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Giving Science A Bad Name




We are told by the main English language dictionaries and by various academics, that “science” is the study of the nature and behaviour of the “physical universe”, based on observation, experiment and measurement, plus the knowledge obtained and assembled by those methods, as well as the contents of any particular branch of such knowledge (e.g. medical science, physics, biology, cosmology, etc.).

However the term is also applied to any and nearly all other bodies of knowledge which are organised in a manner resembling that of the physical sciences but concerned instead with non-physical subjects (e.g. political science, psychiatry, sociology, economics and theology, etc.).

Arising out of research into the effects of multi-numerous substances on both human and animal bodies, minds and emotions, that major branch of science concerned with the composition, properties and reactions of substances - Chemistry” - has become probably the most consumer influencing and controlling science of all, impinging as it so often does on the daily lives of nearly every individual, as well as on other sciences.

Food, clothing, shoes, cars, books, entertainment, holidays, furniture, houses, sports and hobbies, etc., etc., all employ marketing, promotion and merchandising, etc., to help them sell often and expensively enough to ensure a worthwhile business for their producers and distributors.

But only chemical based products (inc. alcohol & tobacco) have the power to irresistibly influence people physically, mentally and emotionally in good, but too often unhealthy, controlling and devastating ways.

And these influences arrive with us via a wide variety of routes and for a wide variety of different reasons.

Chemicals help produce very many of our foods, via fertilisers to make plants grow, herbicides to kill weeds and pesticides to kill insects. Unfortunately, because some growth promoting chemicals can also make human bodies grow, and some herbicides and pesticides can also poison and even kill human bodies, there have been, and still are, enough real wide ranging problems to promote continuing fears and arguments about our agricultural products.

These are not limited to plant growing, because chemicals used in rearing pigs, sheep, cattle, eggs, hens and other livestock are also often transmitted to the humans who eat them, so that the chemicals which give us great cuts of meat also too often help to give us great big ladies and gentlemen. So much so, that families and now doctors and politicians are getting worried about our size and weight.

Today, most of our foods and drinks (inc. water) depend on chemical filters, colourings, flavourings, preservatives, purifiers, texture enhancement additives and artificial fragrances and appetising aromas, etc., and these are sufficiently impinging on the health and condition of consumers to require close European and U.K. legislative control and limitation.

But in addition to the thousands of chemicals to found on supermarket shelves and in our drinking water, care must also be taken with other commonplace chemicals to be found in the home, at work, at school, at garages and filling stations, in sports and leisure situations, and a lot of chemistry increasingly dominates our industrial processes and personal and household cleaning procedures, and we even have some such chemicals starting addictive desires and being used to satisfy them.

Then especially, there are the pharmaceutical chemicals we are a thousand times a day on television, radio, hoardings, newspapers and by doctors and psychiatrists, etc., increasingly advised to put into our bodies as a means of enhancing our physical and mental / emotional lives in one way or another.

They are also often advised for pleasure, and we are all well aware of what effect drinking half a pint of whisky, gin or vodka will have on 95+% of the population.

But just a mere thimbleful of one of many common household cleaners, disinfectants, washing powders and even medications, etc., are poisonous enough to make us or our children extremely ill, or even kill, whilst many so-called medical anxiety treatments and physical painkillers can make involuntarily addicted slaves of MILLIONS of NHS patients at taxpayer expense.

Whilst chemistry has given us cleaner homes, smoother running cars, food which stays saleable longer, whiter teeth, better suntans and, via pharmaceuticals, a generally healthier and longer living world population, some pharmacists have also taken advantage of their products to wreak upon mankind some of the most devastating physical and mental conditions in the name of more chemical production, increasing sales, greater profits, bigger bonuses, larger dividends and greater control of individuals, plus their governments and their spending.

Pharmaceutical chemistry is the originating cause of ALL FORMS of substance addiction existing in the world today, whether legal, Illicit, licensed or prescribed – because no individual can ever become addicted to nicotine or an alcoholic or medical drug substance which they never actually take or use !

An addictive substance is the ultimate unique selling proposition available to any commercial operation in the world today, whether used by smugglers, terrorists and criminals to illegally addict juniors, teenagers, other adolescents and adults into daily usage of cannabis, skunk, amphetamines, heroin, alcohol or cocaine, etc., OR, used by pharmaceutical drug companies to ensure that National Health supported patients remain as consumers for life, by daily dosing them with various “symptom managing” addictive medical preparations, including painkillers, anti-psychotics, sedatives, hypnotics and many others.

