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This is because, whilst all animals including Man have brains, Man provably has an extra Analytical Mind Function not possessed by the rest of the animal kingdom.

As a consequence, studying the behaviour of mice, rats, cats, Pavlov's dogs and other animals teaches us very little about Man and, regrettably, via psychology and especially via psychiatry, has steered the medical profession in a dangerous and damaging direction in respect of Mental Health !

A direction which MUST be re-plotted if we are to go on maintaining our superiority over matter, energy, space, time, other life forms and the evil men who want to make us all robotic slaves to increasing lifelong profitable addiction.

ALL flesh and blood body types HAVE BRAINS yet, after a century of research and investigation, the superiority of Man over the rest of the animal kingdom has yet to be proved as due to our having bigger or superior brains.

But, in addition to science, if we also look at religion, with its focus on the spiritual life and the existence in BILLIONS of people of an “eternal SOUL”, we would be looking at phenomena which the so-called “psych sciences” not only completely miss out but actively DENY the existence of !

In fact, the psychs also deny the existence of “mind”as well as “spirit” as shown by the following quotation from: “A DICTIONARY of the MIND, BRAIN and BEHAVIOUR “ (ISBN 0 09 918070 7).   This is the last paragraph of the half-page definition for “psychiatry”:

The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind, but also the disturbed mind.

Even a definition of mental illness is not so easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety”.

What psychiatry has in a sense essentially done for a couple of centuries is to study horses in an effort to find out why modern car engines don't start as easily as horses in cold weather, and why cars don't consume not one mouthful of hay - even when running flat out !

And we can say this because a study of ANIMALS which have NO Analytical Mind Function is not, cannot and never will be even a shadow of a proper study of Man who depends on that analytical function for his success and superior survival.

As a result, if psychiatry and its associated “psych sciences” disappeared without replacement off the planet tomorrow, we would see only improvement in “Mental Health”, for two main reasons:

1) 95+% of psychiatric treatments are either a total waste of time, money and effort, or are physically or mentally damaging, depending - as psychiatry does - far more on the concerned individual practitioner than on the so-called “science”, and,

2) The authoritative presence of these fundamentally fake sciences impedes the recognition and implementation of a modern science of mental health, especially as the psychs, in striving for their continual traditional dominance, actually attack modern mental health science in every covert way possible, in an effort to stop Government Ministers and Civil Servants from ever contemplating even listening to or talking with any Dianetics® or Scientology® practitioners.

So around the world, whilst an increasing number of other countries are mending people's minds and curing their addictions with Dianetics, the U.K. National Health Service goes on spending nearly £ONE BILLION £pounds every quarter (£10.00 MILLION A DAY) just for the harmful addictive drugs they multi-daily feed to U.K. patients at U.K. Taxpayers' expense.

But Whitehall and Number 10 don't even want to know about this.  Because since 1948 they have been brain-washed in every possible way (including ridicule, bribery and blackmail) by the combination of psychiatry and pharmaceutical fellow travellers who basically run our Department of Health from outside it.

But learning “DIANETICS: The Modern Science of Mental Health” is amongst the most straightforward and coherent studies one could ever wish to learn, and the rewards in both Client and Counsellor satisfaction are probably the highest of all counselling professions, bringing as Dianetics does, a tremendously high level of word of mouth recommendations and referrals.

These counselling skills lap over into the field of addiction recovery services at Narconon®, probably since its founding in 1966 the most successful residential self-help training group of charitably based addiction recovery and addiction prevention centres in the world.

But as long as 69 years of psycho-pharmaceutical profit orientated dominance of the U.K. National Health Service is allowed to go on stopping those alternative organisations and technologies which ACTUALLY CAN CURE Addiction and Mental Health problems from even talking with our Government, then our society and our economy are doomed to continuing massive over-spending on medication, benefits, law-enforcement, early deaths and a poor future for our youth.

These “LET US TAKE EASY PROFITS FROM ADDICTION” psycho-pharms have deliberately misled Ministers, M.Ps, Local Authorities and Civil Servants in every possible way, and their most powerful black P.R. tool has been RIDICULE.

Based of course on lies, exaggeration, blackballing, marginalisation, side-lining, dishonest derision and covert anonymous propaganda - often told under the cover of the old school or university tie, or union or common society memberships.

Apart from the continuous wining, dining and conference treating in expensive tourist locations, there is evidence of other forms of bribery and most recently even blatant blackmail by the pharmaceutical industry trade body of the British government for its reluctance to spend even more on addictive medical drugs.

The idea that a “cure” involves getting the U.K. Taxpayer to pay for the substituting of addictive pharmaceutical drugs in place of smuggled drugs, is a brilliant profit-maker for chemical companies.

But what does it take to persuade an intelligent M.P. or government Official to accept that an addictive drug made in a pharmaceutical factory is any the less damaging to an addict, his life, his family, the society and the economy, than the same addictive drug provided by a Drug Baron ?

As long as U.K. taxpayers go on funding the N.H.S., it takes a wicked combination of government psychiatrists and pharmaceutical £MILLIONS, plus a clear disregard for the power of Parliament and the health and dignity of British patients !



