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Medical Dispensing. All In The Name Of Help . . . . Yourself !






Those concerned about the “privatisation” of the N.H.S. will have had little difficulty in seeing through the recent offer / proposal of the commercial medicine and drug dispensing industry, to “kindly” take-over ALL dispensing duties from G.P. and local doctor surgeries, in order to “take some of the load off” the shoulders of Doctors' Practice Managers and their staffs.

Patients and other concerned citizens will recognise this as the forging of more or less the last link in the chain of events initiated by Rockefeller and Carnegie for the moving of the world health industry away from the diagnosing of causes and the effecting of lasting cures, and towards the “treating” of all disorders on a palliative basis concerned only with the “managing of symptoms” by chemical prescribing.

Palliative Health Management” - which is the greater part of what we receive from the N.H.S. today, has the advantage of never losing a prescription-using patient by making the mistake of actually curing them when, with “proper management”, they can be retained as taxpayer paid consumers for life.

The ninety-five years ago cash grant supported palliative take-over of the American Medical Association's PHYSICIAN TRAINING PROGRAMMES in U.S. Medical Schools, Colleges, Universities and Teaching Hospitals has now been completed - not just in the U.S.A. - but in every advanced country including the United Kingdom.

As a result, the chemical company production of pharmaceutical drugs (a major proportion of which are addictive and / or hypnotic) is now a massive worldwide industry, with their marketing firmly and, in most cases, unknowingly in the hands of tens of thousands of General Practitioners and local doctors.  “Unknowingly”, because they are merely doing what they have been taught to do by a medical training system today biased towards “prescribing” by an intricate array of cash grants from pharmaceutical companies.

Grants made possible by the gigantic “involuntarily addiction” driven purchases made by the N.H.S. from such companies, of addictive and / or hypnotic drugs which serve no purpose other than to continuously create the unnecessary addictive demand for further supplies of the prescribed drugs upon which the major part of psycho-pharmaceutical turnover, salaries, profits and dividends are built.

An investigation of the massive number of U.K. high street chemists' shops and dispensaries reveals that, over the last decades, more and more of the “independents” have become owned or controlled by chemical or pharmaceutical production companies and / or their subsidiaries, which can then all gain from the massive T.V. and other media advertising they can together thus afford to mount.

Now, to complete their take-over of as many patients as possible and as much N.H.S. budget as possible, they also want to have under their control and in their hands the actual dispensing of the doctors' prescriptions they have so effectively organised for the marketing of their products.

A major proportion of this dispensing is currently in the hands of G.P. practices who effectively “compete” with the pharmaceutically owned chemist's shop dispensaries.

But the pharmaceutical shop owners want those patients to collect ALL their prescriptions from their high street chemists shops, where patients can also be encouraged to buy the ever widening range of “over-the-counter” non-prescription sales of headache powders, cold cures, sedatives, tonics, backache pills, foot balms, creams, lotions, cough mixtures and hair and skin “care” products, etc., etc., etc., along with their beauty products, synthetic vitamins, minerals and ranges of other products for all members of the family from the most senior of citizens to the just newly born.

By “kindly” taking-over the G.P's own dispensing duties, big pharma eliminates their main competitors, and assumes full control of the medicine and drug supply line from production to consumption, from birth to death and in respect of both over-the-counter sales paid for by the consumer, and all prescription drugs paid for by the U.K. Taxpayer via the N.H.S.

In addition, they are apparently seeking to extend their control over the actual prescribing by making it increasingly possible for their High Street shops to issue repeat prescriptions without “bothering” the patient's own doctor !

Unfortunately, the politicians who are supposed to make sensible and informed decisions on the nation's health and medical matters, are today just as much under the control of the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity as are the prescribing doctors.

A situation which has also been engineered by that same psycho-pharm fraternity with their gradual introduction and infiltration into decision-making Civil Service positions of government Officials who are psychiatrists, pharmacologists and psychologists.

Margaret Thatcher's psycho-pharm prompted policy of “Care in the Community” was mainly responsible for the start of this, when her closing down of mental institutions and asylums was used as an excuse for finding work within government for those psychiatrists rendered unemployed by such closures.

My own view is that Theresa May has the potential to prove more perceptive than her female predecessor.

When she has had the time to settle in and start handling Brexit, I expect she will also see the necessity to also handle “The-exit” of psychiatric control from the Civil Service, and the reduction of the pharmaceutical role in the Health Service to appropriate proportions, driven not by taxpayer paid prescribed addiction and hypnosis, but by the more traditional and honourable principles of the British (not American) medical profession.

But more on that in a later post.

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