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This is because, whilst all animals including Man have brains, Man provably has an extra Analytical Mind Function not possessed by the rest of the animal kingdom.

As a consequence, studying the behaviour of mice, rats, cats, Pavlov's dogs and other animals teaches us very little about Man and, regrettably, via psychology and especially via psychiatry, has steered the medical profession in a dangerous and damaging direction in respect of Mental Health !

A direction which MUST be re-plotted if we are to go on maintaining our superiority over matter, energy, space, time, other life forms and the evil men who want to make us all robotic slaves to increasing lifelong profitable addiction.

ALL flesh and blood body types HAVE BRAINS yet, after a century of research and investigation, the superiority of Man over the rest of the animal kingdom has yet to be proved as due to our having bigger or superior brains.

But, in addition to science, if we also look at religion, with its focus on the spiritual life and the existence in BILLIONS of people of an “eternal SOUL”, we would be looking at phenomena which the so-called “psych sciences” not only completely miss out but actively DENY the existence of !

In fact, the psychs also deny the existence of “mind”as well as “spirit” as shown by the following quotation from: “A DICTIONARY of the MIND, BRAIN and BEHAVIOUR “ (ISBN 0 09 918070 7).   This is the last paragraph of the half-page definition for “psychiatry”:

The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind, but also the disturbed mind.

Even a definition of mental illness is not so easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety”.

What psychiatry has in a sense essentially done for a couple of centuries is to study horses in an effort to find out why modern car engines don't start as easily as horses in cold weather, and why cars don't consume not one mouthful of hay - even when running flat out !

And we can say this because a study of ANIMALS which have NO Analytical Mind Function is not, cannot and never will be even a shadow of a proper study of Man who depends on that analytical function for his success and superior survival.

As a result, if psychiatry and its associated “psych sciences” disappeared without replacement off the planet tomorrow, we would see only improvement in “Mental Health”, for two main reasons:

1) 95+% of psychiatric treatments are either a total waste of time, money and effort, or are physically or mentally damaging, depending - as psychiatry does - far more on the concerned individual practitioner than on the so-called “science”, and,

2) The authoritative presence of these fundamentally fake sciences impedes the recognition and implementation of a modern science of mental health, especially as the psychs, in striving for their continual traditional dominance, actually attack modern mental health science in every covert way possible, in an effort to stop Government Ministers and Civil Servants from ever contemplating even listening to or talking with any Dianetics® or Scientology® practitioners.

So around the world, whilst an increasing number of other countries are mending people's minds and curing their addictions with Dianetics, the U.K. National Health Service goes on spending nearly £ONE BILLION £pounds every quarter (£10.00 MILLION A DAY) just for the harmful addictive drugs they multi-daily feed to U.K. patients at U.K. Taxpayers' expense.

But Whitehall and Number 10 don't even want to know about this.  Because since 1948 they have been brain-washed in every possible way (including ridicule, bribery and blackmail) by the combination of psychiatry and pharmaceutical fellow travellers who basically run our Department of Health from outside it.

But learning “DIANETICS: The Modern Science of Mental Health” is amongst the most straightforward and coherent studies one could ever wish to learn, and the rewards in both Client and Counsellor satisfaction are probably the highest of all counselling professions, bringing as Dianetics does, a tremendously high level of word of mouth recommendations and referrals.

These counselling skills lap over into the field of addiction recovery services at Narconon®, probably since its founding in 1966 the most successful residential self-help training group of charitably based addiction recovery and addiction prevention centres in the world.

But as long as 69 years of psycho-pharmaceutical profit orientated dominance of the U.K. National Health Service is allowed to go on stopping those alternative organisations and technologies which ACTUALLY CAN CURE Addiction and Mental Health problems from even talking with our Government, then our society and our economy are doomed to continuing massive over-spending on medication, benefits, law-enforcement, early deaths and a poor future for our youth.

These “LET US TAKE EASY PROFITS FROM ADDICTION” psycho-pharms have deliberately misled Ministers, M.Ps, Local Authorities and Civil Servants in every possible way, and their most powerful black P.R. tool has been RIDICULE.

Based of course on lies, exaggeration, blackballing, marginalisation, side-lining, dishonest derision and covert anonymous propaganda - often told under the cover of the old school or university tie, or union or common society memberships.

Apart from the continuous wining, dining and conference treating in expensive tourist locations, there is evidence of other forms of bribery and most recently even blatant blackmail by the pharmaceutical industry trade body of the British government for its reluctance to spend even more on addictive medical drugs.

The idea that a “cure” involves getting the U.K. Taxpayer to pay for the substituting of addictive pharmaceutical drugs in place of smuggled drugs, is a brilliant profit-maker for chemical companies.

But what does it take to persuade an intelligent M.P. or government Official to accept that an addictive drug made in a pharmaceutical factory is any the less damaging to an addict, his life, his family, the society and the economy, than the same addictive drug provided by a Drug Baron ?

As long as U.K. taxpayers go on funding the N.H.S., it takes a wicked combination of government psychiatrists and pharmaceutical £MILLIONS, plus a clear disregard for the power of Parliament and the health and dignity of British patients !



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Society for an Addiction Free Existence

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