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Society for an Addiction Free Existence

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Thousands of people – who have been suddenly disorientated, shocked, worried, depressed, anxious about and fearful of what was previously for them a “normal” life - are today, after a catastrophic event, mainly categorised as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, leading to clinical psychological or psychiatric so-called “treatment” at taxpayer expense, via the N.H.S.

But what does this widely diagnosed PTSD actually mean, and is it terminally handled by psychological or psychiatric counselling OR NOT ?

In its own literature, psychology was quite literally originally defined as “the study of the spirit”. (“Psyche” means “spirit”.)   But in an increasingly “material” age, this was rather quickly boiled down to “the study of the mind” and then, because of academic arguments about the existence, definition, structure and location of the ”mind”, “psychology” is more recently and most often re-specified as “the study of the brain and behaviour” - with no mention of either spirit or mind !

The academic psychological arguments about “mind” continue today, and we are still without an authoritative statement of the mind's existence and so finish up – in a well known psychology dictionary – with “mind” defined as “the sum total of psychological processes, conscious or unconscious”, (whatever that means ?)

However this brief all encompassing but non-specific definition follows on with: “while few psychologists think of mind as a spiritual entity separable from the brain and body, most now accept that the richness and reality of mental life cannot be denied, and that a place must be found for the word “mind” in comprehensive theories of human behaviour”.  (So is “mind” merely a “word” it would be nice to see in some new theory ?)

Bearing in mind that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a “mental” condition, and that “mental” means “appertaining to or arising from the mind”, the view of Psychiatry - as the other Mental Health “expert” - is laid out quite revealingly in the following definition of “Psychiatry” from Dr Chris Evan's authoritative “Dictionary of the Mind, Brain and Behaviour” (ISBN 0 09 918070 7):

The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind, but also the disturbed mind. Even a definition of mental illness is not so easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety”.

Therefore, expensively and clearly ineffectively looking after our nation's Mental Health – i.e. “The Health of the MIND”, we have two professions (they should never be called “sciences”) who do not know what a mind is, whether it actually exists, what it's structure is and where it is located, etc. !

Would you employ a chauffeur who didn't know what a car was ?   Or an air pilot who didn't know what “navigation”, “landing” or “undercarriage” means ?

But we are expected to employ so-called “Expert MENTAL Health Counsellors” - called Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists who have no knowledge of the Mind - to provide “treatment” for the most common MENTAL Health disorders such as Depression & Post Traumatic Stress, etc. !

But what exactly IS Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ?

Well, “Post” means “after”,  “Traumatic” means “shocking”, “injurious”, “depressing”, “painful” or “unsettling”, etc., whilst “Stress” means “strain”, “pressure” or “load”, etc., all adding up to an unwanted mental or emotional state entered into, following and as a result of, some catastrophic event or occurrence.

It most often manifests itself as depression, anxiety, worry, fear of, exaggerated concern or apathy, and the most common psych approach to “treatment” is to get the sufferer to take medication or to “talk about” his or her “problem”.

Communicating with intention is essentially correct, except for one thing.

Amongst other things, mere “talking” serves as a reminder to the sufferer of what happened but, if the process used does not also act to lessen, expunge or erase that incident, it will actually build into the sufferers' minds more and more “trigger-points” in time which can re-stimulate their original “horror” memories and thus strengthen the persistence and duration of their initial traumatic stress condition.

Whilst the original traumatic events vary for time to time and from one person to another, the process which provides the sufferer with the ability to erase the original traumatic event is extremely precise and depends on the practitioners knowledge of the structure of the subjects' minds and how they work.

Unfortunately, psychologists and psychiatrists (psychs) by doubting, arguing about and in fact actively and continuously denying the existence of human minds, demonstrate that they know absolutely NOTHING about HOW to find and erase trauma and its re-stimulation factors from a sufferer's mind.   EXCEPT in those very few cases where individual (and often disillusioned) practitioners forsake psych training and develop their own personal better understanding of the mind. 
The technology and the techniques which enable a practitioner (or even a family member) to locate and discover original traumatic and re-stimulative factors and erase them permanently, are contained in the book: “DIANETICS®: The Modern Science of Mental Health” by L. Ron Hubbard®.  This has sold millions of copies around the world in most of the world's languages, and so is practised far more widely than any other form of Mental Health counselling taught by any of the often self-opposing and unsuccessful psych factions or schools of thought.

Because, unlike psych taught so-called Post Traumatic Stress Counselling, Dianetics Counselling permanently erases trauma from the mind, it can quickly reduce the number of Mental Health patients demanding attention from the U.K. National Health Service and thus slash the massive costs for that Service imposed upon our Chancellor of the Exchequer and ultimately the taxpayers.

The major bonus is however, that the way in which the Dianetics processes reduce trauma, is also the way in which Dianetics - when more fully delivered in the first half of life - acts to eliminate the onset of Dementia in later life, as well as current conditions such as depression, anxiety, allergies and substance addiction, etc.

What this demonstrates, in millions of cases, is that when you know the existence of the mind, how it works, how it may be upset and how to quickly bring it relief and repair, you can deliver what look like miracles to increasing numbers of families who may have mental, traumatic, emotional and / or addiction problems.

If you would like know more, pick up a copy of “DIANETICS: The Modern Science of Mental Health” from your local library or bookshop, or, if you would first like further information, phone Ken Eckersley on (01342) 811099 any day after 11.00am and up to 9.00pm.

