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Some pharmaceutical drugs are unquestionably useful. However, far too many are not only addictive, but also additionally relieve nothing other than the cold turkey effects they themselves daily re-create, thus keeping the “in treatment” sufferers on their prescription . . . . for the rest of their life.

What a unique sales proposition.  Consumers who just can never ever say “NO” ! And consumers who don't even have to pay for their addictive doses, because, courtesy of bamboozled and threatened politicians, U.K. taxpayers foot the bill.

And what a bill it is !

Only a relatively small percentage of hospital and high street dispensed drugs actually serve a useful purpose.   And these are not what we are talking about, even though these may be the truly useful drugs which actually “do what it says on the tin”, and for which Big Pharma can therefore demand the highest prices – and does.

No.   We are talking about the three Million U.K. drug addicts, TWO MILLION of which obtain their daily supplies from the British National Health Service, because, it was that Health Service which addicted the majority of them in the first place.

Across the U.K. approaching TEN Million doses a day of addictive medical drugs are dispensed to those two million involuntarily addicted pharmaceutical addicts.  That's 3.65 BILLION doses a year.

Because addicts have to be dispensed to on a controlled basis, if those doses cost only as little as £1.00 a dose – which is probably far too low – we are here looking at £3,650,000,000 spent just to keep two million patients addicted instead of curing them, because prescribing is good for turnover and profit, whilst curing is not !

British health spending is currently 9.9% of our Gross Domestic Production (GDP), and because this is 1.4% lower than the G7 average of 11.3%, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) says we MUST spend £20.8 BILLION more, and if we don't, they are taking advantage of Brexit to threaten to move their production and research elsewhere.  (Commonly known as cutting off their nose to spite their face.)

THE TIMES newspaper showed it understands the motives of the pharmaceutical industry better than Ministers when it some time ago initiated a successful investigation into increases in pharmaceutical pricing of their products, which in some cases had been hiked-up by thousands and thousands of per cents !

The biggest LIE circulating around Westminster and other national parliaments is that: “medical prescribing is the very essence of Health Care – and especially in relation to Mental Health” - as if medicine is nothing but drugs !

They get away with this because of
1)  the abysmal cure results of psychology and its “therapies”, and the damaging results in general of psychiatric so-called “treatments”, and
2) because of their own continuous condemnation, side-lining, marginalising, criticising, defaming, ridiculing and covert attacking of successful non-chemical cure procedures.

Probably the most financially successful operator in the medical field died only last month.  John D. Rockefeller made a major part of his vast fortune by bribing universities, colleges & teaching hospitals with training grants, which pushed physicians' worldwide medical education nearly exclusively into palliative medicine prescribing.

Palliative medicine, which Rockefeller and other Big Pharma bosses have made into today's major practice, is the main activity of the U.K. National Health Service, and was recently summed up by one doctor as:

Because it takes too long and costs too much to find out “why” a particular symptom is occurring, it is quicker just to prescribe a drug to handle that symptom, and only if this should become a regularly required alleviative dosage or is clearly not working, then the cause of the symptom can later be investigated (if it is not too late).

Whilst this allows some cases to cure themselves, and others to eventually be properly diagnosed, it can unfortunately lead to involuntary addiction in what is now becoming a significant number of cases.

This from a physician essentially defending the palliative system.

But in light of the fact that no one can ever become addicted to a drug which they never ever take, it becomes clear that there is no such thing as “accidental” involuntary addiction, simply because it is the pusher at the school gates who gives free samples, and the local G.P. who writes a 7 day 3 times a day prescription for an addictive “medication”, who actually condemns that patient to his or her addiction !

And in the last paragraph above we start to see what the past and present pharmaceutical industry is doing to our society, our economy and our people.

The past pharmaceutical Carnegie / Rockefeller led takeover of worldwide medical training, created the foundation for the current costly and wasteful N.H.S. situation.

The present pharmaceutical industry – instead of producing the required small-dose units of the various addictive drugs, which are vital to a comfortable step-down system of withdrawal from involuntary addiction - now want to blackmail the politicians they have spent years “courting” with “gifts” of sumptuous meals and “educational” trips abroad for “interesting” P.R. conferences - by threatening Ministers with a withdrawal of their lucrative industry to other countries.

The fact is that the £20 Billion increase in drug spending which Big Pharma are today demanding, will be used by their psychiatric allies to feed more and more addictive drugs to more and more victims of the psycho-pharm push to expand their so-called Mental Health prescribing.  A push being conducted with the naive assistance of our two great Royal Princes and beautiful Duchess Kate.

Wonderfully endearing innocents lulled into mistakenly promoting psychiatry in the mistaken belief that psychiatrist can actually cure emotional problems.   As a trained genuine Mental Health practitioner (NOT A PSYCHIATRIST) I personally could have handled the impingement on their young lives of their mother's tragic death, in less than three months part-time.

So why did it have to wait 20 years before they were sufficiently unburdened by maturity to be able to talk about their tragic loss ?

The answer is:- because the Royal Family and the Government unfortunately relied, and still do, on psychiatric and pharmaceutical advisers – the greedy commercial fraternity which has done most to promote involuntary drug addiction – simply because it is vastly profitable.

And last week that cynical fraternity again showed their true colours by resorting to actually publicly blackmailing our already manipulated Secretary of State for Health into creating even more millions of U.K. involuntary addicts, whilst at the same time saying they would be “happy to discuss” tax rises to pay for such increased spending.

All Jeremy Hunt has said since then is that (if he is re-elected in June) he will appoint and train 10,000 new Mental Health nurses.   God help us all, if he means the same old psychiatrically trained nurses such as we already have, rather than those trained in the Modern Science of Mental Health: DIANETICS - which is practised by more councillors in more countries, even though they are kept out of Government recognition by dictators like leading State psychiatrist Sir John Strang.

What Jeremy Hunt and Mrs May should both be saying to the pharmaceutical industry and their psychiatric running mates is: “We know that involuntary addiction to medical drugs can be cured over a few months with relative comfort by a managed small-dose step-down withdrawal system IF the necessary small doses are made widely and easily available.

As a consequence, if you fail to start producing the required small-dose units of all your addictive drugs by the end of this year, we will declare your present production sizes illegal and prosecute anybody involved in their production and distribution, in the same way as we deal with other illegal addictive drug pushers.”

Alternatively, the Government should nationalise an appropriate production facility, and start producing its own supplies of all the necessary addictive drugs in the required small-doses needed for comfortable step-down withdrawal.

What it costs to manage this mass withdrawal across the nation can easily be recovered out of the massive month by month reduction in prescribing costs.

The main thing is that, given the political will, involuntary addiction can eventually be eradicated, our pharmaceutical drugs spending can be slashed and our nation made much healthier and more productive with sane Government policies which do not rely on psycho-pharmaceutically profit biased advice.

Although they still pose as whiter-than-white 'GAME-KEEPERS', over the years since 1948, the psycho-pharms have actually mainly become covert 'POACHERS'.

And they NOW have to start being stopped - before it really is too late !


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