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All the above are in high demand for health reasons, and whilst few people would consider the so-called “War On Drugs” to have anything in common with a similar intentional effort to destroy the organic food supplements industry, the sad fact is that THAT WILL BE THE RESULT OF CURRENT PSYCHO-PHARM MARKETING STRATEGIES - IF THEY HAVE THEIR WAY.

The war on illegal drugs and on the Drug Barons was based on the advice given by Big Pharma to a subsequently discredited President Nixon.

Whilst it was an overdue campaign against illicit addictive drug supplies which was very much needed, it was also intended to divert political, Press and public attention away from the fact that other addictive drug supplies being legally delivered to the residents of most developed countries (including the United Kingdom) by Big Pharma, were, and today currently are, three times the size of addictive supplies from smugglers and criminals.

However, the really damaging infliction on our population, our society and on our economy is not “drugs”, some of which are medically extremely valuable, but is ADDICTION, and whether this comes from illicitly smuggled addictive drugs or from legally produced and distributed alcohol or pharmaceutical addictive drugs, the devastating effect on the victim and on his or her family is the same.

In other words, for the sake of our society and our economy, and for the health and prosperity of our families at every level of the society, we should quite definitely: “MAKE WAR ON ADDICTION” !

This means, in addition to handling the Drug Barons, the smugglers, the criminals and the street pushers, we have to handle the alcoholic drinks providers and the pharmaceutical addiction suppliers plus their psychiatric prescription writing addiction drug pushers & all our palliatively trained addiction pushing physicians.

With the recent death of John D. Rockefeller, the father of modern ruthless pharmaceutical marketing, some observers feel there might be a chance to curb the excesses of palliative medical practices which are bankrupting the National Health Service, and which it has taken 69 years for the pharmaceutical industry to install.

But the pharmaceutical policies of giving conditional grants to medical training facilities (coupled with the gross prescribing of their addictive products which this engenders, and that industry's virtual refusal to manufacture the small doses of their addictive drugs needed to withdraw the 3 million already addicted patients) today presents us with a situation which the psycho-pharms know could comfortably (for them) take our government a quarter of a century to correct, even with pharmaceutical co-operation !

Addiction to medical drugs is vastly damaging, expensive and unnecessary because it is always more harmful to the patient than the so-called “disorders”, mental or otherwise, which the drugs are supposed to “manage”.

Especially as today, outside of psychiatry, the means exist for eradicating most mental health disorders without medication.

Both drug-free withdrawal and small dose step-down withdrawal from addiction, along with natural extract vitamins, minerals and natural extract food supplements (which amongst other things are used to tackle allergies, relieve nutritional deficiencies, counter nutritional excesses, recover addicts from addiction and effect cures of many illnesses) are all being attacked by legislation sponsored by psychiatry and Big Pharma.

In a bid to reserve all forms of “treatment” exclusively to drugs, medication, vitamins and minerals MANUFACTURED PHARMACEUTICALLY, the psycho-pharm alliance essentially took control of the World Health's “Codex Alimentarius” in order to outlaw any natural extract vitamins, minerals and natural extract food supplements capable of improving health and / or effecting cures of various conditions.


A physical, and especially a mental disorder, for which an addictive drug is prescribed, but which is subsequently cured by allergy handling, a nutritional adjustment or a talking therapy, or by appropriate drug-free withdrawal and self-help training is hated by the psycho-pharms, because from their point of view, that cure just killed a goose which was daily laying them golden eggs in terms of turnover and profit.

Turnover and profit made easy and needful of no further marketing effort by the fact that the patient was addicted, quite unnecessarily - because addiction provably cures nothing.

And this is true for three million addicted N.H.S. patients, profitably supplied with daily or multi-daily addictive drug doses by the pharmaceutical industry who are paid by British taxpayers.  As a result, U.K. taxpayers are paying to both supply their daily addictive drug doses to three million addicted patients AND to ensure regular daily profits to pharmaceutical companies so they can pay bigger salaries, bigger dividends and bigger bonuses more often.

With what doctors and the pharmaceutical industry know today, addiction is never accidental, so that this state of affairs can only be regarded as criminal, and as much of a con game as any swindle which takes public money for a fictitious product or service.

But government Civil Service Officials and elected Ministers and MPs seem mesmerised by psycho-pharm P.R. and their other decades long manipulations of decision-makers and opinion leaders, including the planting of psych “moles” in the Civil Service and on government committees.

Local Directors and Managers of pharmaceutical facilities are well versed in the arguments they use to keep concerned local MPs and Officials away from too close an appreciation of what their products and their addiction based marketing strategies are really doing to our country and our citizens, in order to maintain those Big Pharma Executives as the “fat cats” they are.

Unfortunately, our democratic election system fails to stiffen the spines of our MPs, because as soon as the boss of such a local pharmaceutical production or distribution unit mentions that investigation of their business could lead to a reduction in their labour force or a smaller contribution to local rates or national taxes, the MPs, for fear of losing votes, surrender like freezing & starving soldiers.

However, 1) a national anti-addiction campaign (similar to the successful anti-tobacco campaign, to alert the population and the medical profession to the huge dangers and costs of “addiction” of all types) would be a good start, accompanied by 2) the establishment of teams of local “addiction withdrawal” mobile nurses, equipped with small dose step-down supplies of all the common addictive pharmaceutical drugs – even if 3) such dosages have to be legislated into existence or be produced by a government sponsored production facility.

What obviously cannot be permitted to continue is the present escalating growth in the numbers of National Health Service patients living a debilitated and miserably addicted life at vast taxpayer cost. (Nearly £10 Million a day)

That cost is already provably crippling the N.H.S. and, if allowed to continue rising, will eventually cripple the Exchequer, collapse the economy and undermine the Government.

Bearing in mind that eradication of the current U.K. psycho-pharm created iatrogenic (medically created) patient addiction problem could take 25 years to clear up - starting the 1), 2) & 3) above steps TODAY should be our aim.


This Is a Report From


Society for an Addiction Free Existence

N.B. Details of how local teams of addiction withdrawal mobile nurses may be established, trained and completely financed out of prescription savings are available from Addiction Withdrawal Advisory Services & Help (AWASH), by phoning (01342) 811099 after 11.00am and before 9.0pm any day of the week.


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