He will answer all your questions, and, if you wish, refer you to a Dianetics practitioner local to you who can go into greater depth with you personally.

You can also e-mail questions to Ken on


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Society for an Addiction Free Existence

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Addiction exists for six main reasons.

1) Because Drug Barons illegally produce and smuggle addictive drugs and Pharmaceutical Companies legally produce them – in order to make money.

2) Because, encouraged for a century by cash grants from pharmaceutical companies to medical colleges, universities and teaching hospitals, N.H.S. doctors have been deliberately TRAINED first and foremost to prescribe addictive drugs - mainly for so-called “mental disorders” - and of course for profit.

3) Because of the vast amounts of deliberately misleading misinformation about drugs from both Drug Barons' “pushers” and in doctors' training curricula.

4) Because with psychiatry posing as the answer to all our emotional and mental problems, our Ministers, our MPs, our Civil Servants, the Press and the public are being fed a pseudo-science, which daily promotes various brain operations, electro shock treatments, narcotic shock treatments, incarceration and multi-daily addictive drugs at Taxpayer expense.

5) Because psychiatry, in order to expand its business and fee income, has since 1952, been increasingly “labelling” aspects of normal human behaviour as mental disorders “requiring” (they say) the daily prescribing of addictive “medical” drugs to hold these “disorders” in check.  The cost to the U.K. Taxpayer is currently some £10 MILLION per day even though the original “reason” for the prescription normally no longer exists and the only continuing result is the multi-daily relief of “cold turkey” symptoms, calculated to re-appear a few hours later to maintain the patients' demand for that drug, and,

6) because it is impossible to become addicted to a drug which you never ever consume, the name of the game for pharmaceutical companies, Drug Baron's “pushers” and psychiatrists is: promoting “samples”, “trials” and 7 day, 3 times a day “prescribing” of addictive substances - both medical and recreational.

The luring of an individual into addiction is seldom IF EVER accidental.

In the vast majority of cases, it is a deliberate criminal and / or commercial strategy intended to take advantage of the “unique sales proposition” which addictive demand creates.

It is therefore not surprising that the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity promotes invented conditions like ADHD to ensnare our children into early addictive drug usage AND, at the same time, avoids producing dose sizes of their addictive drugs sufficiently small to make possible the comfortable step-down withdrawal system advocated in their their own British National Formulary prescribing “bible”.

The psycho-pharms spend a lot of time, money and effort in addicting increasing numbers of patients in the N.H.S., and therefore demonstrably resist undoing all that (for them) “good work” by in any way facilitating the curing of involuntary addiction to their profitable products.

As a consequence, because their lack of cooperation is already blatantly apparent, it is clear that the Government must be prepared to legislate to enforce the parallel production of an adequate range of small-dose units as a condition for licensing them to produce the recommended doses of all their addictive and / or habit forming substances.

That range of small doses would need to include dose sizes equivalent to 1%, 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 20% of the manufacturer's recommended dose for ALL their addictive drugs.

These apply to pills, tablets, powder and liquid capsules and other liquid doses.

If pharmaceutical producers also wished to help further by providing dose sizes of 30%, 40% and 50%, this would obviously make precisely measured step-down withdrawal prescription writing even simpler and quicker.

Doctors, are the original prescribing “pushers” of such addictive substances, and new prescribing rules for addictive and / or habit forming drugs should be introduced, to make it mandatory for the prescribing physician to justify in writing - in the patient's records - his or her reasons for prescribing any addictive substance.  With this there should also be a statement of possible alternative non-addictive treatments and why they were NOT recommended.

In addition, prescribing physicians should be expected to closely keep track of patients on such substances, and, after a maximum period of 31 days (one month) usage thereof, should start such patients on a closely monitored small-dose step-down programme intended to reduce each patient's consumption of their particular addictive drug to total abstinence within 13 weeks (three months).

Penalties for failure in this regard should lead to an offending physician being branded as an illegal “drug pusher”, whose licence to prescribe should forthwith be withdrawn for a minimum of one year – subject to appeal at three and six months.

Illegal Drug Baron provided drug supplies depend entirely on “The Local Drug Pusher” for their sale and distribution, and because these individuals are the most obvious and most accessible members of the illegal drugs distribution network – they must become THE MAJOR ZERO-TOLERANCE TARGET of all enforcement activities.


The “pusher” is that member of the illegal distribution network who must present him or her self to the public in order to enrol new customers and to daily sell and deliver their addictive goods.  They can therefore be most easily known.

And addicts who confidentially report their “pushers” to the police or other authorities and thus facilitate their arrest should be rewarded by putting them on a free of charge small-dose step-down programme via their local G.P.   This not only immediately curtails the activities of a local pusher, but also reduces the need of the addict to commit crime to pay for his or her supplies.

But, because a pusher obviously has more than one client, the pusher's arrest can leave up to a dozen or more clients without supplies.

As a result, it should be made widely known that ANY illegal drug user who wishes to quit may go to his N.H.S. G.P. and confess to his or her illegal habit and thus be immediately enrolled on a small-dose step-down programme free of charge and without prosecution.

Once again, this also reduces the need of the addict to commit crime to pay for his or her supplies, and because any addict may receive this service, it becomes impossible for an arrested pusher or his suppliers to know which of his many clients was the one who reported the pusher to the authorities.

