Sunday, 31 July 2016

Psychiatry - the “Help-Yourself Boys” Profession ?






Anyone who knows the revelations in the mental health field of the work of the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights will not be surprised at yesterday's report that an N.H.S. Mental Health Trust has been diverting large amounts of taxpayer funds to private companies owned or controlled by that same Trust's own executives !

With psychiatry increasingly being revealed as a pseudo-science which quite clearly has nothing to do with the human mind (and which instead places reliance on dangerous and unproven brain operations, electric shock and heavy drug “treatments”, etc.) history shows that the possibility of such psychiatric “mental health” organisations also being FINANCIALLY DISHONEST in other sectors of business or professional life - IS EXTREMELY HIGH.

In fact, some of the few honest observers WITHIN psychiatry consider that the whole field of psychosomatic disease and the investigation of many allergies and dietary imbalances, etc., is far too often left to their most confused and ineffective branch of medicine.

Clear signs of this confusion appear in the introduction to psychiatrist Angelina Gibbs’ book "Understanding Mental Health", where she asks: "What is mental illness?".

This she goes on to honestly answer with: "This is the first of many questions on mental health which cannot be answered conclusively." "Theories abound" she writes, and in the chapter "What causes mental illness?" she tells us that "Usually only a partial answer can be given because not enough is yet known about the causes of mental illness . . . .". i.e. about illnesses of the mind.

If one still doubts the confusion which exists in psychiatry, one has only to consider the definition of “mind” as given in the “Dictionary of the Mind, Brain and Behaviour”, by renowned broadcaster, author and lecturer Dr. Chris Evans, as well as the definition of “psychiatry” itself which concludes as follows:

THE TROUBLE WITH PSYCHIATRY TODAY IS THAT IT IS STILL WITHOUT A WORKING THEORY, NOT JUST OF THE MIND BUT ALSO THE DISTURBED MIND. Even a definition of “mental illness” is not easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety.”

And this “hit or miss” (and often criminal) variety of medicine is that branch to which the other branches of medicine have unfortunately felt obliged to delegate the fields of non-physical, non-organic, mental, psychosomatic and addiction medicine - likely well over 50% of all human health problems !

When an individual knowingly and daily practices a dishonest professional “technology”, that individual's technical dishonesty and criminality unsurprisingly spills over into other aspects of his or her life, so that sexual interference with patients, financial fraud and other criminal acts by psychiatrists are increasingly revealed in our court-rooms every year.

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