Thursday, 15 September 2016

Yes Minister,




At Hinkley Point politicians talk about expenditure in BILLIONS, and rightly worry and fret about it perhaps becoming double the current build estimate of £18 Billions over the next 20 years.


Hinkley Point is chicken-feed when compared to other totally wasteful government expenditure occurring right now, and year after year after year, to the detriment of the funding of the whole U.K. National Health Service.

Parliament's own National Audit Office (in respect of ANNUAL expenditure for the maintaining of 200,000 legally prescribed O.S.T. methadone addicts) reports that, on average, across ALL Government Departments, every such legalised addict costs the British taxpayers in excess of £47,000 annually - for likely up to 40 years.

Unless I have my decimal-point in the wrong place,
200,000 X £47,000
= £9.4 BILLION - not once - but EACH & EVERY YEAR for the next 40 years,
a 40 year total of £376,000,000,000 (HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS !)

But what problem is that super-massive spending supposed to be solving ?

Because of its well recognised long term fundamental dangers to both the economy and the society IT IS THE PROBLEM OF THE DAILY DEPENDENCY OF OVER 3 MILLION U.K. CITIZENS ON ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCES.

Addictive and / or hypnotic drugs already supplied to some 5% of our population by criminals, smugglers, psychiatrists, other physicians and pharmaceutical companies.

But the psychiatrists and pharmacologists who are the so-called “experts” dictating the government policies which result in the spending of all these £BILLIONS, pretend that the problem has nothing to do with the 7.4 MILLION doses of pharmaceutical drugs they prescribe and dispense EACH AND EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR to 2.6 Million of those 3 Million U.K. drug addicts !

Instead, they lay the blame on, and focus government attention wholly on, the 15% (a few hundred thousand) of people who are victims of ILLEGAL drug addiction, by issuing Clinical Guidelines on what they call “Drug Misuse and Dependency” which apply ONLY to that 15%, but which successfully diverts attention away from the 2.6 Million addicts they have created with medical prescriptions, and on whom the massive £BILLIONS are spent EVERY YEAR.

NOT TO CURE THEM.  But to “manage” their addictions to the further benefit of psycho-pharmaceutical turnover and profit.

Of course, those 2.6 Million involuntary addicts are not labelled as “addicts” by the psycho-pharm fraternity.

NO.  THEY ARE CALLED “PATIENTS”.  Because as patients, they can go on, day after day, month after month and year after year receiving daily psycho-pharm “treatment” in the form of more and more addictive pharmaceutical drugs paid for by taxpayers via the N.H.S's already overburdened budget.

BUT, as they are designated as “patients”, any Minister, other Politician, Civil Service Official or Member of the Electorate has not only the right, but the duty, to ask: “for what are all these “patients” being treated” ?

And, the honest answer is: “For their addiction to the medical prescriptions we give them every day in order to handle their somewhat disastrous “cold turkey” withdrawal effects, which we do by every day renewing and re-enforcing their addiction with each succeeding dose”.

Don't ask the physicians if they are curing the patients' addiction - because the honest answer is: “Well we don't fully know how to, and we don't really have the resources, and in any event, the pharmaceutical companies don't actually manufacture the small doses we need to enable us to start treating them with a small-dose step down withdrawal programme.

In leading the on-going revising of the 2007 Clinical Guidelines Working Group on Drug Misuse and Dependency (in order to validate new drug treatments for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence [N.I.C.E.]) - Professor Strang is hoping to create more and more involuntary prescription “patients” / addicts by again ensuring that the Government's funded drug “misuse” addiction rehabilitation programme is based exclusively on the prescribing of addictive medical substitution drugs in place of “street” drugs.

But, because this cannot cure addiction, it will not reduce the number of U.K drug addicts and never will.   Quite the reverse.

It will also not reduce the number of deaths by drug poisoning, which have increased by 39% over the last five years.

And, it will definitely not reduce the burden of pharmaceutical drug expenditure on the N.H.S.  Again quite the reverse.

SO MINISTER, please tell me when is someone going to remove the blindfolds from your eyes and the propaganda headphones from your ears, and allow you to quietly talk with people like S.A.F.E., and thus know the truth about the International Narconon® Programme which has been curing addicts of substance addiction for fifty years at 98 centres in 49 countries on a 13 week residential programme and, if you so desire, on a Payment by Results basis.

The only thing wrong with the U.K. drug addiction scene is lack of communication between the right people in government and people - like the writer - who actually DO KNOW how to recover addicts from addiction without administering drugs, on a lasting relaxed abstinence basis and on a viable and economical cost level.

Because of those communication lines having been cut so expertly by black propaganda and condemningly dishonest P.R., most of what Ministers and their Officials "think" they know about addiction recovery and Narconon - is totally misleading and mainly false.

But the truth is available – not far from Westminster – and if you would like to learn more, feel free to phone on (01342) 810151 or 811099 any weekday after 11.00am and before 9.00pm.

S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed In 1975.
Society for an Addiction Free Europe.


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