All this depends on the politicians, the public and the authorities recognising that any addict is fundamentally a VICTIM – not a criminal.  That the luring of an individual into addiction is NEVER really an accident, because it is done on the basis of lies deliberately to make easy money.

(I well remember a Police Officer who said he only really began to understand that addicts are victims when his own son – whom he described as otherwise a decent enough lad – was found to be an addict.)


This is because the victim called: “SOCIETY” will be working together with the victim called: “ADDICT” towards an addiction-free society, happy families and an economy in which every member contributes to our mutual benefit.


This report was prepared by:



Society for an Addition Free Existence


Wednesday, 7 June 2017







In the main, they are NOT based on provable knowledge, facts, truths, actualities or current observation, etc., and it is rather obvious that “faiths” all too often substitute “belief” and “religious dogma” for provable “reality”.

As a consequence most of them descend into “religious opinion” based on unverifiable statements made thousands of years ago by individuals claiming to be miraculously spiritually informed, and whose pronouncements were often only committed to written record many years later by individual “believers” who had no access to other possible sources of facts or truth or verification of the original pronouncements.

As a consequence, even within one “faith” there are often many versions of the original prophetic or clairvoyant “revelations”, Catholics -v- Protestants, Sunni -v- Shiites, and many opposing “beliefs” between the different “faiths”, Christians -v- Muslims, etc.

Into this maelstrom of strident religious opinion step local “leaders” big and small, seeking their moment in the sun or the wielding of greater power over their “believers”.  And whilst some may have been honestly seeking a better way for their “people”, there also creeps in those who see “spiritual leader”as a way of ensuring a roof over their head, food in their belly, keeping warm in the night, and a nice feeling of power.

As a further substitute for factual knowledge and truthful proof, instead of original present time “here and now” scientific investigation of our mental and spiritual roots, we have two main diverging “schools of thought”:

Psychiatry, with its severely limited investigation of the body, the nervous system, the brain and “behaviour”, along with a messy mass of opposing theories, and complete dismissal of mind and spirit - or soul,
- versus -
Religion, with its overwhelming “belief” or ”faith” in, but no actual demonstrable proof of, God, soul or spirit, and often its own problems with sexuality and the misogynistic abuse of the ladies who so lovingly and laboriously carry all our bodies through to birth.

However, it is today increasingly obvious that it is the working COMBINATION of soul, mind, brain, body, perception, behaviour and environment which TOGETHER are more and more providing knowledge, facts, truths, proof, actualities and the realities of life as a human being on this planet, plus our eternal nature as “souls”.

The day when we can abandon “psychiatric theories and opinions” and “religious beliefs and faith” as a basis for our behaviour and decisions – SIMPLY BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW WITH TOTAL CERTAINTY THE SAME FACTUAL TRUTHS ABOUT LIFE – will be the day we stop having wars, criminality, misogyny and insanity, and start really to develop as a humane race.

Fortunately, that day is already close, because we can now see that together the twin religious sciences of Dianetics® and Scientology® are providing knowledge, facts, truths, proofs, actualities, realities and the required full recognition of, and understanding of, LIFE - which we need in order to build an ethical Mankind !

This report was prepared by:


Society for an Addiction Free Existence

Saturday, 3 June 2017






It is generally known as “Small-Dose Step-Down Managed Withdrawal”, and is recommended in the authoritative prescribing manual: “British National Formulary” by both the “British Medical Association” and the “Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain”.

Whilst such involuntary addiction to prescribed drugs costs the N.H.S. nearly £3.65 BILLION POUNDS per year (approaching £10 Million A DAY), it is unfortunate that this MOST OFTEN EFFECTIVE addiction recovery procedure IS  SELDOM  IF  EVER  IMPLEMENTED - for two main reasons:

1) The absence of a formally constituted, staffed and funded “Department of Addiction Recovery Management”, able to daily deliver, monitor and administer the necessary dosages to individual involuntarily addicted patients at their personal residences and / or in residential care and nursing homes, and,

2 ) The unjustified, selfish and cruel reluctance (for turnover preservation purposes) of pharmaceutical companies to regularly and widely offer, manufacture or stock the ranges of “small-dose” units of their addictive drugs essential to the success of such an effective withdrawal procedure.

Whilst it might be difficult to conceive that pharmaceutical company's decades of making grants to medical universities, colleges and teaching hospitals was done deliberately in order to create huge numbers of multi-daily prescription dependent state supported addicts,  THAT  IS  NEVERTHELESS  WHAT  HAS  OCCURRED.

And the real absurdity is that the cost of establishing, running and supplying a government “Department of Addiction Recovery Management” would be more than recovered from the National Health Service's DAILY £10 Million of current spending on keeping three million patients in miserable, non-productive zombie-like involuntary addiction !


The recent demise of John D. Rockefeller does not unfortunately bring to an end probably the biggest and boldest confidence trick ever played (together with the Carnegie Institute) on humanity, the medical profession and national governments.

In the United States of America, up to 1910, the study and practice of medicine left much to be desired.  Some medical qualifications could be obtained via dubious correspondence courses, and many others could be secured with minimum training at short staffed and inadequately qualified medical colleges.

