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Talking about one's mental health hang-ups might move towards lessening the “stigma” which the public attaches to possession of such problems, but, for the individual, it seldom if ever removes their source, and can even exacerbate the underlying problem.

There is a very definite and specific point in anyone's lifetime when the cause of any future mental health problem is created, and until, with modern mental health techniques, that moment is knowingly accessed and taken full responsibility for by that individual, that source point will continue to plague him or her.

The main thing which merely talking about it does, is to make that particular problem more acceptable in the eyes of the individual and most other observers, but it does nothing to remove the source of the problem, and might, due to repeated re-stimulation thereof, actually aggravate the disorder.

This has been the huge omission in psychiatric talking therapies since their introduction in the eighteen hundreds. i.e. failure to recognise that there is a finite moment of anti-survival trauma which the individual is unable to confront, which thus overwhelms him or her and for which he or she can therefore take no responsibility.

To achieve that healing access, it is necessary to understand the structure and working of the human mind(s) but, when we consult the final paragraph of the definition for “Psychiatry” in psych doctor Chris Evans' authoritative “DICTIONARY OF THE MIND, BRAIN AND BEHAVIOUR” we disturbingly find the following:

The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind but also the disturbed mind.  Even a definition of mental illness is not easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety.”

To be in full control of one's life, an individual must be “self-determined”.  Fortunately, with application of appropriate scientific counselling techniques, he is able to attain that position by taking responsibility even for times of overwhelm.

The modern mental science technique which achieves this is known as DIANETICS®, but, as this is not part of psychiatry or psychology, its originator – L. Ron Hubbard - has, since its inception in 1950, been viciously and continuously attacked by protectors of those failing subjects which, by virtue of their earlier introduction, still regrettably and damagingly occupy controlling positions in western country health services.

However, on an international basis, after 67 years of such attacks, Dianetics the modern science of mental health is now the most widely used mental therapy in the world – delivered professionally and between interested family members.

If, in addition to bravely talking about his reaction to the death of his mother, Prince Harry were to undertake professional Dianetic counselling, he would find the huge difference between psychiatric and Dianetics counselling.  i.e. the difference between talking about worrying variable mental health, and fully gaining relaxed stable mental health.

The Royal Family are absolutely right to campaign for a better understanding and recognition of mental health issues, because psychiatry has already failed us and only a worsening of the situation will be attained by further promoting psychiatry.

Some enlightened psychiatrists acknowledge this, but recognition and usage by our noble Princes and the Duchess of Cambridge would open the door to good mental health for all.

To learn more about Dianetics from an 89 year old practitioner, you may wish to phone (01342) 811099 after 11.00am and before 9,00pm any day of the week.


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