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The Power of Promotion.



The pseudo-science of psychiatry is fighting for its very existence.

With psychiatrists' so-called “mental health patients” regularly committing murders and suicides as a result of today's psychiatric “treatments”, it is little wonder that more and more psychiatrists are going to prison for crimes against their patients.

And that's not only for the physically and emotionally damaging crimes they call “treatment”.  They are also being prosecuted for sexual and other crimes, including financial and other fraud, intimate sexual fondling, seduction and rape, etc., etc.

Because mis-comprehension, fraud, lust, fear and unresearched and unproven invention are much of what psychiatry is based on.

It pretends to deliver “mental health”, but English dictionaries say “mental” means “appertaining to, of, done by or involving the mind”, but it is totally impossible to find in psychiatric technical and training literature a clear and agreed upon definition and description of the human “mind”, its structure and its functions.

And in fact, one finds in Dr Chris Evans' authoritative “Dictionary of the Mind, Brain and Behaviour”:  “Whilst few psychologists think of “mind” as a spiritual entity separable from the brain and body, most now accept that the richness and reality of mental life cannot be denied and that a place must be found for the word “mind” in comprehensive theories of human behaviour”. (ISBN 0-09-918070-7)

(N.B. Not “a place for the concept of and obvious operational control of the mind”, but merely “a place” for “the word” “mind”.  Because, after all, “mind” is what we psychiatrists are supposed to be the experts on, so we had better at least mention it !)

And that dictionary's definition and description of “psychiatry” ends with: “The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind, but also the disturbed mind.  Even a definition of mental illness is not easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety” !

It is obviously fraudulent for any so-called body of knowledge, which pretends to rule on and deliver “mental health”, to even attempt to operate with, advise on or treat the mind, with no knowledge of what a mind is - or even if mind exists !   And if you don't KNOW about the mind and “mental health”, then you have to play psychiatry's favourite game.

YOU INVENT mental disorders in order to give your practitioners something “to treat”, and, in addition to irrationally and unnecessary invading their patients' heads and brains with electric drills, sharp knives, powerful electric shocks and massive drug injections, you thereafter prescribe daily addictive pharmaceutical dosages to keep the patients' anger against their treatment and its practitioners under control.

But when we examine “the human mind”, we are investigating the intellectual component which distinguishes man from the rest of the flesh & blood animal kingdom.  The factor that raises man above all other life forms on the planet.

And the reason that we make no progress in handling Man's (actually very few) REAL mental problems, is because we continue to accept the warped theories and interpretations of psychiatry, which knows nothing of the truth about Mankind, our minds, their anatomy, their functions and how our minds may be protected and healed.

Which brings us back to how and why psychiatrists are multiplying U.K. mental health problems so quickly and widely.

If you want to make more money from selling fish and chips, then one of the things you need to do is to make more fish and chips to sell.

If you want to appear as THE expert on mental health disorders, you need to make sure, by inventing them, that there are more so-called mental health disorders to worry and frighten the public, to divert and confuse politicians and to con our celebrities (including our beloved Royal Family) into naively and earnestly supporting what they are led to believe are victims of increasingly widespread and multitudinous “mental health disorders” which psychiatry then claims “only” psychiatrists can handle with their addictive and / or hypnotic drug prescribing.

Highly profitable pharmaceutical drug prescriptions, paid for by the U.K. taxpayer, which are today's main form of psychiatric mental health “management”.   Ask yourself “how & why” was David Cameron earlier this year conned into recom-mending the chief government psychiatrist Professor John Strang for a knighthood, when the only things of doubtful merit he has achieved are the labelling of more people with “psychiatric versions” of normal behaviour conditions, plus the creation of more iatrogenically created lifelong involuntary U.K. drug addicts than anyone in history.

But from where do all the new “mental disorders” come ?

Simply, from the re-labelling and promotion of numerous and various types of normal behaviour as “mental health problems”.   Childhood is one – labelled as ADHD.

