Friday, 4 August 2017

Yes Health Minister.

You’re absolutely right

Mental Health IS Getting Worse & Worse.

And We Now Know For Sure - WHY.

It is Solely Because of

the Involvement of

Psychiatry !

And it is not in any way surprising, when Ministers have allowed themselves to be conned into appointing that ineffective and positively dangerous pseudo-science (which does not actually recognise the existence of the human mind) as the authority on mental, emotional and addiction matters and their so-called “treatment”.

Quite obviously, “Mental Health” is concerned with the healthy and effective condition and operation of our MINDS.   But when we consult the authoritative “DICTIONARY - OF THE MIND, BRAIN & BEHAVIOUR, by the well known Doctor of Psychology Chris Evans, we find that dictionary’s definition of “psychiatry” ending with:

The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind but also the disturbed mind. 
Even a definition of ‘mental illness’ is not easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety” ! (ISBN 0 09 918070 7)

Described in its own training literature as: “The branch of medicine which deals with mental disorders, their origins, diagnosis, treatment and prevention”, modern psychiatry is revealed in that same literature as being comprised of a wide range of disagreements between various schools, factions or ‘authorities’ arising from “a long and controversial history”.

In the two decades after World War II, alongside the associated practices of psychology and psycho-therapy, psychiatry was busy giving Electric Shock “Treatment” (ECT) and Narcotic Shock “Therapy plus carrying out psycho-surgical operations such as pre-frontal lobotomy and leucotomy.

Whilst, because of their lack of curative results these practices peaked in the late 1950s, unknown to most of their populations they are still EVERY DAY delivered to the citizens of many European nations - including Britain and other so-called “civilised” countries !

It was in the nineteen sixties that the international pharmaceutical industry effectively came to the financial rescue of a psychiatric disease-mongering industry which was by then showing an increasing lack of acceptable results. Seldom if ever a genuine cure, and more often than not, a worsening of a patient’s condition and living quality, as well as regular shortening of his or her life.

It is interesting that a hundred years ago, “everybody knew” that if a patient was being “treated” for some illness, then the intention was to see that that patient was ”cured” of that illness.

But even before the nineteen fifties, pharmaceutical industry marketing departments began to realise that every time a patient was cured of an illness, he stopped taking his medicine, and so at the same time he also stopped being a consumer of drug company products - WHICH WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT GOOD FOR PROFITS !

As a consequence, when in 1952 the American Psychiatric Association produced its first edition of its infamous: “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, it was seen that the palliative prescribing practices (cash grant encouraged amongst medical doctor trainees by John D. Rockefeller and the Carnegie Institute) could provide multiple opportunities for prescribing drugs – mainly of an addictive nature – for so-called “mental disorders” on which only psychiatrists could “officially” adjudicate.

i.e. Psychiatrists with NO actual knowledge of the HUMAN mind.

The only thing wrong with the U.K. National Health Service is that psychiatry and the pharmaceutical companies are in charge of looking after our Mental Health.   Even though ALL their research is based on ANIMALS – NOT ON HUMAN MINDS, which are totally different from animal minds and ARE THE REASON WHY HUMANITY IS THE DOMINANT LIFE FORM ON EARTH !

And it is because human minds are so different from those of Pavlov’s dogs, various rats and other experimental animals (on which so many psychiatric practices are based) that psychiatry does NOT work to enhance human “mental health”, but instead introduces massive and widespread confusion into the sector, which psychiatrists use to justify their demands for more government spending, lack of which they falsely claim is the cause of psychiatry’s failings.

But, when we spend N.H.S. budgets on keeping millions of so-called mentally disordered” patients daily addicted without cure, we also annually increase the number of patients “in treatment”, and so increasingly deprive every other part of our N.H.S. and our A&E Services of the funds, personnel, premises and equipment they so justifiably and desperately need.


Both animals and Man are confronting the very physical universe provided by this “playground” we call Earth, and from conception onwards even a developing body in the womb has to face and handle the very dangerous environment provided by life on Earth.
During the long nine months of pregnancy, many everyday activities can impinge adversely on the unborn baby.  Heavy housework, domestic accidents, rough sex, inappropriate sport, attempted abortion, falls in icy weather, drunkenness, drug taking and you name it.

Then there are the sometimes severe rigours of birth itself, so that a newborn child, more often than not, emerges having already survived a number of life’s physical attacks upon its body.

At conception, in both animals and Man, it is apparent that some form of Genetic Entity instigates the DNA blueprint provided by the combined genes of the parents and, to optimise survival, we unsurprisingly find the provision by nature of a stimulus response or reactive “mind” painstakingly recording every threatening or actually damaging physical impingement on the body, along with an “identified-as-valuable” historical record of each injury plus what at that time worked to procure the continuing survival of the body.

The whole purpose of this Reactive Mind is, on the basis of its previously recorded incidents, to IDENTIFY threatening and actually damaging impingements on the individual’s physical body and to then take immediate action to remove the BODY from that dangerous environment.  i.e. in both animals and humans reactive concern is totally about the preservation of the BODY rather than any other considerations or factors.

However, in the case of human beings, by researching principally WITH humans as well as ON animals, we discover two extra factors.

That some form of spiritual being or “soul” takes ownership and “executive” control of the body in the hours or days immediately before birth, and that that soulful being brings with it what is best described as an Analytical Mind function based on the ability not only to IDENTIFY environmental phenomena, but also to be able to COMPARE and DIFFERENTIATE between such phenomena – two extra abilities of which the animalistic Reactive Mind is essentially incapable.

And it is totally apparent that it is these extra spiritual and mental factors which account for Man’s superiority and control over the animal kingdom.

Although psychiatry denies the existence of Mind and Soul, it is an interesting validation of the overwhelmingly longer held beliefs of practically every worldwide religion - that Man is comprised of Body, Mind & Spirit, or simply Body and Soul !

So the discoveries of “DIANETIC® The Modern Science of Mental Health” are far longer supported throughout historical time than the unproven and disproven brain orientated theories of nineteenth century Germanic psychiatry.

And it is because those theories are so misleading to politicians and public, so damaging to patients and so vastly wasteful of public funds that just stopping ALL those psychiatric services (with the exception of the incarceration of the dangerously insane) would immediately act to initiate an increasing reduction in mental disorders, emotional upsets and addiction of all types.

For an even better result, at the same time as stopping psychiatric practices - because some genuinely poor mental health conditions can and DO exist at various times in our lives - we would all benefit from a study of Dianetics plus availability of help from a professional Dianetics practitioner.

And that’s it really.

In today’s N.H.S. a majority of so-called “mental disorders” and numerous inventively diagnosed examples of “poor mental health” have been brought into existence solely in order to promote business for psychiatrists and pharmaceutical drug companies.

Some might have temporarily existed as a natural emotional response to life’s occasionally suppressive circumstances, but the mainly addictive drugs prescribed to provide palliative relief of those symptoms deliberately lead to a far more devastating and longer lasting depreciation in the quality of life of the individual – just for turnover, profit and dividend reasons !

If you would like to know more about psycho-pharmaceutical dangerously manipulative sales policies and tactics, and how infinitely better “Mental Health” can be achieved with the application of Dianetics technology, you may like to phone the author of this blog post on (01342) 811099 any day after 11.00am and before 9.00pm.

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Just for fun,

you might like to work this next one out:

When the first edition of the American Psychiatric

Association’s infamous “Diagnostic and Statistical

Manual of Mental Disorders” was published in 1952,
it listed less than the same number of disorders as

there are WEEKS in the year.

But the most recent edition lists more than the same

number of disorders as there are DAYS in the year.

From where did they all come ?


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