Sunday, 11 December 2016

"With your help, our scientists will defeat Dementia.”




as he tries to coax or frighten as many of us

as possible into sending his “team” lots and

lots of our hard earned cash to help them in

their currently abortive search for a way to

"treat" the symptoms of Dementia !



DEMENTIA !   Which is because his team

really doesn't know what causes Dementia

and because, in any event, psychiatric teams

know nothing about the mind.

Nevertheless, he says: “defeating Dementia

relies on two key factors: . . . . the brightest

scientific minds and increased funding.”

Even though most members of his team are

psychiatrists – whose pseudo-science doesn't

even recognise the existence or nature of the

human “mind”, and whose practitioners

certainly don't know that AVOIDANCE and

PREVENTION are a million times more

important than so-called “treatment”, simply

because – if Dementia's symptoms have

become obvious and "treatment" is advised

-  it is likely already far too late !

As long as psychiatrists, neurologists and pharmacologists continue to hold on to the false idea that the “brain” is the repository of the “psyche” (which means “soul” or “mind”), they will continue to seek more and more money instead of seeking truly “brighter minds” WHO ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THE HUMAN MIND AND THE SPIRITUAL LIFE FORCE BEHIND IT ARE, and where and how to access and help both those factors.

Hopefully, they will eventually recognise that, whilst other flesh and blood animals have brains – animals do not have the minds of Man, and that it is Man's mind which is the victim of Dementia – not his brain.

This is because brains are NOT beings but, in both animals and Man, are nothing more nor less than an extremely efficient electronic SWITCHBOARD designed to provide an interface between the Being (or person) and the Beings minds and body.

Why “minds”?  Because, whilst animals and Man both possess “Reactive minds”, it is Man alone who also possesses an “Analytical mind” which makes him master of the majority of other lifeforms on Earth, and it is the increasingly prolonged take-over of that Analytical Mind by his Reactive Mind which is the cause of Dementia.

It will therefore be seen that, until medical research into Dementia recognises the existence of the Spiritual Being and both the Analytical and the Reactive minds and their functions, then that research can make no progress into preventing Dementia, because it is in the relationship between both those minds (about which psychiatry has yet to become aware) that the cause of Dementia is to be found.

Already completed and 66 year proven Dianetics® research into our minds by philosopher, humanitarian and scientist L. Ron Hubbard®, reveals that, whilst the Analytical mind is concerned with Man's goals, direction, eternal life and his physical attributes, the Reactive mind is concerned solely and only with the preservation and protection of the human body which Man's Spiritual Self (or soul) has chosen to use for his activities in the physical universe.

And whilst the Analytical mind with its three main abilities of “identification”, “comparison” and “differentiation” is vastly superior to the Reactive mind's single ability “to identify”,  because of the over-riding need to keep the body alive to serve the purposes of both analytical AND reactive considerations, nature has given the Reactive mind the power (in what may appear to that mind to be bodily threatening or damaging circumstances) to shut-down the Analytical mind (full or partial unconsciousness) whilst implementing a purely reactive earlier experience-based endeavour to preserve and protect the body from physical harm.

Furthermore, during the time the Analytical mind is shut down, so also is the will of the Spiritual Being (or soul) which is using that body for its present lifetime endeavours.

The job of the Reactive mind is to be aware of and react to damage and / or real and apparent threats to the body in the form of impact, injury, burns, scalding, breaking, stabbing, bruising and poisoning or doping, etc., etc., with the purpose of not only acting immediately to alleviate the current damaging or threatening situation, but also in order to build up a permanent record intended to provide a rapid stimulus-response reaction to future similarly threatening circumstances.

So, because the Analytical Mind is shut-down during such Reactive incidents, every painful, poisoning and physically threatening event is recorded ONLY in the Reactive mind and not in the Analytical mind, and so is not normally known to the Analytical mind OR to the Spiritual Being who possesses and is running that body.

Furthermore, it will be seen that, with physical threats, injuries, poisoning and pain a constant part of every day life on Earth, the size of the Reactive store of memories of such incidents fundamentally can ONLY grow and grow and grow, leading to increasing control of a person's life by his or her very often irrational animal originated Reactive mind, instead of by his or her highly sane and extremely rational exclusively human Analytical mind.

A young person with only a minor store of earleir physical injury content in his or her Reactive mind, operates mainly via his or her rational Analytical mind.   But an older person, with a far greater number of painful, threatening and depressing incidents in his or her life, INCREASINGLY operates out of the earlier recorded physical protection computations stored in his or her Reactive mind, which will too often be inapplicable to current present time circumstances, and which will thus appear strange, weird or even totally absurd to their family, friends and colleagues.

If recognised early enough, or if anticipated from Dianetic research, knowledge and study of the Reactive mind and its effect on Man's behaviour in general, deterioration into Dementia can be prevented by learning how to empty or “clear” the Reactive mind, and so also avoid the increasing expansion of its contents and its malevolent effect on a person's later life.

This Dianetic “clearing” has been possible since the 1950s and today is available from qualified practitioners around the U.K. and the rest of the world, and you can obtain a local practitioner's contact details by phoning (01342) 810151 or 811099, practically any time between 11.00am and 9,00pm on most weekdays.

There is however also something helpful you can start to do immediately.

Obviously, avoid hurting or poisoning yourself in even the most minor ways.  But if you do, also avoid excess usage of so-called “painkillers” for two important reasons:

1) After an injury, pain is a message from a damaged body-part reporting progress or otherwise of natural healing and / or the threat of too much not yet appropriate stress on that injured organ or limb.

This is because painkillers also stop your body's natural healing actions from easily communicating with, and thus speeding the healing of, that injured body part.

2) Especially avoid the usage or ingestion of any substances known to be basically toxic, even if only mildly so, as they constitute another threat to the body's comfortable survival. This includes avoiding not only alcohol, but also all forms of addictive drugs, including even those which may be prescribed by your local G.P.

This is because it is increasingly apparent that the U.K's four million drug addicts (of which some three million are involuntarily addicted to prescription drugs) are amongst the most hopeless and rapidly deteriorating Dementia cases.

If you were taking toxins or poisons like Diazepam (Valium) or any of the other Benzodiazepines three times a day every day, and suffering “cold turkey” withdrawal symptoms whenever you tried to withdraw from their usage, wouldn't you begin to suspect that there might also be other collateral damage being done to your body and your life ?

And the answer to your suspicions is: YES – drugs of all types are a prime factor in speeding up the onset of Dementia, and there are three times as many people addicted to legally prescribed and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs as there are addicted to criminal and smuggled illegal drugs.

Drugs paid for by U.K. taxpayers are the main financial burden on the N.H.S., as addictive drugs seldom if ever cure anything - but cost all of us - £billions.

(And, interestingly, addictive drugs also make psychiatrically supported
pharmaceutical companies amongst the richest in the whole world !)



Seeking To Avoid Dementia.

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