There is no such illness, sickness, disorder, germ, virus or contagion, etc., as “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"", except in the minds of the small group of American Psychiatric Association senior members who edit their “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, for pricing and invoicing psychiatric services to insurers, health authorities and other clients.

And for which that manual - practically without exception – recommends: 'MANAGEMENT OF MENTAL DISORDER SYMPTOMS BY PRESCRIPTION'. i.e. One to 4 times a day – you should addictively drug your clients / patients into compliance.


Right now, there are 2.4 MILLION mainly elderly U.K. N.H.S. patients on three times a day addictive dosages being “treated” for nothing more than the addiction they have been prescribed into – the majority of their dosages having originally been prescribed for some long gone spurious mental health disorder.

Additionally, the U.K. has nearly 200,000 addicted patients on once a day Opioid Substitution Therapy prescriptions which the National Audit Office reports cost the Government - across all Departments and for every single OST addict - over £47,000 PER YEAR FOR LIFE, which is usually up to 40 years.   That's currently £9.4 BILLION a year being spent to keep opioid addicts addicted at taxpayer cost.

Then there's the increasing number of schoolchildren on Ritalin, Prozac or another addictive substance for so-called ADHD, ADD or SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder – i.e. shyness), or diagnoses such as Mathematics Disorder, Nicotine Related Disorder, Reading Disorder, Alcohol Related Disorder, Written Expression Disorder or up to well over 365 other psychiatrically promoted DSM-MD-V listed mental disorders – with newly invented disorders being added every year !
The younger a child can be psychiatrically hooked onto addictive pharmaceutical drugs, the longer he or she will be a profitable addict.  Profitable to the pharmaceutical production companies who make full use of psychiatrists' ability and willingness to prescribe pharmacology's profitable products.

And here we have why psychiatrists are multiplying as widely and quickly as possible what they claim can likely become “everybody's” mental health problems.

For reasons concerned only with fat fees, salaries, bonuses, profits and dividends, a majority of psychiatrists and most of the pharmaceutical production companies want to sell as many addictive drug doses as possible.  Millions and millions and millions of dosages every single day, paid for by the N.H.S. from taxpayer funds.

How they do it: is by convincing EVERYBODY that “mental health” is a HUGE, problem, likely to be suffered by ALL OF US, for the solution of which we should rely on psychiatry and the self-styled “ethical” pharmaceutical companies and chemists shops, when the truth is that those drug sources create more mental, emotional, behavioural and addictive habit problems than anything else in life.

By falsely re-defining many normal living and growing up patterns and behaviours as “mental health disorders”, they expand their excuses for prescribing more and more addictive drug doses every year.

Billions every year,  Millions every day.  And you wonder why the N.H.S. is “apparently” needing more and more money.

And the answer is that they are curing less and less patients and “managing” more and more patients EVERY YEAR.  With the result that fewer and fewer people are actually being fully cured of anything, and that inevitably THE NUMBER OF PATIENTS ON PRESCRIPTIONS GOES UP EVERY YEAR.

Like all of us, psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies regret and bemoan the death of any prescription patient.  But in their case it is because they lose a goose which lays profitable golden eggs for them.

They regret and resist even more, any proposals to cure the millions of involuntary N.H.S. drug addicted patients of their dependency – even though this would save BILLIONS and BILLIONS of £pounds a year for U.K. taxpayers.

As a result, for more and more involuntarily addicted patients, the only time their psychiatric disorder comes to an end, is on the day they are put into a wooden box.

To avoid all this.  Stop listening to and being seduced by the failed psychiatric version of “mental health”, and instead find out something about “DIANETICS® The Modern Science of Mental Health”, which, although attacked in every way possible by American and German psychiatry for over sixty years, is now increasingly used in more countries and by more practitioners than psychiatry – not because of lying, slanted and exaggerated promotion – but because Dianetics works to deliver more happy and relaxed mentally clear citizens year after year.

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