As a result, medicine generally was labouring under an increasingly bad reputation, and the American Medical Association was becoming more and more concerned.

It therefore created a “Council on Medical Education” in order to examine the status of medical training throughout the U.S. and to make proposals for improving not only health education, but also medical practitioner's professional reputations.

However, by 1908, as a result of council member differences and financial poverty, the whole A.M.A. rejuvenation process was grinding to a halt, and it was into this vacuum that the Carnegie / Rockefeller consortium entered with immaculate timing and a superbly simple plan.  The wealthy Carnegie Institute along with the equally rich Rockefeller family essentially represented America's largest chemical combine, and in December of 1908, the Carnegie Institutes’s President offered to take over the whole A.M.A's failed training improvement programme.

To confirm the fact that the new Rockefeller / Carnegie “Foundation” was an impartial body separate from the A.M.A., it was agreed that the Foundation would have “carte blanche” to operate and publish quite independently and without further reference to the A.M.A. Council on Medical Education.

The Rockefeller / Carnegie Foundation immediately began to lavish cash “grants” (eventually amounting in total to hundreds of millions of dollars) on those medical schools, colleges, universities and teaching hospitals which were willing to accept some quite significant control of their training curricula.

As a result, by 1910 the Foundation had effectively invested over a Billion dollars in the 80 or so medical schools which had proved willing to accept Foundation influence and control, and by 1927, some 80 other uncooperative schools had fallen by the wayside mainly because of lack of funding, and the lack of prestige which funding brings.


An allopathic physician essentially “cures” by suppressing symptoms.

He or she does not seek to handle the cause of pain or trauma, but prescribes a painkiller or other drug. And palliative medicine is also the practice of “treating symptoms” rather than taking the time or making the effort to look for the cause of any symptoms.

This essentially rules out diagnostic investigations of DIETARY DEFICIENCIES AND EXCESSES, ALLERGIES, BROKEN INJURED OR DISEASED ORGANS OR BODY PARTS, POISONINGS, natural healing and various other possibilities.

When Allopathic and Palliative Medicine appear to “heal”, any such improvement occurs only because Mankind is born with self-healing bodies and minds, and all that the medication has done, in most cases, is to make the symptoms more confrontable by suppressing the body's pain messages.

Unfortunately, pain messages also have useful purposes, which also get suppressed.

Furthermore, many of the prescriptions quickly written today are not just for physical “treatment”, but also for so-called emotional and mental disorders, and, an escalating number of them are for addictive substances which can, in a relatively short time, develop dependency in the patient PLUS involuntary addiction - effectively for life – if not specifically handled with a programme dedicated to withdrawal and cure.

Which brings us back to the undeniable fact that effective addiction recovery procedures are seldom if ever implemented under the Allopathic / Palliative medical regimes overwhelmingly practised today by the U.K. N.H.S.

Regimes deliberately put in place by the international chemical industry to develop their pharmaceutical sector into the biggest, most profitable and expanding provider of investment opportunities for ruthless businessmen and psychiatrists who show no remorse for, and offer no help to, millions of U.K. citizens locked in deliberate addiction for the sake of bigger turnover, profit, dividends, salaries, fees and bonuses.

And the beauty of their conniving and manipulation IS that that extra profit, dividends, bigger salaries, fees and bonuses are all paid for by U.K. Taxpayers !

But the sad thing IS that politicians of all parties have allowed themselves to be drawn into this raping of taxpayers and patients, because the “democratic” system under which they govern does not allow someone with the sort of none palliative expert professional knowledge held by the writer of this article and other natural healing medical experts, to brief them on matters outside Ministers', other MPs' and Civil Servants' limited knowledge and experience.

Matters which are gnawing away at the very foundations of that democratic system.

Authoritative U.S. medical observer & author Edward Griffin summarised the results of the Rockefeller / Carnegie Foundation's “grant generosity” as follows:

And so it has come to pass that the teaching staff of all our medical schools have become a very special breed.  In the selection and training process, heavy emphasis always has been put on finding individuals who, because of temperament or special interest, have been attracted by the field of . . . . research into pharmacology.

This has resulted in loading the staffs of our medical schools with men and women who, by preference and by training, are ideal propagators of the drug orientated science that has come to dominate American (and now also world) medicine.

And the irony of it is that neither they nor their students are even remotely aware that they are products of a rigid selection process geared to hidden commercial objectives.

So thorough is their insulation from this fact that, even when exposed to the obvious truth, very few are capable of accepting it, for to do so would be a tremendous blow to their professional pride.  Generally speaking, the deeper one is drawn into the medical profession, the more years he has been exposed to its regimens, the more difficult it is to break out of its confines.

In practical terms, this simply means that your doctor probably will be the last person on your Christmas card list to accept the facts presented in this study.”

Dr David L. Edsall was at one time the Dean of the Harvard Medical School.

The conditions he describes at Harvard are the same as those at every other medical school in America.

I was for a period, a professor of therapeutics and pharmacology, and I knew from experience that students were obliged then by me and by others to learn about an interminable number of drugs, many of which were valueless, many of them useless, some probably even harmful . . . Almost all subjects must be taken at exactly the same time, and in almost exactly in the same way by all students, and the amount introduced into each course is such that few students have time or energy to explore any subject in a spirit of independent interest .

