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In the main, they are NOT based on provable knowledge, facts, truths, actualities or current observation, etc., and it is rather obvious that “faiths” all too often substitute “belief” and “religious dogma” for provable “reality”.

As a consequence most of them descend into “religious opinion” based on unverifiable statements made thousands of years ago by individuals claiming to be miraculously spiritually informed, and whose pronouncements were often only committed to written record many years later by individual “believers” who had no access to other possible sources of facts or truth or verification of the original pronouncements.

As a consequence, even within one “faith” there are often many versions of the original prophetic or clairvoyant “revelations”, Catholics -v- Protestants, Sunni -v- Shiites, and many opposing “beliefs” between the different “faiths”, Christians -v- Muslims, etc.

Into this maelstrom of strident religious opinion step local “leaders” big and small, seeking their moment in the sun or the wielding of greater power over their “believers”.  And whilst some may have been honestly seeking a better way for their “people”, there also creeps in those who see “spiritual leader”as a way of ensuring a roof over their head, food in their belly, keeping warm in the night, and a nice feeling of power.

As a further substitute for factual knowledge and truthful proof, instead of original present time “here and now” scientific investigation of our mental and spiritual roots, we have two main diverging “schools of thought”:

Psychiatry, with its severely limited investigation of the body, the nervous system, the brain and “behaviour”, along with a messy mass of opposing theories, and complete dismissal of mind and spirit - or soul,
- versus -
Religion, with its overwhelming “belief” or ”faith” in, but no actual demonstrable proof of, God, soul or spirit, and often its own problems with sexuality and the misogynistic abuse of the ladies who so lovingly and laboriously carry all our bodies through to birth.

However, it is today increasingly obvious that it is the working COMBINATION of soul, mind, brain, body, perception, behaviour and environment which TOGETHER are more and more providing knowledge, facts, truths, proof, actualities and the realities of life as a human being on this planet, plus our eternal nature as “souls”.

The day when we can abandon “psychiatric theories and opinions” and “religious beliefs and faith” as a basis for our behaviour and decisions – SIMPLY BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW WITH TOTAL CERTAINTY THE SAME FACTUAL TRUTHS ABOUT LIFE – will be the day we stop having wars, criminality, misogyny and insanity, and start really to develop as a humane race.

Fortunately, that day is already close, because we can now see that together the twin religious sciences of Dianetics® and Scientology® are providing knowledge, facts, truths, proofs, actualities, realities and the required full recognition of, and understanding of, LIFE - which we need in order to build an ethical Mankind !

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Society for an Addiction Free Existence

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