Thursday, 21 July 2016

The NHS's REAL Problem


  1. By making cash grants to universities, teaching hospitals and local medical schools, etc., constantly seek to control the education of the medical profession in the direction of palliative symptom management by prescription.
  2. In order to ensure as much control as possible of local medical practice in respect of both physical and mental trauma, work together with prescribing psychiatrists to take as much advantage as possible of their established membership of that part of the medical profession having an adaptable technology.  Although they still practice Electro Convulsive (Shock) Treatment and a variety of brain operations, they are already experienced in heavy drug dosing procedures and because psychiatry is well established as a distinctive part of the medical profession, its practitioners are useful in influencing other parts of the profession – especially in respect of mental trauma, which we are now managing to get handled in G.P's surgeries on a drug prescription basis.
  3. Seek to addict and hypnotise patients into daily compulsively and irresistibly demanding recommended “medication” in an effort to avoid the devastating “cold turkey” effects of withdrawing from that medication.
  4. Blame, along with illegal drug supplies, the ill-advised and misinformed addicts for their addicted condition, rather than the legal pharmaceutical drug products recommended by medical prescribers. Label them as “misusers”.

  5. Create the most advantageous drug “usage” circumstances.
  6. Go on creating new uses for drugs, and new reasons for usage.
  7. Seek to eliminate by criticism, ridicule, damning reports, black propaganda and condemnation, etc., all successful addiction cure procedures which do not utilise prescribed pharmaceutical products in their programmes.
  8. By any and all means possible control all trade, political and public media into publishing only positive statements about pharmaceutical products and into the avoidance of any mention at all (OR of only negative statements) about non-pharmaceutical addiction cures.
  9. By all means possible, ensure that Ministers and other political decision-makers both national and local have no contact with, and refuse communications from, any organisations and / or programmes capable of curing addiction without pharmaceutical drug prescribing.
  10. Make full use of useful law - or seek to change it favourably.  
  13. S.A.F.E. Is A Not-For-Profit Community Support Group Formed In 1975.

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