A little comparison shows that there is less intellectual freedom in the medical courses than in almost any other form of professional education in this country.

At another point in time Edward Griffin stated:

Yes, he who pays the piper does call the tune.

It may not be humanly possible for those who finance the medical schools to determine what is taught in every minute detail. But such is not necessary to achieve the cartel's desired goals.

One can be sure, however, that there is total control over what is NOT taught, and that, under no circumstances will even one of Rockefeller's shiny dimes ever go to a medical college, to a hospital, to a teaching staff or to a researcher that holds the “unorthodox” view that the best medicine is in nature!

In the meantime, whilst doctors are forced to spend hundreds of hours studying the names and actions of all kinds of man-made drugs, they are lucky if they receive even a portion of a single course on basic nutrition.  Many have none at all.

The result is that the average doctor's wife or secretary knows more about practical nutrition that he does”.

Due to most medical doctor's now “orthodox” single-minded palliative training, a question about “WHAT DEFICIENCY CAUSES IT?” wouldn't even cross his or her mind - because they have been comprehensively trained to think otherwise.

Dr Gabor Lenkei M.D. the famous Hungarian author of: “Censored Health” - “ON THE ASSEMBLY LINE OF THE DISEASE INDUSTRY”, wrote:

These are serious accusations, but nonetheless true.  It is even harder to read such lines as a medical doctor.   It also took me months to come to terms with the truth.  It wasn't easy to accept that I had been blind.  And at the time I wasn't even making a living from my medical practice.

The realisation that I had been taken for a fool shocked me.   I had unwittingly become a summa cum laude (graduated with highest honours) agent for the pharmaceutical industry.

As a student, I had naively dived into medicine. I wanted to heal people. I accepted without reservation that whatever I was taught was the best possible way of healing, the best possible recipe for success.

It didn't even cross my mind that some other procedures might exist that could produce better results.   After all, what I studied was medicine – wasn't it ?  Later I started to have doubts.  I realised they had only shown me one side of the coin, and left me ignorant about things I should have known.”

As a preamble to the way in which, over the last century, medicine has changed throughout the western world, Dr Paul Starr authored a fascinating book called: “Social Transformation of American Medicine, about how the profession which is intended to be dedicated to healing has gradually turned into a lucrative mainly pharmaceutical business, with commercial goals superseding by far those detailed in the Hippocratic oath and intended to be practised in G.P's consulting rooms and surgeries.

He gives a clear explanation of how, during their training and internship years, the practice of healing was taken away from medical doctors who thus became mere tools in the hands of greedy chemical manufacturers and financially orientated psychiatrists.

Readers of Starr's book can see the step by step process of transformation, and a medical culture that has coined more and more money and produced less and less health.   Studying the book, allows us to find out why healing activities get contaminated with corruption and a thirst for money, and how physicians were misled and betrayed, simply by telling them only one side of the healing story.

Griffin also holds no grudge against mistaught medical professionals and states:

Drug houses bombard the market with so many new drugs each year, that the physician often does not know how effective are the drugs he prescribes.   All he knows is that he has seen them advertised in the A.M.A. (or B.M.A.) Journal, has been handed a “fact sheet” by a “detail man” representing the company which manufactures the drugs, and may have had some limited or qualified success with them on a few of his previous patients.

Because he is a practitioner – not a researcher – he cannot conduct controlled experiments to determine the relative effectiveness of the new drugs as compared to the old or with similar drugs available through another drug firm.   All he knows is that “they seem to help some of his patients”.   If the first drug prescribed does not bring about the desired results, then he will issue a new prescription and “try something else”.

(And his parting comment to his patient regularly echoes that of drug-pushers of illicit drugs around the world: “See how you get on with this”.)

Of course, there is nothing about this procedure which is improper from the physician's point of view.  He is doing only what he can to help his patients by making available to them what he has been told is the latest technology in the field of drugs.  Remember, it is not he who makes a profit from writing the prescription.

There is no questioning the fact that the doctor serves as an extremely effective salesman for a multi-billion dollar drug industry, but he is not paid (by the pharmaceutical industry) for this vital service.

He has been trained for it however.  Through the curricula within the world's leading medical schools, students are exposed to such an extensive training in the use of drugs (and practically none in the field of nutrition, allergies, fasting and natural health, etc.) that, upon graduation, they quite naturally turn to the use of drugs as the 'professional treatment of choice' for practically all of Man's ills.”

Nutritional deficiencies, excesses and allergies, fasting and natural health, etc., are just not considered by them.  Because nobody ever taught them these things !

What the founders of the Rockefeller empire had recognised was that, whilst both “physical fitness” and “mental health” are some of the most precious assets for 99% of the population, these subjects are essentially a mystery to that same majority of the world's population, who are therefore to a major degree - gullible.

Thus, and especially because of the addictive properties of many drugs, they saw prescribing as ripe for massive low cost, long term exploitation, ESPECIALLY within a National Health Service financed by a country's Taxpayers !


And it is this “unbelievable factorwhich has made the build-up of all forms of drug addiction, psychiatric mental health labelling and the financial crippling and controlling of the U.K's N.H.S. a devastating fact of life.

It is not only today's doctors, G.Ps, physicians and independent high street chemists who have been sucked into this lie.  It is also the guardians of democracy – our Ministers, M.Ps and Civil Servants who have been sucked in by the greatest Press and Public Relations machine in the world today.