And in the majority of increasing instances, the “symptoms” that the multi-daily doses of these patients are “treating”, are nothing more nor less than the extremely uncomfortable and unconfrontable “cold turkey” withdrawal effects created by the ever imminent demand for the next dose of their particular addictive substance.

There are various ways by which individuals can be persuaded to use, try or experiment with addictive drugs, but the most effective is to offer them initial “free of charge” dosages in order “to help” the victim solve some problem which they might consider they have.

Even the drug pusher at the school gate does this for the first one or two doses just to get a potential cash paying customer “hooked”. But psychiatrists promoting pharmaceutical drugs do this all the time as they utilise the NHS free prescription service to enrol more and more consumers onto their treatment listings.

They and their pharmaceutical paymasters know full well that any patient can be made into an addicted drug consumer for life, simply by making sure that they daily consume an addictive (and / or hypnotic) drug for a period of under one month.

JUST LIKE THAT ! As one popular comedian used to say - but this is no laughing matter.

It explains why the number of legally prescribed involuntarily addicted drug addicts paid for by the U.K. National Health Service is over six times higher than the number of criminally supplied il-legal addicts.

It explains why the number of NHS patients increases every year, because, whilst symptoms may be getting relieved, the underlying causes of those symptoms are not being cured.

It explains why, whilst NHS annual spending is increasing, there is not enough money available for A&E Services, nursing and doctor staffing, personnel training, beds, equipment, ambulances and buildings, etc., because most of the increased spending goes on the increasing supplies of NONE-CURE symptom management medication being prescribed and daily supplied to more and more involuntarily addicted patients.


Although blamed on inattentive, lazy over-prescribing doctors, this is deliberate psycho-pharmaceutical marketing policy, held in place by those organisations' failures to broadly offer and produce dosages of their addictive / hypnotic drugs in small enough units to permit the necessary low level “step-down” doses essential to achieving a relatively relaxed withdrawal from the clutches of daily addiction.

If small enough doses were a common part of the medical supply scene, every doctor in the country with patients on say the benzodiazepine ranges, would be able to move them gently and gradually onto smaller and smaller doses until they could totally withdraw with little or no adverse effect.

It might take 3 months or it might take 6, but at the moment a patient on 3 doses a day of 250 milligrams of one of the benzos or an opioid painkiller, would, instead of continuing for life on 750 milligrams a day, after those 3 or 6 months return to an addiction free life simply by changing prescription procedures and doses with the help of the pharmaceutical industry's small size dose offerings – IF AVAILABLE.

If that industry would willingly, urgently and inexpensively make the necessary small step-down dosages of all their addictive and / or hypnotic drugs regularly, widely and easily available, the world would know that they are not the avaricious, couldn't care less, patient damaging drug pushers they currently appear to be.

But to the degree that they continue to procrastinate about helping to solve this problem, politicians and public alike will know that current pharmaceutical policies are not accidental and not co-incidental, BUT are deliberate “enemy action” in the name of turnover and profit, and so respond accordingly.

Introducing legislation to make it illegal to produce a 100 mgm or larger tablet, capsule or other dose offering WITHOUT also equally offering a range of 2.5, 5, 10, and 50 mgm tablets, capsules or dosages at the same or at a proportionally lower cost, would put General Practitioners back in control of their patient's involuntary addictions, via normal prescribing practices.

CHOICE of dose sizes are the tools of effective prescribing, not only for the original medical condition, but also for the curing of involuntary addiction accidentally brought on by over-enthusiastic original prescribing.

Once such small step-down doses are fully available, legislation should also be introduced to penalise GPs who have an involuntarily addicted patient on their books for longer than say 6 or 9 months, because that doctor, WITH THE NECESSARY ADDICTION CURE DOSE SIZES AVAILABLE TO HIM, would be deliberately acting as a local drug pusher of free supplies, paid for by UK Taxpayers via the Exchequer.

All the benefits of abstinence from addiction are available to British GPs and their patients, but only if our politicians wake up to the facts of pharmaceutical life, AND LEGISLATE ACCORDINGLY.

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