit” addicts for which families and Taxpayers foot the often repetitive bill.

But what is most annoying is that, whilst the still prevailing Department of Health psycho-pharm “treatments” have failed miserably to cure more than 3% of such addicts, ever since 1966 – for 50 years – there has internationally been available a hugely effective residential programme of not-for-profit centres for training addicts in self-help recovery to lasting relaxed abstinence.


But ACCESS TO British Government Ministers for the heads of the charitable organisations which deliver these services has for years been denied by the smear campaigns of those psycho-pharm vested interests who want to go on daily selling their addictive chemical substances to as many U.K. citizens as possible.

Then there are the thousands of British school children of all ages being basically force-fed Ritalin, Prozac and various other psychiatric drugs, by school psychiatrists and nurses, for invented so-called mental psychiatric “disorders” such as ADHD and SAD. This is an important pharmaceutical drugs marketing ploy, because the younger you can get a child addicted, the longer he or she will remain a profitable and compliant consumer.

Nearly ALL of course paid for by U.K. taxpayers.

As a consequence, IF it might appear that this one subject of “Drink & Drug Consumption and ADDICTION” is the most significant and vital of the three “troubling sectors” mentioned at the beginning of this blog-post, then that is only because DRINK & DRUG CONSUMPTION are together what do most to destroy all facets of the society and the economy upon which our survival most depends, including our National Health Service and the economic balance within our society.

The National Health Service each year spends an increasing amount on drugs and medicines (proportionally higher than any other service supplied by the NHS).

This is because of the palliative orientation of “symptom management” practices which (by psycho-pharm cash grants to medical teaching facilities) has gradually been made to dominate doctors' training over the last eighty years, to the increasing exclusion of more thorough pre-treatment testing, and the omitting of cure interventions based on detecting and handling dietary deficiencies and excesses, and based on allergenic investigations and avoidance of allergies' causal factors.

Most of the massive, wasteful, no longer necessary and in fact damaging addictive drug prescribing, over-prescribing and usage TAKES PLACE WITHIN the NHS.

And whilst most members of our society consume alcohol, it is in a sense mainly those who choose to buy the alcohol alone (and not the accompanying meal which should provide balance for the drink) who cause a lot of the ensuing trouble.

In fact, when you look at our town streets and pubs on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, you can quickly see that policing, cleaning up the mess, stopping fights and treating accident and fight injuries, repairing property and vehicle damage, keeping the peace and the handling of offenders in the courts, and occasionally eventually on probation and in jail, PRETTY WELL EATS UP MOST OF THE ALCOHOL TAXES collected by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

But it's the LOCAL Council, the LOCAL Police, the LOCAL Shopkeepers, the LOCAL Doctors, Ambulance men and Hospitals and the LOCAL Courts which cover all these LOCAL costs – NOT the Chancellor who spends his alcohol tax collections (plus taxes from the pharmaceutical industry) on keeping 10% of the working population ADDICTED to psycho-pharm prescription drugs in the name of so-called “mental health”.

The trouble of course is that for over a century our population and our politicians have been very professionally conned into believing the stories about the “ethical” drugs industry, about what they contribute to the economy, about the “nice big” taxes they pay and obviously about how good drugs are for our health.

And don't make the mistake of thinking that some of this P.R. is not true.

Because, whilst some ruthless massive international pharmaceutical producers make fortunes by skating on the thin edge of honesty, humanity and the law (a fact proved by the number of court cases they lose and the vast penalties they regularly have to pay), most producers make normal profits and do produce, market and deliver ethical products serving humane and valuable purposes.

However, where many of them come adrift is when they try to expand from the field of physical medicine into that of psychiatry's version of “mental health”.

This is because the whole concept of the mind and mental health, as espoused by seriously flawed international psychiatry, proves to be a totally unreliable and damaging basis for the prescribing of most chemical substances – especially those of an addictive and / or hypnotic nature.

The bulk of “substances” which provide the first step towards alleviating the true, realistic and actual adverse mental health conditions are fresh good quality natural nutrition, balanced nutrition, natural vitamins, natural minerals and other healthy food and supplements, the prescribing of which is based on thorough and adequate testing, including the detection and handling of allergic conditions.

As long as the pharmaceutical industry continues to rely on psychiatric guidance in the field of mental health, they will find themselves getting further INTO the psychiatric mine-fields, instead of OUT, and paying more and more penalties.

It is my personal hope that Mrs May, with her already great experience of Home Office affairs, will soon combine that wisdom, with a new and closer experience of other Departments, into a coherent avoidance, prevention, eradication and ADDICTION RECOVERY TRAINING strategy.

And I believe she has the breadth and sharpness of perception to recognise that addiction can never be a ONE Department problem relying on a ONE Department solution, because ADDICTION impinges upon and requires some of its solution FROM ALL DEPARTMENTS – especially 10, Downing Street.

For further discussion on this subject, you may wish to phone (01342) 810151 any weekday between 11.00am and 9.00pm. If out, please leave your name and number.

S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed in 1975.


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