An earlier master of “P.R.” - Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, apparently once said:-

If I tell a lie once, ten people will believe it.
If I tell it twice, a hundred persons will believe it.
If I say it three times it will be accepted by a thousand, and,
If I repeat it four times, even I start to believe it.

What the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity have so successfully added to the above to bring pressure on our country' decision-makers are promotional flattery, bribery and blackmail of every conceivable type.

PLUS, in respect of any competition, alternative or other healing solutions, they have widely and continuously used devastating overt, covert, direct and indirect, attacks, criticisms, denials, ridicule, black-balling, side-lining, constant derision, secret political onslaughts and destructive marginalisation to viciously and falsely discredit them.

And to make sure that those of our political decision-makers, who have previously supported them, will be reluctant to change their minds, the psycho-pharmaceutical manipulators of our economy, our society and our budgets have even managed to build-in a truly inspired “loss of face” factor.

In the same way that a majority of physicians are extremely reluctant to admit they “might have been short-changed or conned during their training years”, politicians, seeking to impress the electorate and their party leaders, are understandably even more reluctant to admit they “might just perhaps” have been manipulated on an even grander scale than the medical profession and our Taxpayers.

So whilst this briefing concerns itself with “Actually Curing Involuntary Addiction to Prescribed Drugs”, that cure is technically and logistically a relatively simple task compared with rescuing our politicians from the controlled condition it has taken Rockefeller & Co a century and countless billions of dollars to bring them to.

But it can be done, given the full, frank and proper informing of persons senior enough in our decision-making hierarchy to be above blaming themselves for being outwitted by determined, calculating, cold-hearted, selfish, lying manipulators, who don't care if they destroy other peoples' careers and lives in order to further their own vast fortunes.

And because involuntary addiction to prescription drugs is such a massive drain on the Exchequer, by starting to cure it, politicians will soon start to save enough money to be able to comfortably afford to cure it.

In other words, by so blatantly building a confidence swindle so massively expensive for the Government and the economy, the psycho-pharms have at the same time provided Government with a source of cost-saving capable of giving Britain the funds it now needs to successfully see an addiction free society through to fruition.


A relatively drug-free society, with MILLIONS of patients released from cold-turkey control and misery, and a Government released from massive N.H.S. addiction wasted expenditure.

An educated Government which is no longer being conned into converting Drug-Baron created addicts into even more taxpayer supplied and funded lifelong prescription addicts.

But don't just take my word for it. Go to the Internet and look up: Dr. Michael Colgan, Adelle Davis, Dianetics, Edward G. Griffin, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Dr. Gabor Lenkie MD, Linus Carl Pauling, Dr. Matthias Rath, Dr. Thomas Szasz, The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights and the numerous world writers on “Natural Health”, scientific laboratory health-testing, diagnoses of causes, the origin and causes of allergies and the truth about psycho-somatic influences.

But, Here Comes The Important Bit !



From the above, it will be seen that the real problem in regard to helping the millions of involuntary addicts quit their habit and avoid the side-effects of their medication is the fact that the pharmaceutical industry (which is well equipped to sponsor and help gradual withdrawal procedures) is the very same commercial operation which has as its main goal the procurement of increasing usage of as many of their addictive products as possible by an increasing number of people.

Consequently, so-called “self-regulation” by the psycho-pharms is never ever going to produce a better result than the time wasting “medication-sustaining” lip-service to which politicians have been subjected by the psycho-pharms over the last 69 years.

These manipulative ploys have included, amongst others:

a) the whole countrywide 65 years of “never-ever-intended-to-cureOpioid Substitution Therapy (methadone, etc.),
b) the 5 years incestuous “National Treatment Outcome Research Study” of psychiatric “treatments” - CONDUCTED SOLELY BY PSYCHIATRISTS THEMSELVES WITHOUT final useful report of the huge level of failure of such psychiatric so-called treatment results or “outcomes” - and,
c) the recent failed 4 year psychiatric “piloting” of “Payment by Results” in the drug recovery sector, which has deliberately aborted implementation of that brilliant current Drugs Strategy, because treatment with drugs cannot and does not cure !

As a result of these persistent psycho-pharm efforts to avoid any reduction in the increasingly vast numbers of U.K. citizen’s addicted to their products, it is vital that “Reduction of Involuntary Addiction” is (for obvious reasons) conducted as a totally separate government initiative which does NOT involve psychiatrists and only peripherally involves pharmacists – under tight regulation.

Proposals are set out in the next pages for the formation by the Government of:

Addiction Withdrawal Advisory Services & Help


a special national & local recovery department for involuntarily addicted patients - independent of psychiatry and pharmacology.

Obviously 3 million involuntary addicts who stop taking an average of over 1,095 expensive medical drug doses a year will create a cash saving more than enough to pay for the whole AWASH scheme and for further N.H.S economies.


After issuing the order to “Stop Engines”, because the inertia is so great, it takes several miles of further travel for a Captain to bring a modern oil super-tanker to a full stop.

And over the last 60 plus years of “patient management” by long-term prescription medication, the pharmaceutical companies, and their psychiatric and medical marketing arms have developed the pill-popping treatments of our NHS into a nearly unstoppable “health service” methodology, whereby just stopping the prescribing of any drug to the hundreds of thousands and even millions of its present users has been deliberately calculated to cause chaotic protest, and thus preserve their turnover.

BUT, the definition of an “EFFECTIVE” drugs policy is one which continuously moves a society or community in the direction of total abstinence - i.e. it is not a society totally without drugs, but is a society whose policy is to continuously move our communities towards becoming a society free of ADDICTIVE drugs.

And the action needed to progress towards that is NOT just to stop dead all the current prescribing of existing patients under such management ‘treatment’.

There are three main steps:


i.e. allow no new consumers of such substances to be prescribed by any doctors, psychiatrists or other physicians UNTIL laboratory and other testing plus full cause diagnosis has been done and sufficient time for any initial physical or mental trauma has elapsed, to permit the natural healing processes to start taking effect.

Depending on the nature of their patent’s trauma this will likely be a non-prescribing period of from 2 to 4 weeks.

2) Establish Residential Addiction Recovery AWASH Training Centres in each local county area, so that AWASH Recovery Workers who will Manage known existing addicted PATIENTS of all types (i.e. those currently addicted to licensed AND prescription drugs) may be trained in already proven effective self-help addiction recovery technology.

3) Expand the residential and training facilities at the centres established at
2) above, so that they may also accept for training and self-help curing on a Payment
by Results basis those addicts seeking help to escape from addiction to illicit drugs and alcohol on a self or family funded basis.

The training for the above steps has been successfully practised since 1966 and is now available at scores of centres in 49 countries, offering training for recovery from all forms of substance addiction.

70 to 75% of addicts of all types are ready and able to quit their drugs habit, and are so willing that the vast majority of them have already tried to quit hundreds of times (often daily), and although having failed on every occasion, still want to try again.

Their problem is therefore not intention.  It is that they just don’t know HOW TO, which is why effective and proven addiction recovery training is their salvation.

For users of “street” drugs this is delivered in 13 weeks on a residential programme, and normally shows a 60 to 69+% success rate first time through with (out of those who failed) up to 5 to 20% more succeeding on a second shorter refresher course.

(In a few cases, where there are domestic and family circumstances which permit it, the same technology in respect of the initial withdrawal procedures can be applied with interventionist assistance to an addict by his or her family at their home.)

Which brings us back to the main N.H.S. patient addiction recovery problem mentioned on the previous pages.  It is the “main problem” because for every individual addicted to illegal street drugs, there are a dozen people involuntarily addicted to legally prescribed pharmaceutical drugs - paid for by taxpayers - and their legal addiction can sometimes be even more devastating, life spoiling and controlling than criminal addiction to most of the illegal drugs.

Whilst the total cost to the Exchequer of providing and delivering 3 to 4 doses a day of those drugs to which patients have become involuntarily addicted is certainly higher - for the following costing example we have calculated only a mere £1.00 per dose and only 3 doses a day. i.e. a minimum cost of £1,095 per year per patient, which includes not only the drugs but also their prescribing and dispensing, etc.

On the other hand, 2 to 3 months (max 13 weeks) of an average of twice a week 45 minute visits by a trained and licensed AWASH Recovery Worker - managing a client list of twenty recovering addicts - is going to cost well under £500 per cured addict on a once only basis, even if the AWASH Worker follows up on a once a month basis for up to six months after the patient is cured.

a) an annual total cost for each AWASH Recovery Worker of maximum £40,000,
b) a current U.K. involuntarily addicted client list of some millions, and with
c) each AWASH Worker creating savings of over £47,600 per year by
d) each withdrawing 80 clients a year, we would need 2,000 trained AWASH Workers to cure the present list of addicts in 19 years.  (That's how serious the problem is !)

Whilst doing this, those 2,000 AWASH Workers would together save the U.K. Tax-payers an ADDITIONAL £15.2 MILLION per year over and above their own AWASH costs, so that in the whole 19 years (assuming no new patients become involuntarily addicted) there would be an EXTRA saving of over £288.8 MILLION.

In other words, the indicated AWASH “involuntarily addicted recovery programme”, whilst curing N.H.S. patients, will not only pay the full cost of running its own department and programme, but will also make a healthy annual contribution to the N.H.S. and Chancellor of the Exchequer’s treasury for other anti-addiction purposes.


All that is needed is for the Government to rule that addictive or other dependency developing pharmaceutical drugs will only be licensed for production in the manufacturer's recommended dosages, so long as (in order to make step-down withdrawal possible) they also produce and deliver FREE OF CHARGE at least another 5 small dosage sizes equivalent to the following percentages of their recommended doses:
                                              1%, 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 20%.

These apply to pills, tablets, powder and liquid capsules and other liquid doses.

If pharmaceutical producers also wished to help further by providing “charge-able” dose sizes of 30%, 40% and 50%, this would obviously make precisely measured step-down withdrawal prescription writing even simpler and quicker.


Without wide and low cost availability of these small doses, the curing of pharmaceutically caused involuntary addiction will go on being totally frustrated at increasingly massive cost to our whole society and our economy.


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No-One Can Ever Become Addicted To A Drug Or To Medication They Never Take.

And please remember, we take drugs only because we are wrongly advised
or wrongly believe that they will solve a problem !

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